Ryan Eagle is Dead
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Ryan Eagle is Dead


Update 2/15/13: After this article was written, EWA officially sent a death notice.

It should come to no surprise to anyone in the industry that this “obituary” of sorts is being written, considering that for the last year or so, there have been rumors, conversations, message board topics about Ryan Eagle. In fact, I previously wrote an article, questioning the financial stability of EWA and Ryan Eagle and took it down. This was because it seemed that they were receiving an injection of funds from GlobalWideMedia and wanted to see if that partnership would survive. However, with all the new information coming out, it’s time to admit that something is going on with Ryan Eagle, EWA and BlamAds.

In the past I’ve been accused of jumping the gun, accusing companies of financial problems before there was even proof. In the case of NeverBlue, even one company representative said I was lying that they were going to be sold in bankruptcy – only to have their company sold in Bankruptcy to GlobalWideMedia two months later. In this case, I’ve probably waited longer than any time to write the notice about EWA and Ryan Eagle, because of the effect their company’s insolvency will have on the industry… and  frankly  because of the enormous amount of respect and admiration I’ve learned to have towards Mr. Eagle and his business acumen.

When message board topics start appearing left and right from people asking for things like “Class Action Lawsuits” against Ryan Eagle and threats saying they are owed thousands from the company and even his former comrades claiming he hasn’t paid them, you have to seriously ask what is going on. It’s not a time to ignore the obvious truth in order to save face.

Then there is this new issue, where he has been accused and admitted to faking sexy employees in order to make them more appealing. (click to enlarge)


He’s right here: he’s actually admitting to the problems he has, standing up to the plate and not running away from them. Some guys just disappear. I guess there is some amount of Kudos due to him, although I’m not sure it matters at this point. With people claiming that he’s retaliating against them for pointing out he owes them money, you have to assume that the shit has really hit the fan. He has some huge balls to admit the company is in financial trouble, but at the same time have a huge advertisement that says he pays weekly.

In Ryan’s defense, he did try to make the company survive, with getting help from GlobalWideMedia, which has now told me that their relationship is basically non-existent at this point and they “do little or no business together.” He claims that he may have an outside investor helping him, but I’ve also received emails from an “investor” who claims he is owed millions from the company and has been screwed over on that investment. There is obviously a lot of bad stuff going on over there, perhaps worse than we know.

Despite the title, let’s be clear here, Ryan Eagle isn’t going anywhere. In fact, no matter what happens with EWA and BLAM Ads, I’m sure he’s going to find a way to come back, bigger than ever, making more money than ever. More than likely BLAM and EWA will disappear, or perhaps with that enormous marketing genius of him, he might actually save the company and survive this shit. I’m personally doubting it, but if there is anyone who has enough ability to make something happen, it’s Ryan.

I’m sure there are a lot of pissed off affiliates who would want me to totally bash Ryan, and completely lay it all out on him and “expose” all the bad things he’s doing.

Yes, again he has royally screwed up his business and has destroyed a lot of relationships.

However, at the same time, this is a guy that has from a young age, redefined, perhaps in a bad way, perhaps in a good way, the way of doing internet business. He’s not the richest guy on the internet, by far, but he has made far more money than most people doing what he does best: Ballin’

Let’s assume that he does disappear, and he never recovers personally or professionally from this fall. He has still made a lot of people financially comfortable, helped probably hundreds of people start in this business, and probably made more than a few people wealthy. If he fucked up after years of doing his business, whatever the rumors might be, we need to give him a lot of respect for doing that.

At the same time, when I think about Ryan, what I think mainly about is his ability to connect with people even at an early age, fly around the world meeting people, and getting business done. While most people just do business on the internet, chat on AIM, he actually would fly out to meet you to resolve issues and sit down with a company to sell himself and his company.

Again, I’m not denying that he did a lot of stupid things to make enemies, and has said a lot of things that he wish he would take back. However, even when faced with these problems, he’s still working – having even created a collections company  for the industry. It takes a lot of balls to create your own collections company while not paying people…but it also takes a lot of brains.

Guys and galls, that is what an entrepreneur is: someone who looks at an opportunity and takes hold of it, and makes the most of it.

Affiliates may not want to hear this, but the hard truth is that sometimes companies go out of business and do not survive hard times. A true entrepreneur learns from his mistakes and continues down the road making money, ensuring that he survives long enough to start a new business. Yes, some people will not get paid, and frankly, some people are going to be screwed. In business, you need to unfortunately be narcissistic enough to believe that you deserve the money that you make, and the great car and the rich lifestyle that goes with it. And Ryan Eagle has a nice car, and a nice lifestyle.

