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FTC Giving Money Away?


Whenever writing about the FTC it is to comment on what fines or penalties they have issued against different companies, so this story definitely caught my eye.  In their decades long battle against robocalls, the FTC is reaching out to the general population for help, and they are willing to pay you for it. If you are able to develop ... Read More »

Google Alerts Site Owners of Malware Issues

google alerts

Those who use Google Analytics to track stats on their site (which is most of us) will have a new warning when their site has been hacked or otherwise compromised with malware.  Google is extending their safe browsing protections into the Google Analytics platform.  This service has been part of the Webmaster Tools platform for some time now, and it ... Read More »

Google Shells Out $25 Million to Buy .App TLD


ICANN held an auction for some of the new top level domains (TLDs) this week, which attracted the attention of all the big name tech companies. The one that got the highest bid is the .app TLD, and that was purchased by Google.  The TLD, of course, has a lot of potential given the massive market for apps today. While ... Read More »

AdRoll Moving Into Japan


AdRoll, which is already one of the largest digital ad networks and is the largest retargeting platform in the world, has announced that it is expanding into Japan.  In their announcement they confirmed that they are opening new offices in Tokyo, and are assembling an ‘all-star’ team of executives to push into this lucrative market. This team will include Makoto ... Read More »

Google will Allow Porn on Blogger


Last week Google announced, and PMI reported, that Google was going to be removing all content from their Blogger.com site that contained “sexually explicit or show(s) graphic nudity.”  Due to significant public complaint, Google is backtracking on this move, and will continue to allow porn on their sites. Google’s social product support manager, Jessica Pelegio, said, “We’ve had a ton ... Read More »

FCC Passes Net Neutrality


The FCC has finally voted on Net Neutrality, and as of earlier today, the commission has approved having the government step in to regulate how the Internet operates.  Not surprisingly, the commission passed it 3 votes to 2, along party lines. While supporters are certainly celebrating this vote, it might be too early to declare any actual victory.  First of ... Read More »

AdWords Launches new Call Only Campaign Option


While clicks on your ads can be very profitable in many cases, it is often better to try to get customers to actually pick up the phone and give you a call.  Thanks to a new ad type from Google AdWords, this will be easier than ever.  They have just confirmed a new option that marketers will have called ‘call-only ... Read More »

Google now Auto-Converting Flash to HTML5 for Mobile Ads

Google Slap

Google has recently announced that they are now automatically converting ads made in Flash to HTML5 so they can be displayed on mobile devices that don’t support Flash.  This will fix the issue that many marketers have faced where non-Flash enabled devices would simply display a static image in place of the rich-ad that they had intended. All ads will ... Read More »

Google Owned Blogger Bans Porn


Google has just announced that they will no longer allow any sexually explicate or graphic nudity (pictures or videos) on their Blogger platform.  The announcement confirms that they will be eliminating all adult blogs from the site as of March 23, 2015.  This gives bloggers sufficient time to review their site and take down any inappropriate content, which if it ... Read More »

Federal Regulators to Vote on Net Neutrality


Net Neutrality has been a hot topic for years, but all the talking is finally going to turn into some action later this week.  Federal regulators are planning on voting on a government plan to start treating the Internet providers more like they treat normal phone services. There has been debate on both sides, with many large companies weighing in ... Read More »

Pinterest Cuts Spam Clicks in Half


Pinterest has recently made an announcement about a major renovation in their spam reporting and fighting technologies used in the site.  This is another big move by the company, and comes just after they made the bombshell announcement to remove all affiliate links from pins on their sites. For the spam fighting move, they now claim that they are able ... Read More »

Marketers Over-Purchase Analytic Data


Everyone knows that one of the keys to success in marketing is having the data you need to make the right decisions.  With this in mind, marketers (both online and offline) need to gather data together in a useful way.  Sometimes this can be done internally using things like Google Analytics or other platforms.  Other times it is necessary to ... Read More »

LinkedIn Launches their Ad Network


LinkedIn has finally launched their own global display network, which will take advantage of their massive user base, and the detailed information they collect.  Like Facebook and Google, LinkedIn has been able to collect a lot of data about users over the years.  In many ways, they have some of the most valuable data since it is about user’s work ... Read More »

Real-Time Social Search Engine Launching

Social Media 2

Wayin, which is a martech firm that has made a name for itself assisting thousands of brands, sports teams, television broadcasters and others display social media content on platforms outside of social media is taking their services to the next level.  They just announced that they will be launching a new search engine that is focused exclusively on social media ... Read More »

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