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Facebook getting More Ad Revenue than Expected


According to a new report that was released by eMarketer, US adults typically spend about 6% of their total ‘digital media’ time on Facebook.  That works out to an average of about 21 minutes per day.  Despite only having 6% of the total amount of time spent, they are pulling in about 10% of the [...]

Google no longer requiring a “Plus” account for gMail & Other Google Properties


For the past 2 ½ years Google has made it mandatory to sign up for their social network if you want to use any of their other services.  Even if you never visited the Google+ page, you still had an account if you signed up for gMail, Google Docs or even YouTube.
Finally, however, Google has [...]

Yelp Fined $450k for Violating COPPA


Yelp is, once again, in some legal trouble.  This time it is for collecting personal data from minors under the age of 13.  This data was collected in a way that violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).
The COPPA requires that companies get parental consent if they want to collect personal information, such as [...]

Email Marketing Delivery Down? New Report Answers…


A new report from Return Path has been released, and sheds important information about the deliverability of email marketing messages.  While there has been a lot of changes to the email marketing industry over the past year, with Google implementing inbox tabs and more, the report finds that the deliverability rate has stayed largely level.
On [...]

New Study shows US Boasts 53 Million Freelance Workers

Most performance marketers have hired a freelancer at one point or another.  Whether it is to design a website, write content, create a video, or perform any other task, freelancing is a major component of digital marketing.  In the offline world, it is not quite as common, but there are still millions of freelancers earning [...]

B2B Companies to Grow Content Marketing Budgets in 2015


Content marketing has been a powerful tool for all types of companies for many years.  Due largely to Google updates and other online trends, the value of great content is expected to continue to go up long into the future. According to a recent study from Starfleet Media, this fact is not being lost on [...]

Facebook Adding Advanced Filtering for News Feed


When spending time on Facebook most people are used to seeing the same types of ads and shares throughout their news feed day after day.  In order to minimize ‘content fatigue’ for its users, Facebook is putting in a change that will allow members to directly impact what types of things they see in a [...]

Eight Email Marketers Indicted for Fake Stock Tips via Email


Anyone who has been online more than a few days has seen advertisements for websites that claim to be able to help you make major profits off of penny stocks.  They often ask you to sign up for their email where they will shoot out the ‘hottest penny stock tips’ as they become available.  While [...]

John Matthew Dwyer, Diet Pill Marketer Banned from Weight-Loss Industry by FTC


The FTC has recently agreed to settle with John Matthew Dwyer III, the co-founder and former CEO of HealthyLife Sciences, LLC.  The settlement specified that he agreed to be banned from the weight-loss industry.  This includes manufacturing and marketing any type of weight-loss products in the future.
The FTC filed a complaint against the company, which [...]

Possible new Facebook Feature – Scheduling Deletion of Posts


Facebook has confirmed that they are testing out a new feature with a small number of business users.  The feature would allow you to set a deletion date on your posts when you create them.  This is an excellent idea for businesses, and even the average user could likely find a great way to use [...]

Yahoo to Receive $9Billion in Cash with Alibaba IPO

Yahoo Happy Malware

If Yahoo ever decides to drop out of the tech industry, it seems that they could do quite well providing people with stock tips.  They will be making an estimated $9 Billion when Alibaba launches on the New York Stock Exchange later this week.  Yahoo currently owns about 22.5% of the company.  They are under [...]

Online Reviews now Protected By California Law

Happy Sad

If you’ve ever stopped to read all the fine print when purchasing or leasing certain products or services, you would notice that there are often ‘non-disparagement clauses’ built in.  These clauses are written to prevent you from writing a negative review about a product, or even attempting to discourage people from purchasing it by telling [...]

YouTube Dominates Conversions for Paid Social Campaigns


According to a recent study performed by AOL Platforms, marketers who are looking to harness the power of paid social campaigns will want to look closely into using YouTube as a big part of their investment.  The study shows that when introducing new products, YouTube is able to generate an average of a 14% conversion [...]

Green Coffee Bean Manufacturer Settles FTC Charges

Mehmet Oz, host of the Dr. Oz Show testifies on Protecting Consumers from False and Deceptive Advertising of Weight-Loss Products - DC

Applied Food Sciences, Inc. (“AFS”), has settled Federal Trade Commission charges that it used the results of a flawed study to make baseless weight-loss claims about its green coffee extract to retailers, who repeated those claims in marketing finished products to consumers.
The FTC complaint alleges the study was hopelessly flawed and that no reliable conclusions could [...]

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