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Sony and Deutsch LA FTC Trouble Settled


Sony hired Deutsch LA’s marketing to help promote the PlayStation Vita back in 2012.  In the campaign, the agency asked people to tweet about the gaming device using the Twitter hash tag “#GameChanger.” To help get the campaign more attention, the marketing company sent out an email to their employees asking them to begin using […]

EU Confirms Device Fingerprinting to be Treated like Cookies

Device fingerprinting is a common way for websites to quickly gather information about a visitor to help customize their experience.  The most basic way it is used is to determine what type of device is accessing a site, and then loading the right user interface.  For example, it would allow a site to display a […]

Oreo Licking Stars in Trouble with UK Advertising Police


Last summer Oreo paid a number of popular YouTube stars to talk about their “Lick Race” promotion.  This helped the Oreo campaign get millions of extra views, but now they are also getting a warning from UK ad watchdog agencies.  The problem, according to UK’s Advertising Standards Authority, is that these paid promotions were not […]

California Court of Appeal Email Compliance Ruling on the Issue of Identifying Sender in Body of Commercial Email


The case is Roslowski et al. (“Plaintiffs”) v. Guthy-Renker LLC (“Guthy”). The gravamen of the allegations were that Guthy sent Plaintiffs unsolicited commercial email advertisements which, instead of identifying the sender as Guthy, indicated the sender was “Proactiv Special Offer,” “Wen Hair Care,” “Proactiv Special Bonus Deal,” “Wen Healthy Hair,” “Wen by Chaz Dean,” “Proactiv […]

Google Being Sued Under Organized Crime Laws


Google, as well as Yellowbook and Ziplocal, are being sued by a locksmith who does business in Northern Virginia and Maryland.  The locksmith is citing multiple state and local laws, including the RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) in the lawsuit, which is claiming $8.4 million in lost earnings and profit.
The main points made […]

Spam Text Message, Robocalling and Mobile Cramming Defendants to Pay $10 Million to Settle FTC Charges

Not FTC Police, But...

A series of defendants will pay approximately $10 million to the Federal Trade Commission to settle charges that they operated a massive scam that sent unwanted text messages to millions of consumers, many of whom later received illegal robocalls, phony “free” merchandise offers, and unauthorized charges crammed on their mobile phone bills.
The settlement marks the […]

Issues of Fact Regarding Material Misrepresentations In SPAM E-Mails Defeats Summary Judgment

Spam Lawsuit

On October 10, 2014, a federal district court judge in the matter of Wagner v. Digital Publ’g Corp. ruled that a triable issue of fact on whether the “from” names, domain names and subject lines of four SPAM e-mails contained material misstatements precluded partial summary judgment on plaintiff’s state law claims.
Plaintiff Christopher Wagner sued multiple […]

AT&T to Pay $80 Million to FTC for Consumer Refunds in Mobile Cramming Case


As part of a $105 million settlement with federal and state law enforcement officials, AT&T Mobility LLC will pay $80 million to the Federal Trade Commission to provide refunds to consumers the company unlawfully billed for unauthorized third-party charges, a practice known as mobile “cramming.”  The refunds are part of a multi-agency settlement that also […]

Facebook Has Won over $2 Billion Against Spammers


If you’re thinking about trying to buy Facebook ‘likes’ for your business, you might want to think twice.  Facebook has been seriously trying to crack down on these ‘like spammers’ for some time, and according to a recent post made by Facebook’s Site Integrity Engineer, Matt Jones, they have actually successfully sued individuals and companies […]

FTC Warns Advertisers In Initiative to Improve Disclosures in Ads

FTC Disclosure

As part of “Operation Full Disclosure,” the Federal Trade Commission has sent warning letters to more than 60 companies that allegedly failed to make adequate disclosures in their television and print ads.  According to a September 23, 2014 statement from the agency, the effort is the agency’s latest “to ensure that advertisers comply with federal law and […]

Yelp Fined $450k for Violating COPPA


Yelp is, once again, in some legal trouble.  This time it is for collecting personal data from minors under the age of 13.  This data was collected in a way that violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).
The COPPA requires that companies get parental consent if they want to collect personal information, such as […]

Intermundo Media to Pay $500k in Fines For Mortgage Leads


The FTC has recently reached an agreement with Online advertising agency Intermundo Media, LLC  (AKA aka Delta Prime Refinance) for running deceptive fines attempting to generate mortgage refinancing leads.  According to the settlement, the company ran ads that claimed they were able to provide free refinancing.  The ads ran on Google, Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo […]

CFPB Targets Payment Processor for Providing “Substantial Assistance” to Debt Relief Servicers

Obama Makes Statement On Cordray Confirmation

The Consumer Financial Protection Act of 2010 and the Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act regulate certain actions of debt relief service providers, such as requesting or receiving fees from consumers prior to the service provider successfully renegotiating at least one of the consumer’s debts and the consumer having made at least one […]

Eight Email Marketers Indicted for Fake Stock Tips via Email


Anyone who has been online more than a few days has seen advertisements for websites that claim to be able to help you make major profits off of penny stocks.  They often ask you to sign up for their email where they will shoot out the ‘hottest penny stock tips’ as they become available.  While […]

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