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Facebook Less Trusted than US Government


A series of surveys were recently conducted by MyLife, a privacy management tool, asking people how much they trust different entities with their personal information.  Each survey received 1000 responses, and asked the individuals a simple question, “Do or would you trust XXX with your information?” The XXX was the name of the organization in [...]

Google Authorship is Officially Dead


After about two years of pushing writers, bloggers and authors to link all their published content to their Google+ authorship profile, Google has finally decided that it isn’t going to work.  While many individuals and sites have used the authorship tags during this time, it appears that it hasn’t been as beneficial to the people [...]

70% of Marketers find Video Converts Best


According to a recently conducted study by VidYard and Demand Metrics, video marketing is the most effective marketing option available today.  In addition, the return on investment provided by video marketing is improving, according to 48% of the respondents.  While it is certainly no surprise that video marketing is an excellent resource, this study really [...]

Facebook to Punish Click-Bait Sites


Facebook has recently announced an algorithm change to their news feed that will have you seeing fewer of the ‘click bait’ stories.  You have undoubtedly seen thousands of stories that tease you with vague information such as, “Two NBA superstars get in fight.  You won’t believe over what, click here to find out.”  These types [...]

Tumblr Growing Exponentially


Most marketers are always on the lookout for that ‘next big thing’ that will let them get their brand in front of a target audience.  While it is definitely a good idea to be looking for new and innovative systems, this sometimes causes people to miss out on using established services that still have a [...]

92% of All Android Gmail Users will Be Hacked?


Everyone knows that they need to be careful with their passwords, and do all they can to keep hackers out of their systems.  Most people, however, have something of a sense of confidence because unless you are doing something stupid, you aren’t really that likely to get hacked.  After all, for most people, hackers just [...]

Shocker! Fortune 500 Companies Hate Blogging


Blogging has been an excellent way for companies of all types and sizes to interact with their customers, and get some great SEO benefits.  According to a recent study conducted by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research, however, it appears that companies that make up the Fortune 500 are beginning to focus [...]

Google App Install & Reengagement now Globally Available


Marketers have been able to display ads for app installs or re-engagements on Google’s mobile ad platform, AdMob since last June.  Apparently Google likes the results they are getting, because they are now rolling these types of ads out globally.
Marketers will be able to display advertisements to try to get people to either install a [...]

Most Affiliates Are Broke Married Men?


Some pretty interesting information according to Affiliate Summit’s AffStat that claims, among other things, the majority of affiliates are married men making less than $20k a year? Adknowledge was nice enough to turn this information into a handy info graphic that really surprised me, not just because it makes the claim that the majority of affiliates aren’t [...]

Facebook allowing Marketers to Display Ads more often


According to a recent report from Digiday, Facebook has made a change to their advertising standards, which will allow marketers to target the same people more often with ads.  In the past, marketers could only show the same ad to individuals who have not liked their page once per day.  The updated rules now allow [...]

Google Patent-Infringement Case Overturned


Google has gotten its first major victory in a patent infringement case that has been going on since 2011.  In a 2-1 decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, the $30.5 million fine that Google would have had to pay to Vringo has been overturned.
Vringo filed a suit back [...]

Almost 10% of Twitter Users Fake

There has been a lot of talk recently about how bots and automated programs are having a major effect on the marketing and advertising industries.  According to the latest Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) report from Twitter, however, bots are very active on their social network as well.  According to the filing, about 8.5% of [...]

States Want E-Cig Regulations


The FDA has been asked by 29 U.S. States to strengthen regulations concerning e-cigarettes so as to make sure that young people are better protected from nicotine addiction.
Attorneys General from all over the United States have signed the letter that asks the Food and Drug Administration to limit marketing and advertising for electronic cigarettes as [...]

Facebook Providing Cross-Device Ad Reporting

Facebook Hates Upworthy

Facebook has officially launched a new ad reporting feature that will help marketers to track the effectiveness of advertisements across multiple platforms.  The new reporting, they say, will help marketers to see the true conversion rates of their Facebook ads.
In the announcement, they showed just how important this can be by revealing that when an [...]

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