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Legal Challenges

FTC Looking into Privacy Issues with Cross-Device Tracking


The FTC recently conducted a workshop that looked into cross-device tracking and related technologies.  Specifically it focused a lot on the potential privacy concerns that are clearly present with this type of technology.  While the FTC certainly shared a lot of information during the workshop, they also talked freely about the fact that they are still working to fully understand ... Read More »

FTC Hints at New Data Compliance Rules

The FTC Building

Over the past year there have been a large number of major data security breaches.  Some of them against private companies like Ashley Madison, some against financial institutions and even some against government agencies like the IRS.   In addition to these major hacks there have been thousands of smaller companies and individuals that also had their data compromised. The FTC ... Read More »

Native Advertising Compliance – What Marketers Must Know


This is PART TWO in a five part series focusing on Internet marketing and online lead generation compliance. The native advertising landscape is rapidly evolving with respect to publisher-advertiser relationships, as well as consumer perceptions of native ad products and brand interaction. Given the fact that native advertising can easily camouflage marketing messages so that they appear to be editorial ... Read More »

FBI Says to Pay Hackers Extortion?


Ransomware is one of the fastest growing types of malware out there today.  While there are many different examples, they all work in a similar way.  Once a system is infected it will essentially be locked down for normal use and a message will display letting the user know that they need to visit a site or call a number ... Read More »

Internet Marketing Guru Lee McKenna Exposed as Broke Scammer


A guy who billed himself as an internet marketing guru and genius, Lee McKenna has been sentenced to two years in prison for scamming people out of their hard-earned money. The conman was accused of running a pyramid scheme, which has been illegal since the first caveman told his friend Glub to give him one coconut, then ask his friends ... Read More »

Amazon Suing For 1100 Fake Reviews

Amazon Logo

Amazon is continuing their ongoing effort to ensure all the reviews written on their site are authentic.  While it is impossible to eliminate all fake product reviews, it seems that they are now attempting to scare those who actually write the reviews out of offering this type of service.  Amazon recently filed a lawsuit against 1114 users of the micro ... Read More »

Exhibitors Housing Management Trying to Scam Affiliate Summit Attendees


The below went out from Missy Ward on Facebook and Email, exposing a company trying to scam people into believing they are associated with Affiliate Summit. They are not. PMI called them and tried to get them return a call, with no luck — they don’t want to speak to us about what they are doing. To: Affiliate Summit current ... Read More »

Source: Facebook Porn Gaming Google $200 Million


A little bird inside Google told me today that Google is having a new problem with pornographers gaming the system costing advertisers and, in theory, Google, what is coming to Hundreds of Millions of Dollars. He told me that they have been having issues with a new scam in which scammers are signing up to Blogspot (owned by Google) to ... Read More »

Bayer Beats FTC in Important Supplement Industry Case

The FTC Building

We were alerted to a case by attorney Richard Newman, which was between Bayer Corp and the federal government was just recently unsealed and the 38-page opinion from US District Judge Jose Linares has been made available.  In the opinion it is quite clear that not only did Bayer Corp win the case, but the Judge felt that the federal ... Read More »

FTC ‘Asking’ Ad Tech Companies to Address Privacy Concerns

The FTC Building

Julie Brill of the FTC recently addressed a conference of the Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division.  During the talk she ‘called out’ ad tech companies for failing to address many of the privacy concerns that consumers have with online advertising.  One of the biggest issues was that there is no universal ‘do-not-track’ mechanism created yet, even though the FTC ... Read More »

FTC Investigating Google Android

Google Android Candy

Google is, once again, being investigated by the FTC for ‘antitrust’ actions. This time the FTC is looking into Google’s Android operating system.  The investigation is part of an agreement between the FTC and the Justice Department to look into the mobile operating system business. The claim is that Google gives priority to the Android platform while restricting those who ... Read More »

Is CNN Breaking the Law and Tricking Consumers?


CNN has confirmed that they started to run native advertising in the midst of their article links, specifically meant to look like editorial content in order to drive readers to their advertiser’s websites. While many sites are doing this, the way CNN is doing seems to be deceptive and the purpose is to trick consumers into thinking they are going ... Read More »

US Court Sides for Fair Use in YouTube Copyright Case

Close-up of male judge banging gavel

In a case that has been going on since 2007, the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit  has finally given a ruling.  The case involved a YouTube video where a toddler was recorded dancing to a song by Prince.  Universal Music Group issued a copyright takedown notice because of the use of the song in the video.  The ... Read More »

FTC Pushing Cybersecurity

Not FTC Police, But...

Edith Ramirez, an FTC Chairwoman, has commented that it is essential for tech startups to be investing in cyber security into their businesses right from the very beginning.  During the FTC’s, “Start with Security” conference, which took place on September 9th, she also called for a ‘culture of security’ within the tech industry, including startups. She said, “A number of ... Read More »

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