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Major Travel Affiliate with Fines in UK


Think W3′s site,  Essential Travel, which is a major UK travel affiliate site and  publisher, has been slapped with a £150,000 (about $200k) fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).  The fine was in response to a major data breach which occurred late in 2012.
The ICO has reported that a hacker took advantage of Think [...]

Italian Government going after Google


In what seems like a never ending battle between Google and European countries, another attack has been made against the search giant.  This time Italy is telling Google that they must be more transparent to users about how search history and other digital data is being used to help display ads.  In addition, Italy wants [...]

Illinois AG Targets Student Debt Relief Providers


The Illinois Attorney General yesterday filed lawsuits targeting what it alleges to be student loan debt scams that purportedly seek to exploit people struggling to repay their debt. The lawsuits are the first in the nation to crack down on an emerging industry of alleged scam operations charging upfront fees for services or for government services that may already be free of charge.
The [...]

FTC Amends Complaint Against Spam Text and Robocalling Operations

Jessica Rich FTC

The Federal Trade Commission has added new charges of mobile cramming to a complaint that it previously filed against a group of marketers that allegedly sent millions of unwanted text messages and robocalls to consumers.
You can see the complaint, here.
The Amended Complaint adds the mobile cramming charges to the Commission’s original complaint allegations that the [...]

Canada’s Anti-Spam Laws Could Cost You


If you are using email marketing as part of your overall business, you need to be paying attention to the new law that just took effect in Canada.  While passed in 2010, it just became effective and it is causing quite a stir with many marketers.  If you aren’t in compliance, it could cost you [...]

Google Profits up to $1 Billion from Stolen Credit Cards


It seems like we can’t go more than a couple days without reading about shady practices, both online and off, that lead to people having their credit card information stolen.  While this is a major problem, most people don’t realize that one of their favorite companies, Google, is also profiting off of it.
According to a [...]

Advert Marketing, Inc Settles FTC Case for $4.2 Million

Jessica Rich FTC

The Federal trade Commission has reached a settlement agreement with two additional affiliate marketers, and their companies in recent days.  These two cases were related to the popular scam where marketers would send out messages claiming that people have won, or could win, $1,000 gift cards to top retailers including Walmart, Target and Best Buy.
Scott [...]

Google Pushing Back Against NSA & Other Governments

Google Lawsuit

Online privacy has been a concern for many people for quite some time, but ever since Edward J. Snowden released the details of NSA spying and surveillance efforts, the issue has really taken center stage.  Major data focused companies, such as Google, are being pressured by consumers to push back against government requests for information.
Many [...]

Facebook May Open Doors to Kids Under 13


The details of a Patent that was applied for by Facebook back in 2012 have just gone public, and may be the latest clue that the social network may be looking to open up membership to children under 13 years old.  The site has long prevented kids from joining due to a variety of regulations [...]

Facebook Asks for Antitrust Review from EU on WhatsApp Deal


Back in February when Facebook announced that they intended to purchase the mobile messaging service, WhatsApp, for $19 Billion, it made big news.  Once they got approval from the FTC here in the US, most people expected it would be a done deal.  Facebook has surprised many people, however, in that they requested that the [...]

Top Gambling Affiliates Targeted by New Jersey Law Enforcement


Six major affiliates that promoted online poker sites have received a letter from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement instructing them to ‘immediately remove any online gaming links that are not authorized under federal law or under the law of any state.”  If they fail to remove these links, they will be subject prosecution [...]

Google Faces Threat of Breakup in Germany

The Google Building

Google is very familiar with all sorts of criticisms regarding the dominance of their business from countries throughout the European Union.  They have had to pay fines, go to courts, and a wide range of other activities in order to defend themselves.  According to a German cabinet minister, however, that is not quite enough.
Sigmar Gabriel, [...]

New Tool to Allow You to be Removed from Search Results Coming Soon


The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled last week that Google and other search engines can be required to delete links to outdated information concerning individuals published on the Internet.  The court case will force Google to comply with any European citizens that request to be ‘forgotten’ by search engines.  The citizens can [...]

Lawsuit Accuses Google of Non-Payment Fraud


A new lawsuit was filed this last Tuesday against Google, alleging that the company is engaging in fraudulent activity.  Specifically, it suggests that Google is canceling AdSense accounts just before they were scheduled to receive a payment.  According to Google’s terms of service, if an AdSense account gets suspended, the earnings are forfeited.
The case was [...]

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