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Duane Forrester Rehired by Bing After Enormous Public Outrage

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Duane Forrester

In a fairly significant restructuring within Microsoft that occurred in October several significant employees lost their jobs, including Duane Forrester.  Forrester was the senior project manager in charge of Webmaster Outreach.
Over the last two months, Forrester has had a number of job offers, but was content to be very selective about the position he accepted.  […]

WTF Is All This Buzz About Ello?

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Ello Social Network

We all love social media. It’s transformed our world, for better or worse. People can communicate instantly with other users on different continents. They can use it to tell others about their experiences with companies or products, good or bad. They can use it to share videos of cats riding Roombas in a shark outfit, […]

FX Partners Network to Shut Down.

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A recent announcement from FX Partners Network, or FXPN, has confirmed that they will be ceasing all operations. The FXPN notified their affiliates about the termination of this network. FXPN is a retail Forex and IB affiliate network, which was developed by Leverate in 2012. The idea was to interface some Forex broker’s brands with […]

Security Issues Section Added to Google Webmaster Tools

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Google has officially announced a new section being added to their Webmaster Tools.  The section, titled “Security Issues” is designed to provide information to webmasters about security issues on their pages.  Security problems such as malware, virus infection, site hacks and more are all listed in this area so the webmaster can take prompt action.  […]

Matt Cutts Confirms ‘Strong’ & ‘Bold’ Tags are the same. Kind of.

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In a recent video from Google’s head of search engine spam, Matt Cutts, talks about a few different tags which are commonly used in web design.  The specific question he was answering was:
In terms of SEO, what is the difference between <strong> tag and <b> tag for emphasis on certain words of text.  From the […]

Twitter Using Shady Accounting?

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With Twitter’s upcoming IPO, they used some questionable accounting techniques to come up with the numbers used in their registration statement, which was filed last Thursday.  In the statement, Twitter said that “in the eyes of management” the company had a profit of over $21 Million in the first half of 2013.  Quite an impressive […]

Say Goodbye to Yahoo!

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Yahoo Logo

Over the past year Yahoo has been making extensive changes throughout the company.  From buying 20+ companies to making updates to the way they use branding across all their web properties, and many more, there is no doubt that Yahoo is trying to lose their image as a dying relic of the early days of […]

What about Voice Ads Ala Siri?

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The iPhone surely offers a lot to the now almost completely mobile world of consumers, but one thing that has recently been causing a great deal of excitement is Siri. With Siri, and now with a more advanced version of Google Search for Android users, using a smartphone meant not only having conversations with friends […]

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Infinite Traffic

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InfiniteTraffic is an Invite Only network where Publishers are treated with unparalleled levels of appreciation that far exceed even the most publisher-centric affiliate networks within the industry today. Steeped in the practical lessons learned from long-term, high volume, Internet marketing veterans; InfiniteTraffic is dynamic, flexible, exclusive, and comprised solely of top tier publishers. We strive […]

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You’ve got great online gaming content and our job is to help you make the most out of it. We serve over 4.5 billion impressions per month and reach over 450 million unique visitors. Our goal is to provide our publishers with professional service, and highest payout in the industry. Our system detects the ads […]

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Live Inbound aka Vince Loughname aka Vincent K Patrick aka Kevin Patrick aka International Lead Service

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“Recognized by experts as the clean cut leader in “Live Inbound” Conversion Sales and Marketing Solutions. We are uniquely suited to support small, meduim or fourtune 500 companies that are seeking guaranteed safe and effective conversion marketing solutions that are purposed to “REACH” target markets.”

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Emillion Forum with Michael Totti

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Affiliate Marketing Money Making Forum. A great place for a webmaster to learn internet marketing , SEO, web design, and affiliate marketing methods.

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Vergonomix aka Vergo Interactive

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At VergoNomix we specialize in performance-based affiliate marketing and Cost-Per-Action (CPA, CPL, CPC) online lead generation campaigns. We connect online advertisers with consumers across numerous industries to produce actionable results.
VERGO Interactive connects institutions of higher learning with students exploring options for post-secondary education. Through innovative research, information and expert advice, VERGO Interactive enables potential students […]

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MaxBounty is one of the most recognized CPA networks in the industry.   Founded in 2004 with the ideology of ‘paying affiliates more’, MaxBounty has become a premier resource for affiliates seeking to draw advertising revenue from their websites, e-mail lists and SEO/SEM efforts by providing them with hundreds of quality CPA campaigns.    Our large base […]

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“CPADNA is a top tier affiliate network offering hundreds of direct, branded offers that maintain a strong ROI and EPC for our publishers. With a nationwide sales team including offices in Los  Angeles, New York and San Francisco, we have reach into all of the biggest agencies and direct advertisers. CPADNA works to optimize campaigns […]

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AdFoundry makes affiliates the center of the universe.  Exceptional support from seasoned account managers means that you will always find the campaign you are looking for at the highest payouts.  Founded in 2004, AdFoundry has always placed the affiliate’s needs first, including top converting offers, highest payouts and of course fast payments.  From EDU to […]

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With a commitment to deliver results, we deliver industry leading quality, return on investment, low fraud, publisher yield and high campaign distribution. Every aspect of our business model is “results” driven and with access to publishers worldwide, exposure is never limited. With Incent2Click, you can ensure that your business will grow and excel from […]

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