Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Criminal TypoSquatting on Rise

By registering misspelled web addresses, cyber thugs are seizing innocent victims Sophos, the IT security and data-protection company, is warning internet users to take care...

Facebook Files TypoSquatting Lawsuit against Affiliate Marketers

If you didn’t notice, last week Facebook filed a lawsuit in federal court against several marketers for basically typo squatting. The lawsuit, found here...

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Does Coronavirus Excuse Non-Performance Under a Contract?

The Coronavirus outbreak has raised a number of issues relating to contractual performance obligations. An excuse for non-performance of contractual obligations may...

Ways to Avoid Spam Traps in Email Marketing

New research by Trustwave reveals that 26 per cent of spam is infected with malware. As a result spam filters are getting...

How to do Email Marketing During Coronovirus

During a crisis, your email communication can make or break your business. Even more importantly, it can help, hurt, or confuse people.  You...

Feds Go After Coronavirus Scammers including Jim Bakker

The Federal Trade Commission and Federal Drug Administration took action by sending warning letters to several companies for allegedly selling products using...

Affiliate Vs Partner – What’s in a Name?

There has been a lot of discussion in social forums, blog posts and conference sessions about the use of the term affiliate and/or partner marketing. 'Affiliate vs Partner' was even the Keynote panel session at Affiliate Summit West this year - and even that was inconclusive.
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