Isn’t that why you signed up for EWA originally? To be like Ryan Eagle? I’m not making excuses for EWA or Eagle, but at the same time, you had to know who you were doing business with, what he was about and looked up to him? Yes, you are deserved to get paid, but at the same time, what were you thinking? He made a name for himself by being crazy and smart at the same time, so what did you expect? This is a guy who made millions by wearing funky sunglasses and telling you that if you got money, you’d also get laid — and that’s why you worked with him.


He taught you how to make money, no holds barred, do anything for a dollar, and in that made a lot of people rich.

If you put your trust in a guy who told you that basically the all might Dollar is God, you should have realized at some point he’d protect himself first in order to ensure he succeeds. That’s what a cold, egotistical, smart and genius entrepreneur will do. Didn’t you notice that one of Ryan Eagle’s heroes is Gordon Gekko, who made his money being one thing: ruthless??

If you haven’t watched the movie, Wall Street, please pick it up. After that, I highly recommend watching Boiler Room several times.

I’m not saying that is how everyone does business, or even that is how anyone SHOULD do business. However, you please don’t bitch and complain too much when you get bitten for doing business with essentially a business pitbull. Threatening to do a class-action lawsuit against him (you can’t do a class action for owed business debts, btw) is even sillier. If you wanted to be safe and not learn the Ryan Eagle way, you should have joined Commission Junction instead of EWA.

Maybe I got it all wrong here, and feel free to tell me. However, whatever may be, I know one thing:

Ryan Eagle is NOT Dead.

Written by Pace Lattin

Pace Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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  • Tim Burd says:

    I am glad to see Ryan stepping up to the plate and facing the issues head on. This is a ruthless business and while it is possible all affiliates owed money will not be paid – don’t forget that the reason is because the advertisers didn’t pay EWA so it isnt like EWA is just holding the money hostage. This business/industry in general needs to be re-vamped as advertiser fraud and affiliate fraud is rampant.

    I am sure Ryan will overcome this though as any intelligent entrepreneur would. Every company has their good times and their bad. It is what you do during the bad that defines you.

    Good article Pace.

    • Andrew says:

      Ryan stepping up to the plate? All he makes are lame excuses to why you won’t get paid. He hasn’t stepped up to the plate one bit. VERY few get paid (mostly just the big name guys that complain enough on WickedFire).

      In my opinion, Ryan will not recover from this. I would do hundreds per day with EWA. But even if Ryan does recover from this, I will never do business with him again.

      What’s the point? I can run my traffic with a much more stable and legitimate network.

  • Ryan is a great marketer and will be successful, but I don’t think he will survive this. His reputation is killed with these companies, so it would be best for him to close shop and lay low a bit until he gets things figured out.

    I had a lot of respect for him and will reserve judgement because I don’t know what happened to make him not pay. I am sure one large advertiser didn’t pay and it became a trickle effect to what it is today. I am interested to see how he handles the situation in the long run though.
    Bryan Shearer recently posted..Managing Employee Time at the WorkplaceMy Profile

  • affilinut says:

    pace…I thought that you writing skills were pathetic, but here you are surprising me, I tip my Hat good sir…as for Ryan Eagle… Man , I have to say… he epitomizes what I hate about this fucked up industry..but I ‘Love’ him for it…if people do not see your point , they are idiots or just Gay!

    Well done… now the real Question, how much did Ryan pay you to write that shit?? ha ha ha

    btw…Ryan’s co. just paid me 5k (ontime) i have no complaints!


  • eh says:

    I’m not a fan of Eagle to say the least. But this was a decent article.. well done

  • Butters McGavin says:

    Only in this industry can someone blatantly lie and con others, and yet be put on a pedestal and held in high regard. Eagle has not only not paid people (including not reimbursing prepays); he’s not only had message board posts deleted when people ask for payment; he’s not only created fake AM profiles and stolen photos for them; he’s not only launched other networks like Obey and CPA Tank to try to salvage business lost with EWA; he’s not only written bullshit press releases touting non-existent partnerships (GWM never cut him any deal, all he did was broker offers from them and spin it like a partnership); but he’s tricked people including Pace and others here into talking about him in a positive light after all this. So he’s not a Donald Trump. He’s a David Koresh. Good for him.

  • Scott Rewick says:

    great article Pace :) Well written and very well said.

