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Study finds Facebook Numbers Steady, Engagement Up


A new report from the Pew Research Center has taken a look at social media usage in America.  They found that 71% of Americans have a Facebook account, which is basically even with what it was in the previous year.  Of course, once you reach 71% market penetration, it starts to become quite difficult to […]

Forbes Ranks ClicksMob Among America’s Most Promising Companies for 2015


ClicksMob was founded about two years ago in January of 2013, but their growth has been extremely impressive.  As a mobile performance advertising platform, they are forced to move quickly and keep their company growing and adapting as the technologies change.  They were recently picked by Forbes as one of the most dynamic, fastest growing […]

Facebook to Fight Fake News


If you’ve spent more than a few hours on Facebook, you know that it is a great place for learning about the latest news.  The problem, however, is that some of the news that people post is actually completely fake.  Over the past year you have likely seen supposedly legitimate news stories that have claimed […]

Arrested: Adaptive Media CEO on Child Pornography and More


After a secret year long investigation against Adaptive Media CEO and Founder, Qayed Murtaza Shareef, he has been arrested by members of the FBI as part of a joint task force in the Orange County Area. He was charged with 30 counts of lewd acts with a child under 14, one felony count of using […]

New Compliance Report Released to Fight Ad Fraud


Adaptive Medias, Inc. has recently published a new report that is designed to help companies and government agencies better understand the threat that is currently plaguing the internet.  This thread, which costs billions of dollars each year, is advertising fraud.  Of course, it is no surprise to those in the industry that bots, malware and […]

Fraud Detection Feature Announced from Cake & Forensiq


Two of the industry’s best known companies are getting together to launch an initiative to help provide advertisers with the ability to make more informed, real-time decisions concerning fraudulent clicks and conversions.  Cake by Accelerize is a very well known provider of SaaS solutions, often used to track, attribute and optimize marketer’s digital spend in […]

New Affiliate Marketing Monitoring Service Launched from Media Thirst


The digital ad monitoring and risk analysis company, Media Thirst, has just announced that they have launched a ‘complete solution for affiliate marketing quality assurance.’ That is, obviously, a pretty bold claim for anyone to make.  The new service will allow affiliate marketing network so easily evaluate their third-party affiliate relationships to help ensure they […]

Martin Grunin Facebook Fraudster May be Facing Prison Time


Martin Grunin is no stranger to legal problems, but it seems he may have upset the courts one too many times recently.  This Brooklyn based financier has been ordered to pay Facebook up to $1.4 million in a recent default judgment.  To make matters worse for Grunin, the Judge is also sending the case up […]

Affiliator Affiliate Network Shutting Down


Affiliator is an affiliate networking company that launched in 2006.  They were part of GetUpdated and a subdivision of the Online Group web services company.  While based in Stockholm, they have employees throughout the UK, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Germany, France and the USA. They have just recently sent out an email to all their affiliate […]

Clickbooth announces expansion into European office with Tech Guru Dzenis Softic as CTO


Sarasota, FL, January 13, 2015 – Clickbooth is proud to announce the opening of its European office in Banja Luka, Bosnia and welcome Dzenis Softic as Chief Technical Officer. Dzenis will act as the leader of the technology department, facilitating the achievement of the company’s goals from a technical perspective. He will operate out of […]

Affiliate Summit West Companies to Do Business With

Las Vegas Affiliate Summit

Market Health Affiliate Program
1-877-412-7582 / 0208 123 8937
Booth Number 307/308
Market Health Affiliate Program allows you to market and promote the world’s leading health and beauty offers online. We offer the highest paying affiliate program and best tracking software in our industry. If […]

Google Adsense Fraud Again?


Google is being sued again by another major AdSense publisher.  This time it is Super Cray, which is a publisher based in New York that owns and operates the site  The site specializes in putting out ‘link bait’ style content.  In October of 2014 they were supposed to receive a payment from the Google […]

Clickbooth doubling down on cb:Black Events at ASW


We had a little time to ask Erin Cigich, the head honchess at Clickbooth what was going on this year with their parties. They’ve suddenly stopped doing the huge ones and instead focusing on those that are hard to get into, and everyone wants to go to.
Last time we talked Affiliate Summit Events you guys were […]

Twitter Looking to get Ads in Front of Non-Users


Twitter has been working on coming up with ways to expand their income streams for quite some time.  One of their limitations is the fact that their ads are currently only being displayed to people who actually have accounts on the social network.  According to announcement at the recent International Consumer Electronics Show, Twitter has […]

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