Saturday , 13 February 2016
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42% of Marketers Fail Email Marketing 101


GetResponse has recently published a new report titled, “State of Email Marketing by Industry.”  The report surveyed over 1800 marketers and looked at more than 700 million emails.  The intent was to find out what people were doing well and ... Read More »

Facebook: Shopping on Smartphone Too Hard


Facebook IQ has commissioned a new study, which was performed by the research firm GfK.  The study looked at a number of things with a major focus on mobile shopping.  In the study they found that 70% of consumers found ... Read More »

WordPress Gets Major Competitor in Edition Digital


Edition Digital is a content creation and distribution network that has been around since 2008.  They have been focused on providing high profile clients with long term content solutions.  These clients include Mazda, Land Rover, Boots, Esprit, BNP Paribas and ... Read More »

New EU Rules for US Businesses Released


The EU and US have made some important changes to the ‘safe harbor’ laws, which are now being called ‘Privacy Shield.’  In order to help businesses in the US understand the new regulations and remain in compliance with them, the ... Read More »

European Mobile Advertising Firm Receives Major Investment for Growth

Euro Money Affiliate Marketing

Widespace, which is a European mobile advertising company, has just announced that they secured a 15.8 million Euro investment in growth capital.  The mobile company has been in business since 2007, growing rapidly over that time. They currently operate in ... Read More »

Instagram To Launch Support for Multiple Accounts


When it comes to Instagram, marketers make up a significant percentage of total number of posts.  Due to the popularity of the site and the effectiveness of using it for driving sales, this should come as no surprise.  One problem ... Read More »

Mobile Advertising’s Biggest Issue is Fat Fingers and Accidental Clicks

fat fingers

When people think of problems associated with mobile advertising it is almost always concerning ad fraud or ad blocking.  While these two things are absolutely big issues that need to be addressed, a new study shows that they are likely ... Read More »

Rakuten Predicts Affiliate Marketing Growth to $7 Billion a Year.

rm logo

New research by the fine folk at Forrester Consulting, and paid for by the great guys at Rakuten shows that performance and affiliate based marketing will grow in leaps and bounds in the next five years. The report claims that ... Read More »

Zoolander GIFs for Marketing Launched by Kik


Kik is one of the more popular instant messaging apps out there today, especially for younger audiences.  Like most messaging apps, however, it isn’t usually easy to use it for marking, which is why most people don’t give it much ... Read More »

BizProfits Announces Transition to CPA Network

Happy Money announced its transition to a CPA network and launched a completely new optimized website to better cater to the needs of both publishers and advertisers. BizProfits, formerly specialized in the health and beauty affiliate niche, is changing its company ... Read More »

Massive Affiliate Spammer Gets Jail Time


Phillip Fleitz, an affiliate marketer who who promoted himself as a computer security expert, was sentenced today for his hacking of computer networks to illegally collect emails and phone numbers to spam people. Judge Maurice Cohill Jr sentenced him to 27 ... Read More »

Facebook Devaluing Likes


Facebook has just announced that they have updated their News Feed algorithm so that it takes into account more user feedback and survey information.  This will push things like likes, comments and shares down in regards to the influence they ... Read More »

Visually Bought by ScribbleLive

Huge Pile of Money

Two popular services used by marketers have combined according to a press release.  ScribbleLive has purchased Visually.  The match seems to make a lot of sense because both of the companies are in the content business.  One focuses on creation ... Read More »

FTC Big Data Guide Released


The FTC has just released a 33-page report that provides insights and guidance to businesses concerning how they can and should use big data.  The report recaps much of the information that the FTC gathered during a public workshop that ... Read More »

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