  • James says:

    If an affiliate network can’t pay because an advertiser doesn’t pay, no affiliates want to hear that BS. A real affiliate network should make payment on all legitimate leads regardless if they are paid by the advertiser. Thats one of them main reasons to work with an affiliate network in the first place. “Mom and pop” networks might not be able to handle that like EWA, but other reputable networks are known to payout even if they have been with held payment from an advertiser.

    In 2011 EWA was with held payments from supposed “fraud” leads and has been downhill ever since. Maybe its been happening longer than that, but after my first late payment stopped working with EWA back in 2011.

    Ryan is the Bernie Madoff of the industry. Still running a network that doesn’t pay alot of its affiliates. Supposedly there min. payout is $2,000 now. As told to a friend to why he was not paid his commissions.

  • Steve says:

    I signed up for Blam and used to get these emails about how everyone was killing it with their locking technology but found the whole content locking strategy pretty sleazy so I never got involved.
    Steve recently posted..District Court Rules That The TurboTax 2013 Ads Can Continue To RunMy Profile

    • fo0bar says:

      If you believe any of EWA’s emails or newsletters, you’d be led to believe ANYTHING Ryan’s involved in was ‘killing it’. As one of their affilliates it was the most annoying thing to wake up to each morning – a new email about how Adult offers were ‘killing it’ and then suddenly how some obscure phillipines-only-offer would be ‘killing it’..

      …sound familiar….?

  • Capt. Obvious says:

    Owes me 3k and pulled the bullshit fraud statement on it.. I hope he trips and falls in front of a speeding Rolls Royce

  • Big Jones says:

    The guy is done. With his track record you’d have to be a fool to do business with this guy.

    Good riddance!

  • Raido Supari says:

    There are some great companies in every space and some very poor ones in other spaces.

    Ryan Eagle (whatever you think of him) is one person who runs any and all of his businesses in a certain fashion whether they’re ad exchanges, content locking or otherwise.

    By no means is one young man representative of more than himself.

  • James says:

    I think Ryan is a decent person, but hes still defrauding affiliates, BSing, and not paying. It is what it is.. I hope Ryan can make good for all the affiliates he defrauded. I almost feel bad for him, but he put himself in this position.

    5:30:26 PM] President Eagle: can you please delete that dude, seriously.
    [5:30:42 PM] BLT: y
    [5:30:46 PM] President Eagle: I don’t even know what record that is from or what that is but
    [5:30:59 PM] President Eagle: I’m getting a beating as is, I seriously don’t want it from a friend now too
    [5:31:42 PM] BLT: ryan – i like you as a person and stuff
    [5:31:53 PM] BLT: but seriously – you owe people $ and are playing games with these secondary companies
    [5:32:31 PM] President Eagle: I understand that, and this was not something I schemed to do like people perseve
    [5:32:59 PM] President Eagle: EWA had problems, I’ve been seeking investors to get them handled, I’ve been doing what I can.
    [5:33:08 PM] BLT: nothing against you personally but ewa needs to die – lettuce be cereal
    [5:33:12 PM] President Eagle: It’s not like I’m taking this money and pocketing it, I’ve laid everyone off.
    [5:33:52 PM] President Eagle: I’m most likely closing down EWA soon to cease this hellhole that I’m in
    [5:34:02 PM] President Eagle: but please, don’t burn me at the stake until I do so.

  • Ryan Eagle founded Eagle Web Assets Inc. in 2004 after several websites hit massive success, harnessing nearly a million unique visitors a day. Just a fun fact ;)

  • Jesus says:

    Ryan Eagle completely failed to run a business.

    He should just retire and keep driving pink bikes.

  • Gervitz says:

    So were Ryan’s nuts down your throat the entire time you were writing this article, or just for part of it?

    He owes close to a million dollars to affiliates. He doesn’t deserve any of the respect you are giving him.

    And for him coming back into this industry, I wish him luck, because anyone with half the sense to google his name will stay clear of doing business with him.

  • Frankly, if you’re working with someone more focused on stroking their own ego as a brand and you’re pushing shady biz opps you shouldn’t be surprised when he ends up owing you money…

  • joe says:

    where is harrison in all of this???

  • WOw says:

    Pace, I’m absolutely shocked at this article. You NEVER fail to exaggerate things, but when it comes to the one thing that doesn’t even need exaggeration, you do the opposite and play it down.

