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Facebook Fights Spam Posts


Facebook has recently confirmed another update to their news feed algorithm.  This update was done to help combat the ‘like-baiting’ that is so common throughout the Social Network today.  Like-baiting posts come in many different forms, but are essentially made only in an attempt to get massive amounts of ‘likes’ and/or shares.  For example, posting [...]

Content Marketing is Not Advertising


In the world of internet marketing everyone is looking for the best way to get rich as quickly as possible, with as little work as possible.  While there is no shortage of options to choose from, very few of them ever provide the promised results.  One of the biggest trends in digital marketing today is [...]

Interactive Advertising Bureau Welcomes Fraudlogix

The Interactive Advertising Bureau is a membership organization of media and technology companies, which are involved with interactive marketing and advertising.  The 600+ members of the organization work to analyze best practices in the digital marketing world, and make recommendations to fellow members, as well as those outside the group.  Their primary goal is industry-wide [...]

New Video Ad Fraud Costing $10 Million per Month


While the digital marketing industry is finally starting to take the threat of ad fraud seriously, it is clear that they will have quite a fight on their hands.  Ad software firm TubeMogul has recently announced that they identified three new bots, which were using entirely new technologies which targeted videos for view fraud.  The [...]

Montel Williams Payday Lenders Get Hit by Attorney General

Montel Williams Pay Day

Attorney General Lisa Madigan today filed five lawsuits in a sweep cracking down on unlicensed, online payday lenders and a loan lead generator promoted by talk show host Montel Williams for illegally offering expensive, predatory loans that trap Illinois borrowers in excessive, cyclical debt loads.
Madigan filed lawsuits this week in Cook County Circuit Court on [...]

Marketers Using Yahoo Email Might be Losing Customers

Over the weekend, Yahoo implemented a change to their email services which may be causing some major problems.  The changes implemented essentially told all email companies, including Hotmail, Gmail, AOL and others, that any email that comes from a email address should be  bounced back as undeliverable if they fail a certain test.  The [...]

Crowd Funding with Affiliate Marketing


Crowd funding sites like Kickstarter and others have helped thousands of people raise the capital they need to get their ideas to the next level.  These types of sites make it possible for many people to raise money from other individuals, rather than turning to the bank for cash.  This is a win-win situation for [...]

Ladies Move Towards Affiliate Marketing

Woman with laptop.

The world of online affiliate marketing has been dominated by men since the dawn of the industry, but according to new research, that is all about to change.  Research from Optimus Performance Marketing found that nearly half of all female website owners will be looking to implement some sort of affiliate or performance marketing into [...]

Adfonic Rebrands as byyd

The mobile advertising company, Adfonic, has officially rebranded itself under the name ‘byyd.’ In the announcement, they also confirmed that they had signed with 12 significant new clients, including, starcom, Weve and others.  They claim the rebrand was done to have their brand reflect the changing mobile market.  They will be focusing on demand-side [...]

Mobile Ad Budgets Jumping by 75% in 2014


According to a new survey by Millennial Media, the trend for marketers to use mobile advertising will continue through 2014.  Last year the total mobile ad spend more than doubled year over year, and according to this survey, the growth will be almost as strong this year.  The survey reached out to brands from five [...]

ClickBank 3.0 Launches with Many New Features


ClickBank has long been one of the most popular digital commerce and marketing platforms on the web.  Thousands of affiliates rely on them to find high quality information-products that they can promote to earn great commissions.  ClickBank has just launched the latest update to their services, calling it ClickBank 3.0.  The new launch includes many [...]

Facebook Buys MaxBounty CPA Network for $550 Million


In perhaps the best news the industry has seen in a while, Facebook announced their intention to buy CPA Network MaxBounty for $550 Million. This comes after a long search for Facebook to find an affiliate network they could integrate into their current business model.
What makes this really strange was that just four years ago [...]

FTC to Crack Down on Mobile Marketers Targeting Kids

FTC and Affiliate Marketers

According to a recent report from, the FTC has begun an aggressive campaign of going after tech companies that are violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).  They updated the COPPA last year with stricter guidelins on how companies could market to kids, and the updates came with a ‘grace period’ so advertisers [...]

Digital Ad Fraud Continues to Draw Negative Attention


There has been a lot of talk within the internet marketing and digital advertising communities concerning the problem of ad fraud.  While it hasn’t exactly been a secret outside of the digital marketing communities in the past, it is really starting to draw more and more attention of late.  The Wall Street Journal, for example, [...]

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