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Matomy Invests in Email Marketing Firm Avenlo


Matomy Media Group, which is a global digital performance advertising company has announced that they have made a ‘strategic investment’ in the email marketing and ad targeting group, Avenlo.  They will acquire a 70% interest in the company, which gives them control of the company.  They will also have the option to acquire the other 30% of the company still ... Read More »

EU Filing Charges Against Google


Regulators in the European Union have decided that they are going to be filing charges against Google.  The charges, which are related to a five year antitrust investigation that is ongoing, will be based around the apparent abuse of their market position in the EU according to sources. They will be accused of violating the EU’s laws in this area. ... Read More »

Amazon Suing Fake Review Companies

Amazon going after companies who provide fake reviews

In addition to being the go-to place for online shopping, Amazon has also become a leader in online reviews.  With thousands of people posting millions of reviews, many shoppers come to Amazon to see what others have said about a product before they purchase it.  This is true even when they don’t end up purchasing it from Amazon.  Some of ... Read More »

Mobile Email Clicks are Twice as Valuable as Desktop

Mobile Email Performs Better

Mobile is quickly becoming the dominant factor in marketing, and a new survey is making this even clearer than ever.  The survey, conducted by YesMail, found that the ROI for emails that are opened on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets has gone up by about 70% over the past year.  At the same time, conversion rates for desktops have ... Read More »

Original Content = Huge Marketing Budgets


As more and more people continue to realize that having original content for their sites, social media accounts and all other marketing platforms; a growing percentage of marketing budgets is being spent on content.  According to a new survey, the estimated budgets for new, original content has gone from about 12.6% of all marketing investment just two years ago to ... Read More »

Japanese Force Removal of Negative Reviews


In a movement being popularly called the ‘right to be forgotten’ more and more individuals as well as companies are demanding that information written about them online is removed.  This is primarily impacting search engines, which are being asked to delist or remove different content, though it can also be directed directly at the sites hosting consent. A recent example ... Read More »

Ricky Ahuja’s Affiliate Crossing Buys OfferVision

Ricky Ahuja, Founder of Affiliate Crossing

In much needed positive news: Affiliate Crossing, company originally founded by Ricky Ahuja and OfferVision, Inc. today announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement under which Affiliate Crossing will acquire OfferVision, a leading private affiliate network focusing on the auto insurance and finance verticals. The management of both companies have unanimously approved the merger, which is expected ... Read More »

Is YouTube Illegally Targeting Kids?

YouTube Is Being Accused of Targeting Children in Violation of the Law

Google has launched a service known as ‘YouTube Kids’ that is basically YouTube, but with only kid friendly content.  Many parents have been big fans of it since it helps them to protect their children, while still allowing them to enjoy millions of online videos.  Consumer watchdog groups, however, don’t seem to share in this support. These groups filed a complaint ... Read More »

CoreLogic Ordered to Pay $16M from Deceptive Advertising

The FTC Building

LeadClick Media who closed their doors in 2011 and its parent company, CoreLogic, Inc (NYSE: CLGX) have been ordered to turn over $16 million in revenue that they received through a weight-loss marketing scam.  The marketing that was used was determined to be deceptive by the US district courts.  The court granted the FTC’s request for a summary judgment that ... Read More »

Will Yahoo Ditch Bing?

Is Yahoo breaking up with Bing?

Microsoft and Yahoo signed a ten year agreement for Bing to be used for all Yahoo searches.  The deal started in 2010 and is now about half over.  Included in the deal, however, was the option for Bing or Yahoo to make changes or even end the deal entirely after just five years (with a number of stipulations, of course). ... Read More »

Mobile to Account for Over 50% of Digital Ad Spend in 2016


A new report was recently released from eMarketer, and there is some very good news for any digital marketers who harness the power of mobile ads.  In 2016, this vertical is expected to pass two very significant milestones.  First, there will be over $100 billion in mobile ad spend for the first time ever.  Second, and perhaps more importantly, mobile ... Read More »

Digital Ad Spend Leads Growth in 2015


2015 is shaping up to be a record breaking year when it comes to total ad sped.  According to a new report by the media-agency, Carat, the amount companies are investing in marketing will go up by $540 Billion in 2015, which is a 4.6% increase. CEO of Carat, Jerry Buhlmann, said, “Carat’s latest advertising forecast gives us increased optimism ... Read More »

Facebook Dominating Social Ad Spend


Social Advertising grew at a tremendous pace in 2014.  It brought in about $15.3 billion in total ad spend, up 41% year over year.  This trend is expected to continue through 2015 and beyond, which brings with it great opportunities for advertisers and marketers.  When it comes to social ad spend though, Facebook is the dominate name in the industry. ... Read More »

Dennis Yu to Star in Game of Thrones


The online marketing blogshphere was abuzz this morning with the news that Marketer and part time crochet aficionado Dennis Yu had accepted a reoccurring roll on the hit HBO Show, Game of Thrones. Yu, who became famous in 2009 with his expose of Facebook scams, is currently the owner of BlitzMetrics a marketing company that connects people with 404 pages ... Read More »

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