    Ryan Eagle has made a complete and utter fool of himself. He’s acted like a neaveu riche child that anyone with real money would fall on the floor laughing at. He lacked the competency or foresight to actually keep his business afloat, and yet you go and call him an entrepreneurial genius? Seriously?

    Not only that, but his own incompetencies have screwed people out of thousands and thousands of dollars. You say he made people wealthy, but I argue against that: first, he did it for a profit, so don’t try to make him sound egalitarian (even though you do say the opposite later on). Second, 95% of the people he made wealthy could’ve used any network and made the same (hell, probably more) wealth. Yes, there were probably a few people he mentored, but in the end it should be clear that not paying thousands of affiliates sums in the 7-8 figure range should outweigh this.

    And for the love of God, stop calling this kid a genius. How did creating an affiliate debt collection agency when he couldn’t pay people require brains? The business is flatlined and no one in their right mind would ever trust these two clowns to collect their payments when they couldn’t even collect their own. All it does is add a seething irony to the situation that makes Eagle look like an even immature child than before.

    His success is attributed to his personality, as well as his tackiness. Neither of those two qualities constitute genius. If you want to see CPA geniuses, go talk to networks that have been stable and thriving for 10+ years.

  • WOw says:


    [5:32:31 PM] President Eagle: I understand that, and this was not something I schemed to do like people perseve

    “perseve” =/= “perceive”

  • Ryan Isabella says:

    The cpa industry died a sudden and painful death in 2010. We are just collecting some inheritance, viciously fighting with family members and trying to steal the copper pipe and molding from house. Our industry is small, petty and excruciating to those of us who knew what it wasn’t years ago.

    Bottom line: Arbitrage is over. We all took risk, some made it out well others had balls and will try again.

    Watch ‘em all die folks, then die yourself…but before you do, open your eyes and see the ‘writing on the wall’ and go legit like those of us who are alive elsewhere.

  • Jay West says:

    “having even created a collections company for the industry. It takes a lot of balls to create your own collections company while not paying people…but it also takes a lot of brains.”

    LOL these emails are so funny, Ryan apologizing for not paying out to an affiliate directly after emailing them asking if they had any unpaid balances with deadbeat networks.

  • Andrew Burd says:

    Wow, I just got the email saying “someone” aka ryan eagle was DDOS’ing performinsider.com

    The site is loading very very slow right now, and sometimes does not load at all. Ryan eagle must be DDOS’ing performinsider as we speak.

    I think its pretty low that anyone would resort to a DDOS attack.

    All this does is create new opportunities. All of his affiliates will go to other networks.

  • Kjrocker says:

    feel sorry for ewa there was a time when they were top network without a doubt ryan worked his ass off to make EWA successful but now as i write about it on my blog or read some where else it hurts , yes they do owe people millions , i have information even they were not paying their own staff (one AM from EWA told me ). In his last days they did tried to reach Asian market but that did n`t worked for EWA too.

    I think its time for ryan to come up and at least let his affiliates whom he owe $$ know that what happened with him and why they are not getting paid at least they have right to know so am rite ?
    Kjrocker recently posted..Is EWA/BlamAds Really Dead ?My Profile

  • gabi says:

    WOW the article is going to shake the entire world..geez..
    gabi recently posted..How Social Is Your Media?My Profile

  • Andrew Burd says:

    I got this in my email 25 minutes ago from performinsider.com

    “Yes Ladies and Gents, after our newsletter went out we were the target of a major DDOS attack. It was mitigated thanks to the security team that monitors it, but was one of the worse ones we’ve had so far. Is it the articles we write, or just a nice gift to us from some of the criminals and fraudsters exposed. Well, either way, someone really wanted our team to have a nice Valentines’ Day today. Seriously, you have to ask yourself, what companies are doing business in this space that want to prevent us talking about their business, having real non-paid reviews networks, that they want to spend major money to keep our site down?”

    I think it is safe to assume Ryan Eagle is the one DDOS’ing our beloved performinsider community. Who else would have a motive to attack performinsider? The site was down for a few hours right after the newsletter went out.

  • I think there are always a lot of unknowns and speculation after something like this happens. I think people would feel better if they knew more of the “why” of what happened. Advertisers not paying is too broad of a statement. Why didn’t they pay? For how long and why was the receivables allowed to get so large?

    As a business person, risk identification is almost as important as opportunity identification. Who cares if you can make billions if you have a low chance of collecting it? Affiliates need solid companies that understand and mitigate risk for them. Otherwise, they could just go to the advertiser and take their chances getting paid.

