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Matt Cutts Removed from Position at Google

Matt Cutts

According to industry insiders, Matt Cutts is now gone from his position as Google’s Head of Web Spam. For many people, he’s been the face of Google’s web search team and the main information source for anything to do with webmaster’s needs at Google. His replacement hasn’t be revealed yet, and it’s possible that Google doesn’t want anyone in the ... Read More »

Karl Steinborn Found Liable for Extortion and Defamation $3.1 Million

Karl Steinborn, Photo Date Unknown

Internet Marketer and infamous troll Karl Steinborn has been found liable in Federal Court in by a Judge for his involvement in a scheme to extort and defame Pennsylvania businessman Richard A. Gorman. This was part of a case brought against John Monarch, Karl Steinborn and several John Doe’s alleging they were leaders of a conspiracy that targeted online marketing ... Read More »

Apple Search Engine?

Apple Search Coming?

Apple recently announced the launch of “Applebot” which is a web crawling service that operates similar to Google Bot.  The bot will scan through the internet, following links to all the different pages it can find.  Along the way these types of bots (also commonly called spiders) pick up information such as the content of a site, load speeds and ... Read More »

Instagram Images Becoming Huge Opportunities for Affiliates


Most marketers today know that Instagram is a great way to drive traffic in many niches.  If yoru products can be photographed in any way, it is a good idea to put up pictures on this massive image based social network.  What many people might be missing out on, however, is that it can be used to drive more than ... Read More »

Anti-Fraud for App Installs Launched by Adperio


Adperio has just announced the beta release of their new mobile compliance tool, which is named AppVault.  This tool is set up to help fight fraud related to app installs and advertising.  It is the latest tool in their growing suite of compliance solutions.  They are perhaps best known for PixelVault, which is an online fraud prevention technology that has ... Read More »

Spicely.com Partners with AffiliateManager


Spicely.com is a large organic and allergen free seasoning company.  They manufacturer and distribute over 2000 different types of spices on a regular basis.  The company promotes itself as a healthier alternative for cooking with and has done a great job growing their business since they opened in 2003.  The company is certified organic, Fair Trade, Kosher, Vegan and Gluten ... Read More »

WordPress Buys WooThemes


WordPress, or more accurately, the parent company of WordPress, Automattic, is acquiring WooThemes.  The deal, which is estimated to be for more than $30 Million will help to grow Automattic significantly.  It will also help them to enter into the world of e-commerce.  WooThemes is one of the most popular maker of WordPress themes, many of which are premium themes ... Read More »

Former Google Exec Become UK Internet Minister

Joanna Shields

Joanna Shields has had a long and impressive career in the technology industry.  She has been the head of Bebo (from 2006 until it was sold to AOL in 2008), as well as a Vice President and Managing Director of Facebook in Europe, Middle East and Africa.  She also held significant positions with Google.  Her latest gig is as the ... Read More »

Digital & Traditional Marketing Merging with Merkle & Rentrak’s Strategic Partnership

Happy Sad

Markle, which is a major performance marketing company, and Rentrak, which is essentially an analytics company for movies and TV have entered into a new strategic partnership.  This will allow them to combine their exceptional resources concerning consumer segments, viewership data and more to help improve customer analytics. According to Andrew Hoeberichts, SVP and General Manager of Media & Entertainment ... Read More »

More Ads on Pinterest Are Coming


Pinterest has been slow to get into the advertising game, but it seems they are ready to ramp that effort up significantly over the coming summer.  They have announced that they will be taking a series of major steps forward to help monetize their site even further.  The new options are designed, according to Pinterest, to help marketers achieve their ... Read More »

Another New Anti-Bot Traffic Effort Announced


It seems that 2015 is going to be well-known as a year where the digital advertising industry finally got its act together when it comes to fighting non-human traffic.  There have already been several announcements concerning new software, new ad platforms, new ‘blacklists’ and many other efforts made by a variety of companies that are trying to put the ‘bad ... Read More »

Merkle Acquires Periscopix to Enter European Market


Merkle is a US based performance marketing agency that has seen a lot of growth and success in recent years.  While they have up to this point been operating primarily in the US, they are looking to grow into a more global company.  They have recently announced the first move to accomplish that goal, and that move was to purchase ... Read More »

Facebook Video Not Really Beating YouTube


There has been a flood of stories and reports recently that say that Facebook is catching YouTube in total number of videos being displayed.  While there is no doubt that Facebook has become a major player in the video display market, they might not be quite as big as they have been letting on.  According to recently confirmed information, YouTube ... Read More »

BrightRoll Providing Advertisers with Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings


BrightRoll will be expanding their mobile video ad solutions effective immediately.  They are offering access to the highly rated Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings data across all of its mobile video demand side platform.  This information will help to give advertisers additional tools and information needed to plan and optimize their ad campaigns from within the platform itself.  This will make ... Read More »

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