Wednesday , 4 May 2016
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Publishers Going to Prison

Yes, you heard it hear first: Thanks to a certain performance-marketing network, a bunch of publishers are going to prison for their first time.

A friend of mine has forwarded me this confidential information just yesterday: that Adknowledge is taking a bunch of their top affiliates and partners  to Alcatraz Prison during ad:tech 2013 in San Francisco. This wont however be a normal prison experience, but instead will be probably one of the top parties of ad:tech, as they have rented out the entire prison for the night for an evening of dinner and drinks.

I’m currently trying to get more information from the parties involved, but they are pretty tight lipped about the entire event, except saying that if you are one of the people who get a golden-ticket, you’ll be partying with a host of A-Players from the Bay Area tech community.

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  1. That isn’t really funny. Scaring that crap out of everyone with a title like that. Why have a party at a prison when the FTC is suing every network, I don’t get the joke?

  2. Que pelotudez amigo

  3. The headline’s kind funny, but the party sounds AAMAAAAAZING! Talk about exclusive! I’d kill to see it at night with a small crowd – and dinner?! Wow! That’s awesome! That will be the party to top all parties for this industry!

  4. Sounds lame to me. When the party sucks and you want to leave how long is it going to take to get out of there.

  5. Sounds fun to me! :)

  6. Well, that’s one hell of a party that I would like to watch from a distance.

  7. You got me with that title lol, not what I was expecting!

  8. The title to this post scared the crap outta me!!!!! You got me!

  9. Good one, you got me. A much better outcome than I was expecting! 😉

  10. Awesome title, my mind was wandering.

  11. The point is … the title got us to read it!!!

  12. Awesome headline! You totally had me.

    Are you available to write sales page copy for me 😉

  13. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This is my first BIG LOL of the day!

    Great stuff… 😉

  14. well, you almost got me with that title….jeeezz..

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