    Personally, we pay tens of thousands of dollars on insurance, research, and staff to manage receivables risk for our publishers. We know if we can’t get paid, any “killer” campaign isn’t worth it.

    I have nothing to say about Ryan and his business since I have zero first hand knowledge of his circumstance. I can say as a entrepreneur from the age of 15, I’ve failed more than once, learned my lessons, and been better for it.

    I hope everyone, affiliates and network owners, are learning and growing from these experiences of late. Maybe we can pull together and help define some of these company killer scenarios and make strides to avoid them. There’s nothing worse than failing and learning nothing.

  • Jason says:

    Anyone that would pay more than nothing (yes zero) for an email address is destined to fail.

    For those of you that expected to get paid for sending “leads”, well good riddance to you too.

    The only real offers on the net are ones that capture a sale. A fucking conversion is a sale, a credit card, money in the bank. Death to the lead gens.

  • Affiliate says:

    All these networks remind me of this guy I used to know in the telecom business for prepaid phone cards.

    He would sell all these prepaid cards to retailers and distributors.

    Then the cards would slowly make their way to the streets.

    People would then begin to use the cards, and run up minutes.

    He would spoon feed the carriers just enough cash to keep the cards turned on, then once the cards reached critical mass, and the usage snowballed through the roof, the carrier would want their money, he would claim he didnt have the money, then they would shut the cards off.

    Then he would scream, “The god damn carrier went down!” lol like they screwed him.

    Then he would take all the cards back from distributors, etc… Line up the next carrier, then he would do the same thing again.

    The guy was not ethical at all.

    Slash and burn at its best, and this guy got wealthy in a hurry.

  • Bill W says:

    I have never met Ryan Eagle but I do know this much haters will be haters. You become successful and it’s nature every asshole comes out with their opinions about why that person shouldn’t be successful or doesn’t deserve what they have.
    Hey fuck em… I don’t know how Ryan Eagle does his business and I never did business with him so I can’t say yes or no about his business practices. What I can say is as what I’ve read he’s an outspoken guy and has been successful.

    Until I meet him or know him no clue but here is the scoop I think every company on here has it’s dark little secrets Pace you know this. Show me 1 CPA company that doesn’t do some crazy stupid bs. Just 1

  • Eric says:

    I am owed $16k. Ryan promised to pay but no payment so far.

  • Shaun says:

    Once a scammer always a scammer.

    Shutup Bill Wagon people hate you because you are crazy, Just as people hate on Eagle because he takes head shots to promote his product and then fails, and drags his name down with it.

    If he had a name like “Super Duper Affiliate Program” and went bust he could come up the next day with “The Best affiliate program” and no one would notice, but using yourself as a brand he’s basically solidified his reputation as a scammer forever.

    • Bill W says:

      I could care less what people say about what broke people say about me.

      BWC 4 LIFE Baby! Look it up jackass!
      People don’t impersonate others just because moron get a life use your real name if your going to talk shit.

  • We are currently owed almost 25K by blamads. So far have not heard from Ryan or Savy.

    Our AM is still talking with us, but only say’s “talk to Ryan… I know nothing”

    Very sad.

    ~ Owner Of Point-rewards.co.uk

  • Hmmm, was going to diverse and send some traffic to blam ads, but now I gotta think more about it. I have been trying to contact the affiliate managers but have heard nothing back. If you are with Blam Ads and are owed money I would love to hear about it. Especially if it’s in the 6 figures…

  • Shaun says:

    Bill, you need lithium.

    And BTW, i’m not broke I got more cake than your penis head.

    • Capt. Obvious says:

      prob more teeth too!

      • Bill W says:

        Cute, some drunk driver hit me asshole and I have to surgery real funny.
        Shaun if you’ve got a problem with me or anyone else does come on my radio show and voice your opinion. I’ll own you about any subject you want to talk about. OH HEY you watched my video so it shows that your the perfect hater. :) All talk no walk, say this to my face and watch this 5’5 dude kick your pathetic ass.

        With all Christian Love!
        Bill “The one and only” Waggoner

        • Gil Caldwell says:

          Bill, Hockey players get punched and they can fix their teeth. Infact most live in butt fuck nowhere and can still find a cosmetic dentist to fixup those snaggles.

          Yes Bill, you are the most hated, that means you are the most 31337. Bill do you phone sex?

  • affilated says:


  • poster says:

    wow, why don’t you just blow him? You generally light up anyone who owes anyone money, but for Ryan, this sounds like a love letter.

