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Ryan Eagle is Dead

Ryan Eagle is Dead

Update 2/15/13: After this article was written, EWA officially sent a death notice.

It should come to no surprise to anyone in the industry that this “obituary” of sorts is being written, considering that for the last year or so, there have been rumors, conversations, message board topics about Ryan Eagle. In fact, I previously wrote an article, questioning the financial stability of EWA and Ryan Eagle and took it down. This was because it seemed that they were receiving an injection of funds from GlobalWideMedia and wanted to see if that partnership would survive. However, with all the new information coming out, it’s time to admit that something is going on with Ryan Eagle, EWA and BlamAds.

In the past I’ve been accused of jumping the gun, accusing companies of financial problems before there was even proof. In the case of NeverBlue, even one company representative said I was lying that they were going to be sold in bankruptcy – only to have their company sold in Bankruptcy to GlobalWideMedia two months later. In this case, I’ve probably waited longer than any time to write the notice about EWA and Ryan Eagle, because of the effect their company’s insolvency will have on the industry… and  frankly  because of the enormous amount of respect and admiration I’ve learned to have towards Mr. Eagle and his business acumen.

When message board topics start appearing left and right from people asking for things like “Class Action Lawsuits” against Ryan Eagle and threats saying they are owed thousands from the company and even his former comrades claiming he hasn’t paid them, you have to seriously ask what is going on. It’s not a time to ignore the obvious truth in order to save face.

Then there is this new issue, where he has been accused and admitted to faking sexy employees in order to make them more appealing. (click to enlarge)


He’s right here: he’s actually admitting to the problems he has, standing up to the plate and not running away from them. Some guys just disappear. I guess there is some amount of Kudos due to him, although I’m not sure it matters at this point. With people claiming that he’s retaliating against them for pointing out he owes them money, you have to assume that the shit has really hit the fan. He has some huge balls to admit the company is in financial trouble, but at the same time have a huge advertisement that says he pays weekly.

In Ryan’s defense, he did try to make the company survive, with getting help from GlobalWideMedia, which has now told me that their relationship is basically non-existent at this point and they “do little or no business together.” He claims that he may have an outside investor helping him, but I’ve also received emails from an “investor” who claims he is owed millions from the company and has been screwed over on that investment. There is obviously a lot of bad stuff going on over there, perhaps worse than we know.

Despite the title, let’s be clear here, Ryan Eagle isn’t going anywhere. In fact, no matter what happens with EWA and BLAM Ads, I’m sure he’s going to find a way to come back, bigger than ever, making more money than ever. More than likely BLAM and EWA will disappear, or perhaps with that enormous marketing genius of him, he might actually save the company and survive this shit. I’m personally doubting it, but if there is anyone who has enough ability to make something happen, it’s Ryan.

I’m sure there are a lot of pissed off affiliates who would want me to totally bash Ryan, and completely lay it all out on him and “expose” all the bad things he’s doing.

Yes, again he has royally screwed up his business and has destroyed a lot of relationships.

However, at the same time, this is a guy that has from a young age, redefined, perhaps in a bad way, perhaps in a good way, the way of doing internet business. He’s not the richest guy on the internet, by far, but he has made far more money than most people doing what he does best: Ballin’

Let’s assume that he does disappear, and he never recovers personally or professionally from this fall. He has still made a lot of people financially comfortable, helped probably hundreds of people start in this business, and probably made more than a few people wealthy. If he fucked up after years of doing his business, whatever the rumors might be, we need to give him a lot of respect for doing that.

At the same time, when I think about Ryan, what I think mainly about is his ability to connect with people even at an early age, fly around the world meeting people, and getting business done. While most people just do business on the internet, chat on AIM, he actually would fly out to meet you to resolve issues and sit down with a company to sell himself and his company.

Again, I’m not denying that he did a lot of stupid things to make enemies, and has said a lot of things that he wish he would take back. However, even when faced with these problems, he’s still working – having even created a collections company  for the industry. It takes a lot of balls to create your own collections company while not paying people…but it also takes a lot of brains.

Guys and galls, that is what an entrepreneur is: someone who looks at an opportunity and takes hold of it, and makes the most of it.

Affiliates may not want to hear this, but the hard truth is that sometimes companies go out of business and do not survive hard times. A true entrepreneur learns from his mistakes and continues down the road making money, ensuring that he survives long enough to start a new business. Yes, some people will not get paid, and frankly, some people are going to be screwed. In business, you need to unfortunately be narcissistic enough to believe that you deserve the money that you make, and the great car and the rich lifestyle that goes with it. And Ryan Eagle has a nice car, and a nice lifestyle.

Isn’t that why you signed up for EWA originally? To be like Ryan Eagle? I’m not making excuses for EWA or Eagle, but at the same time, you had to know who you were doing business with, what he was about and looked up to him? Yes, you are deserved to get paid, but at the same time, what were you thinking? He made a name for himself by being crazy and smart at the same time, so what did you expect? This is a guy who made millions by wearing funky sunglasses and telling you that if you got money, you’d also get laid — and that’s why you worked with him.


He taught you how to make money, no holds barred, do anything for a dollar, and in that made a lot of people rich.

If you put your trust in a guy who told you that basically the all might Dollar is God, you should have realized at some point he’d protect himself first in order to ensure he succeeds. That’s what a cold, egotistical, smart and genius entrepreneur will do. Didn’t you notice that one of Ryan Eagle’s heroes is Gordon Gekko, who made his money being one thing: ruthless??

If you haven’t watched the movie, Wall Street, please pick it up. After that, I highly recommend watching Boiler Room several times.

I’m not saying that is how everyone does business, or even that is how anyone SHOULD do business. However, you please don’t bitch and complain too much when you get bitten for doing business with essentially a business pitbull. Threatening to do a class-action lawsuit against him (you can’t do a class action for owed business debts, btw) is even sillier. If you wanted to be safe and not learn the Ryan Eagle way, you should have joined Commission Junction instead of EWA.

Maybe I got it all wrong here, and feel free to tell me. However, whatever may be, I know one thing:

Ryan Eagle is NOT Dead.



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