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Google takes Email Marketing to Next Level


For many years marketers have known that a high quality email list is one of the most important tools in their box to drive customer sales.  Building that list takes time and effort, which is why it is so important to use the list to effectively bring in new sales.  Up till now most people would use their email list ... Read More »

Netflix & Other Video Streaming Growing in Europe


A recent report has been published by Statista which looks at how video streaming services are doing in the European market.  Netflix is widely considered the pioneer in video streaming and they were among the first to enter in this continent.  While there is certainly some success, it seems that the demand is far lower than is seen in the ... Read More »

Google Display Changing to 100% Viewable


Google’s Brad Bender, who is the vice president of Google Display Network’s product management gave a keynote discussion at SMX East, which took place in New York.  During the talk he made a very significant announcement about changes that are currently being rolled out into the Google Display Network. He said, “I’m pleased to announce that GDN is moving to ... Read More »

FTC ‘Asking’ Ad Tech Companies to Address Privacy Concerns

The FTC Building

Julie Brill of the FTC recently addressed a conference of the Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division.  During the talk she ‘called out’ ad tech companies for failing to address many of the privacy concerns that consumers have with online advertising.  One of the biggest issues was that there is no universal ‘do-not-track’ mechanism created yet, even though the FTC ... Read More »

Facebook: Adblockers and Fraud No Worry

Facebook Privacy

In the past few weeks it seems that every tech and marketing news source you run into was talking about ad blocking on iOS9 and ad fraud related issues.  These are the two hottest topics at the moment.  Sheryl Sandberg, Facebooks Chief Operating Officer, however, is not really concerned over these two problems that are throwing so many others into ... Read More »

SEC Bans Fantasy Football

Sep 27, 2014; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; LSU Tigers running back Leonard Fournette (7) breaks loose for a touchdown run against the New Mexico State Aggies during the second quarter of a game at Tiger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The SEC network is banning fantasy football ads, as the league’s commissioner has declared daily draft games “a form of gambling”. This comes as a bit of a shock to DraftKing and FanDuel, since fantasy football has long been classified as a game of skill. “Is it a form of gambling, is it a form of skill game, and I ... Read More »

Are AdBlockers for IOS9 Blackmailing Companies?


As we’ve all heard over the past few months, iOS 9 is allowing app developers to make a wide range of different types of ad blockers that will severely limit the ads that are displayed on Apple devices. This certainly sounds like a great thing to many users since they won’t have to have advertisements interrupting their browsing, YouTubing or ... Read More »

FTC Investigating Google Android

Google Android Candy

Google is, once again, being investigated by the FTC for ‘antitrust’ actions. This time the FTC is looking into Google’s Android operating system.  The investigation is part of an agreement between the FTC and the Justice Department to look into the mobile operating system business. The claim is that Google gives priority to the Android platform while restricting those who ... Read More »

Facebook to Allow Users to Block Some Ads


Facebook recently announced a new ‘Ad Settings’ page that allows users to have greater control over what ads they see on their site.  This page is an improvement over the option to click on the ‘x’ on an individual ad and say that you don’t want to see that ad again in that you will be able to remove specific ... Read More »

IOS9 to Block Google Analytics?


We’ve all heard a lot about the new iOS 9 update and how it will be allowing app developers to create ad blockers.  Of course, this is a point of significant concern for many marketers.  What has been largely overlooked, however, is that this update also makes it possible for app developers to block tracking information as well.  The type ... Read More »

Video Marketing on Facebook


Social networks, such as Facebook, provide platforms which allow for rapid information sharing. Facebook specifically exacerbates the spread of information with algorithms which prioritize new, fresh, and popular content. While this feature is fantastic for spreading new and exciting information, it does not lend itself easily to branding content. In fact, recent data from Visible Measures shows that videos uploaded ... Read More »

Facebook Now Offers 100% Viewability Ads

Facebook Privacy

Facebook has recently announced a new option for advertisers using their platform. The new option will ensure that they are only charged for advertisements that are seen from top to bottom on the user’s screen.  This ‘100% viewability’ option will give advertisers the confidence that they want regarding whether or not users are getting their message. Of course, viewability is ... Read More »

Doritos “Customer Service” Demolishes Haters

Doritos Customer Service Troll Hates Haters

Mike Melgaard stumbled upon internet fame last month by impersonating a Target representative on their official Facebook page. Target announced that they would be removing gender labels from the toy section, and certain cantankerous consumers lashed out against the change, citing everything from personal confusion to religious conviction. Melgaard took them to task with sarcastic comebacks, fulfilling the darkest fantasies ... Read More »

Native Advertising Disclosure Label Issues


Though controversial, native advertising is one of the fastest-growing fads in media. The format of the advertisements mimics editorial pieces Native advertising has accounted for a small portion of most advertising budgets; however, 63 percent of ANA members who were surveyed said that they would increase their native advertising budget for the upcoming year. Disclosing native ads to consumers has ... Read More »

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