  • Raido Supari says:

    Tough breaks and too bd everyone is talking about this still.

    The industry is fine but untrustworthy people can be anywhere.

    cpalead is the only one who offered a reward if anyone could prove they didnt pay even once in their history…nobody ever did heres the article.


  • Races says:

    CPALead has been solid since 2008 and they are still active in the forums such as digitalpoint. Is “jerry” Ryan Eagle trying to divert attention? Blame the big guy? lol so sad Ryan.

  • Races says:

    Lets give credit where credit is due in this space guys. This is how people like Ryan Eagle get away with this shxt. They create a straw man and steal your money when you’re not looking.

  • userious says:

    Interesting that you write about how Ryan Eagle scams 1000’s of affiliates but at the same time write things like “he is a entrepreneurial genius” and BS like that.

    And that about a guy that posts mails and PMs from angry affiliates he scammed on his personal website under “hate mail” to show off how cool he is:

    Good job Pace Lattin, really…

  • Peenus says:

    Why is this breaking news? EWA has had well documented issues for a year+ now. A well run network should be more than profitable enough to sustain itself from good business decisions. The fact that a network couldn’t be profitable even with millions of dollars from multiple investors is pathetic. this article gives him WAY too much credit for doing nothing and accomplishing nothing in the end.

    Side note, why does Ryan I. always sound so miserable in everything he writes. wah wah wah

    • pacelattin says:

      It’s not under news :)
      It’s to make a point that maybe some people don’t get?
      pacelattin recently posted..Google Finds a Fix for Mobile CPC Dilemma with Enhanced CampaignsMy Profile

      • userious says:

        Well, as you can see others feel the same way… You are giving Ryan a lot of credit in this post. (also did in others)

        And this is not credit he deserves, he lies to affiliates to get them to send more traffic even tho he knows he can not pay them.

        He makes fun about affiliates he didn’t pay, and even goes as far as registering domains that contain full affiliate names to mock them.

        And then you come along and call him a genius and defend him and his actions… But you fail to realize he is not trying to make his business survive, but rather squeeze the last bit of money out of unsuspecting affiliates (now in foreign countries and third world countries in asia).

        • userious says:

          I meant to say “But you fail to realize he is not trying to make his business survive for the good of the people”

        • pacelattin says:

          I have not at all defended his actions.

          quoteth me: “If you put your trust in a guy who told you that basically the all might Dollar is God, you should have realized at some point he’d protect himself first in order to ensure he succeeds. That’s what a cold, egotistical, smart and genius entrepreneur will do. Didn’t you notice that one of Ryan Eagle’s heroes is Gordon Gekko, who made his money being one thing: ruthless??”

  • BoomBap says:

    The kid is a lying P-O-S thief. He gets no sorrow from me at this point. If the dirt on his financials didn’t get out in the open just recently by an anonymous source, he would still be swindling affiliates month after month with false promises of a late payment.

    To top it off it’s sad to see the recent aggressive influx of noobs on his fb group and network via his ‘international’ expansion and Anthony Morrison bizopp joint venture. Those guys are gonna get screwed; Again.

    The guy owes me money and has lied to me time again for months.
    Bottom line: A) make good on what you owe to affiliates or B) take that bentley, shove it up your * and disappear forever from this industry or world.

  • Nostradamus says:

    Lets not leave Harrison Gervitz out of this. Chances are half the money owed to affiliates went up his nose

  • yancy says:

    Why doesn’t he just change the name to EWL?

  • Big Mars says:

    Article is a joke! Fact of the matter is Ryan whatever he calls himself these days, has made a name for himself marketing himself as a personality, and detailing his exploits in this industry.

    The only people that salivate over him are the 18 year old nerds, that are smart, and can do some cool things when it comes to traffic.

    Advertisers worth a lick don’t take this kid seriously, and anyone else committed some of the fraudulent things this joker has would’ve been blacklisted a long time ago.

    I don’t even know what you were trying to do with this article, in one vein you praise, the next you blame affiliates/advertisers for putting trust in this guy, and another vein you sort of try to villify him….

    Ryan Eagle is an absolute joke! Just remember those Max Bounty handouts from years ago…hindsight is 20/20!

  • Affiliate says:


    Just classic!

    Creating a collections agency when they can’t even collect their own debts!


    Who would ask these guys to collect for them?

