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FTC Hints at New Data Compliance Rules

The FTC Building

Over the past year there have been a large number of major data security breaches.  Some of them against private companies like Ashley Madison, some against financial institutions and even some against government agencies like the IRS.   In addition to these major hacks there have been thousands of smaller companies and individuals that also had their data compromised. The FTC ... Read More »

Study: When to Plan Your Black Friday Email Blasts


With ‘Black Friday’ right around the corner it is time to figure out exactly what you’re going to do to get your piece of the biggest shopping day of the year.  For many marketers this means getting messages ready to send out to your email list to try to get them to spend their money on your products or products ... Read More »

Above the Fold Not Needed for Marketers?


It is a pretty standard understanding that when you’re placing a ‘buy’ button or other call to action, the ideal location is ‘above the fold’ of the page.  This means that your CTA will load up on the page so that it is viewable to visitors without having to scroll down.  While there is little doubt that these buttons will ... Read More »

Wasting Money on Behavior Targeting?

Ted Dhanik, Guru and CEO of engage:BDR

Heather Vale of Performance Marketing Insider speaks with Ted Dhanik, President & CEO of engage:BDR.  In this exclusive interview, the second of two parts on state-of-mind targeting, discover how to avoid wasting money through behavioral targeting, how granular you can get with your targeting, why you should utilize managed services for the best results, some real-world applications for state-of-mind targeting, ... Read More »

What you can do to Fight Click Fraud


Click fraud is one of the most costly problems a marketer can face.  Depending on which studies or estimates you look at, this type of fraud is costing brands hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars each year.  Sadly, many of us feel like there is very little that can be done to fight this issue.  The reality is, ... Read More »

Use Content Marketing Based on Generation of Audience


There is no doubt that content marketing is one of the most effective ways to get traffic to your site and hopefully convert them into buying customers.  A new study was recently released, however, that shows that the type of content, how it is published and other factors can have a significantly different impact based on the age of the ... Read More »

How Marketers Can Improve Measurement in a Cross-Device Environment


The digital world has expanded quite significantly over the last decade.  Where there was once just the normal PC browsing the web, today there are PCs, smart phones, tablets, laptops, smart watches and more.  Having all of these different channels allows marketers to ‘meet’ their potential customers wherever they are.  This can make for a very powerful marketing strategy. According ... Read More »

Lead Tech: Getting Paid the Most for Leads


Imagine going on a journey, but every time you compare your map to the surrounding world, something has changed – as if the landscape is constantly evolving. This is what it is like every day as a digital marketer. The technology prospects and customers use evolves continually. The tech we use to reach them and track interactions must evolve even ... Read More »

Five Tricks Maximize Your Display-Ad Budget


Companies will be spending approximately $23 billion on display ads this year, and by 2019 that number is expected to go up to about $37.6 billion.  With these major numbers, the chances are great that you’ll be looking to take advantage of display ads.  The chances are also great that much of the investment you make will be wasted thanks ... Read More »

Trick: Get Your Product in Front of Hungry Buyers


For most people, marketing is the work involved with trying to get a product or service in front of an audience that is willing to pay for it.  Once in a great while, however, there are situations where the customers are automatically seeking out the products so very little (if any) real marketing effort is needed.  For example, if you’re ... Read More »

How to Create a Perfect Checkout Page

No matter what type of product or service you are selling, the checkout page is going to be one of the most important points in your overall sales process.  Sadly, many marketers don’t spend much time planning this page out, and they end up losing a significant amount of sales because of it.  In fact, recent studies have found that ... Read More »

Getting Your Free Digital Marketing Right


Everyone knows that digital marketing is one of the fastest growing and most effective ways to build your business today.  Whether you’re just starting out as a performance marketer looking to make a living online, or you’ve got an established brick and mortar business that you want to grow, digital marketing is essential. Of course, the easiest way to start ... Read More »

Media Buyers Guide to Targeting

Targeting with Engage BDR

It hit me the other day that many people have heard all the different buzzwords surrounding targeting, and may have even read a little about them, but most don’t truly understand it.  Even many who work full time in the marketing industry are confused about all the different options available today.  Thanks to the fact that new targeting methods are ... Read More »

How to Attract Traffic from Big Names


No matter what kind of business you’re running or promoting, it is important to always be looking for a way to get new people to see your site.  As we all know, a steady stream of new visitors is extremely important for the success of any digital marketer.  Unfortunately, most marketers just toss their new content up on their site, ... Read More »

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