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Napster Founder John Fanning in Hot Water with FTC

John Fanning of Jerk.com

It seems that the Napster Co-Founder, John Fanning, can’t seem to stay out of trouble.  Last week the FTC issued an order against him, and Jerk, LLC related to the operation of Jerk.com.  Jerk.com is a social media site that allows users to set up profiles for other individuals and then people can rate them as either ‘jerk’ or ‘not ... Read More »

Google Webmaster Tools Showing “Not Provided” for Keywords


Some time back Google made a change to the Google Analytics tool so that the vast majority of keywords that were typed in to Google and showed your website in the results would show up at ‘Not Provide.’  Google claimed that this was because of the increased security and privacy concerns for their users.  While most people didn’t believe Google’s ... Read More »

FTC: Google Harmed Competing Sites


The FTC completed an investigation back in 2013 into Google related to anti-trust accusations.  The report suggests that Google actually worked to intentionally keep competitors to their online shopping site off of the top search results.  They may have also deliberately blacklisted other shopping sites, even though they claim that they did not do this. The Wall Street Journal obtained ... Read More »

Amazon Closing Webstore E-Commerce Platform

Amazon Logo

If you have been using Amazon.com’s e-commerce platform, Webstore, you likely received a notification from the online retailer that they will be discontinuing this service.  It was used by small to mid-sized merchants for years, but effective July of 2016, it will be entirely shut down.  This does give merchants a considerable amount of time to make other arrangements, but ... Read More »

Traffic Quality Monitoring Platform Launched by OpenX


The mobile advertising leader OpenX announced that they are launching a ‘next generation’ Traffic Quality Program that has been developed exclusively for their systems.  The program is set up to help identify and eliminate fraud that exists within programmatic advertising.  By identifying fraudulent activities earlier than ever before, they hope to be able to improve the overall quality of digital ... Read More »

Big Publishers Make Own Ad Network


For large content publishers online it is important to be able to turn all their traffic into a steady stream of revenue so they can stay in business.  For most publishers this means turning to Google or another large network to get the advertisers they need.  Of course, this also means that Google is going to take a significant cut ... Read More »

BuzzFeed Banning Brands


Since June of 2013 BuzzFeed has allowed the submission of content to their ‘community publishing platform,’ which had the potential to generate huge amounts of traffic.  Many brands began putting up content, some of which was very successful.  According to a recent policy change, however, brands will no longer be able to use this platform for their organic content marketing ... Read More »

These Ad Execs Got Naked (NSFW)


Sex Sells, and I guess so does nude executives. New York design and marketing firm Mode Design Group, not only decided to change its name to Viceroy Creative, but decided to get all their employees naked to gain some attention. In an interview with Adweek, they said they were inspired by Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh’s stunt back in 2012 ... Read More »

Facebook to Ban Booty


Facebook has just announced their latest update to their Community Guidelines, including a “no booty” photos.  They are careful to point out that little, if anything, has actually changed in the rules of using Facebook, but they are mostly clarifying existing rules.   Specifically, Facebook stated that the rules are designed to ‘create an environment where people feel motivated and empowered ... Read More »

Watch Out for Your Brand.Sucks!


All the new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) that have come out over the last year have really helped to add some much needed diversity to the web.  People have been making some great pages on things like the .sports gTLD and others.  With a new batch of 50 gTLDs there is one that is really standing out from the rest.  ... Read More »

GOP proposes Internet Sales Tax


It has been a while since we have heard much about the so called ‘Internet Sales Tax’ or more accurately, the Marketplace Fairness Act.  It passed the Senate back in 2013, but was never taken up by the Republican controlled House (because it had little to no chance of passing).  The bill would give states the ability to put sales ... Read More »

Digital Marketers Unsure What Works

Mature Caucasian Man Scratching Head

Most marketers know that the best way to make profit is to have a multi-pronged approach, which will help ensure you get your message in front of as many people as possible.  When it comes to choosing which of the many digital channels are the most effective, however, it seems that most marketers are pretty much clueless. A new study ... Read More »

French Sues Facebook over Nude Painting Ban


Four years ago a French teacher decided to post a famous painting on his Facebook account.  It was a painting that had been featured in the very prestigious Musee d’Orsay art museum, among other places.  The painting he posted an image of was the “L’Origine du Monde” which translates to, “The Origin of the World.”  The painting was completed in ... Read More »

Guilty plea in $14 Million Ad Fraud Case


Dmitri Jegorov, 36, is an Estonian national who pled guilty on Monday to participating in an Internet fraud ring that brought in more than $14 million.  The fraud took place between 2007 and 2011 using malware to infect more than four million computers around the world, including over 500,000 in the US.  The malware was even said to infect NASA ... Read More »

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