  • Matt says:

    I’m surprised at how many people feel that this is a “good, well written article”. No one has any evidence that the reason he is not paying affiliates, and his investors are losing their investments, is because of an advertiser not paying. There are many many reasons for companies like EWA to go out of business. Anyone who has had a successful business at a young age can attest to the fact that things just get out of hand. You feel invincible, you think everything you do and every decision you make is the right one. You spread yourself too thin, try to start other businesses, making poor investments, spend way too much company money on your personal endeavors, and of course live way beyond your means. Basically you never think its going to end. To tell affiliates that its really their own fault that they are not getting paid as they should have gone with a more reputable company, someone who didn’t have his all mighty dollar attitude, is kicking them when their already lying on the ground. Its like saying you shouldn’t use Geico because they have a Gecko as a mascot, very easy to say about Ryan now in hindsight. These affiliates have spent their own time and money to generate business for him and he could have very well ruined many many lives. He shouldn’t be able to walk away unscathed other than he reputation. He could and probably should be held responsible regardless of this being a corporate issue. As the president of the company he has a fiduciary responsibility to do what is in the best interest of the company and the shareholders. If its brought to light that he didn’t, he could very well end up with nothing left. Everyone has to take responsibility for their actions.

  • Eric says:

    EWA IS GONE, WITH MY $16K. Another lesson. Stick to this: Only work on prepay and weeklies.

  • gag says:

    Hire their collection agency to get your funds from EWA… their collection agency atleast will get some work

  • StephenMB says:

    Pace – Good job on the story. I tend to have problems a lot of the time the way you praise people that have zero reasons for being praised. So many people get \”props\” in this industry because of their Facebook pictures or what they SELF-proclaim themselves to be (Guru, teenage millionaire etc). but very few of them have done anything legit or news worthy or even blog worthy. Most of them found a niche \”scam\” and exploited the shit out of it…. then tried to build on that. After the collapse in 2010 this industry has slowly rid itself of a lot of the scumbags because you actually have to understand how to run a business to succeed in this industry now. and I LOVE that. Remember when there used to be like 6 new CPA networks every affiliate summit and they all seemed to be \”THE BEST!\” Those days are over. There needs to be accounting departments, business degrees, experience and honesty to make it in 2013.Of course that is just my opinion, I could be wrong.

    • Letsbehonest says:

      And you run a real business? I’m actually tired of seeing your posts about how holy max bounty is

      Your network for 9 years has survived off spamming social media tools and sites

      Aim spam
      MySpace spam
      Facebook spam
      Twitter spam

      Shall I start posting links Steve? In an hour I can find 100’s of links from spam leading to your network. Max spammers is more like it, but then again you may consider spam legal and ethical

      Stop while you’re ahead, running a spam operation isnt exactly a real business buddy

      Don’t open a can of worms you’re not ready to eat

      • Affiliate says:

        Hi Letsbehonest,

        I would be interested in seeing what you are describing.

        Is the same thing that sanford wallace got sued over from myspace.

        Post some links I would like to see these blackhat tactics.

        Not that I would use it, just cool to see.

        I agree, that is why the advertisers didnt pay, all the traffic was crap and nothing came of it. No sales. No revenue.

        In the end every business is the same, if what you are spending money on is not bringing back revenue over and above costs, you are screwed.

        No one will keep paying for crap.

    • whitebread says:

      AMEN!!! I agree 1000% with stephen

  • Sue_Him says:

    ☆☆☆ All affiliates from EWA and BLAM should join together, everyone make posts on all big marketing forums, Facebook groups, Twitter, and all join one big FB group dedicated to this ☆☆☆

    And sue the shit out of him till hes left only with a box to live in.

    And than sue him for that box and add a spit to his face.

  • This is a great post!!

    I agree… Ryan is NOT dead! Every affiliate in this space is at risk of not being paid by a network. What else is new?

    Personally, I weigh the pros against the cons, and chunk it as a cost associated with the OPPORTUNITY to play in this lucrative space.

    When any affiliate becomes the person who can create money… it is IMPOSSIBLE for a network, or any other entity to stop you from creating more wealth.

    To everyone who lost money… remember F.I.D.O – For Get It and DRIVE ON!

    The beauty of being an entrepreneur, is that you can renew opportunities to live on over and over again.

    To Our Beautiful Space!
    Antonio Easter recently posted..Affiliate Marketing TipsMy Profile

  • Brian says:

    Ryan should just start a penny auction

  • Mike B says:

    I used to think Ryan was a “Real G” but looks like he’s just a scammer.

    – This to me looks like another Don Lapre case.

    I heard he’s not a Free Mason at all, he’s actually wanted by Mansons (Gs) too due to false claims and dirt thrown on their name.

    This guy is made up.

    I wonder if he ever was a succesful affiliate or just scammed with a network.

  • Kirstie says:

    Here is what it boils down to. Money from CPA doesn’t come out of thin air. People invested their own money to get the results they were expecting to get paid from EWA/Blam Ads.

    Someone might spend $9000 to earn $10,000. Maybe they made a bad decision on their media buys and spent $11,000 to earn $10,000.

    So for a half year, people invested big money into their ads, which Ryan Eagle converted into profits that he kept.

    So his business model for a very long time now, has been to have other people invest big money into advertising, he profits from it, and pays nothing out.

    Meanwhile you’re exalting a quirky attitude he exuded that somehow inspired people to make a bunch of money? One word, fail. There’s a million inspirational books and programs out there, copping a snotty-nose-teenager-better-than-thou attitude does more to repel than it does to inspire.

    Somehow if he was from Nigeria I’m sure you wouldn’t be as gushing with awe and reverence.

  • proxygo says:

    Ryan eagle come on down, yes its proxygo from
    blackhatworld, we all no Ryan there, hes so good, he stepped
    up to the plate by refusing to pay anyone who revealed he
    hadn’t payed them already. if that’s the plate please some one hit him with it.
    come join the Ryan Eagle we didn’t get payed party


    proxygo bhw

  • BIRD-MAN says:

    The bird got shot to death.

    You’re supposed to be a CEO not a bird, this isn’t Pokemon.

    Heavy lies the burden of failure.

  • Taryn says:

    Seems just like another victim of not managing your funds well, ego-driven posts about how “rich” I am etc that come back to bite you in the ass later.

    Can Ryan Eagle come back? Sure, as so many in our industry have. I saw a couple sides of Ryan in colleagues’ and my own dealings with Ryan. Several years ago he was on his high horse but became way more humbled as I’m sure he saw how much goes into sustaining business in this industry.

    We all eventually learn the basics:
    – Quality Lead control
    – Cost/benefit analysis of spending, maybe try a SKYPE video chat before flying first class cross country. =)
    – The golden rule (act like a DB be treated like a DB, treat those with professionalism and get the same in return)
    – Failure is not an end, it’s just character building.

    Good article Pace.

  • Viren says:

    Ryan Eagle is actually dead in the sense that he does not have a face in his career anymore. He may have made a lot of people rich and yes he was good at what he did but that is in the past now.
    Viren recently posted..Email Marketing And Social Media – A Match Made In Heaven?My Profile

  • Con artist says:

    He’s the ultimate con man, lying and deceiving.

    Another fake.

  • MB says:

    The worst part is all the damage he did to people associated with him.

  • Fail says:

    If you’re going to expose someone after you admitted on hiding his scam don’t get on his dick.

  • David says:

    Ryan said in the past he came from the Warez area and adult area also. That should tell you.

  • Bryan says:

    FUCK Ryan Eagle plain and simple. Anyone willing give this ass shout outs or still will do business with might as well sit back and enjoy the tea bagging.

  • Nick Kusnir says:

    I was/am an affiliate for EWA. Ryan Eagle does owe me money, but not as much as some of the people here.

    One thing I don’t stand for is being deliberately lied to, and all of that drama regarding the hot fake affiliate manager is something that really upsets me, “Sharon Dela” was the name on the email. I know many people here have that same email sent in January 2013 titled “Reaching Out.” Mistakes can be accidental. Lies are deliberate.

    The internet brings opportunities, but it brings risks as well. I’ve had great success my last 15 years on the internet. And I look forward to my next 15 years of online (and offline) success as well.

    If you have to hurt people to become successful, you are doing it wrong.

  • Michael Marsh says:

    Ryan Eagle still owes me over $6K in commissions. Already filed a lawsuit. Evidently Eagle can’t pay affiliates but can afford to retain an attorney (probably a relative). Shady business practices. I won’t stop until he’s spending time in a federal penitentiary where he belongs. Hopefully he won’t see the light of day until he’s in his 30s.

    Considering inner city black kids who pull a stick up get 25 years, this kid deserves to have the book thrown at him and be made an example of. I won’t stop until this happens. It’s high time fraud is recognized as such, not turned a blind eye to just because the perpetrator is a rich white boy from the suburbs.

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