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Nightlife Marketing Methods that Work

Nightlife Marketing

Are you looking to target 21-35 for your nightlife marketing efforts? Engage:BDR is one of the top display networks in the world and has targets that are perfect for the nightlife, restaurant and club industry. Heather Vale of Performance Marketing Insider speaks with Tom Schultz, Senior Account Manager at engage:BDR about how to do this, and what techniques and tools ... Read More »

What Are Proven Subject Lines?

subject line

According to convinceandconvert.com, 69% of email recipients report email as ‘spam’ based on the subject line alone. Combine that with the 21% of email recipients that report a message as ‘spam’ even if they know it isn’t and the results don’t look so good. But, the crew at AdStation by Adknowledge released a new eBook detailing the best practices for subject lines. ... Read More »

How to Perform Keyword Research without Spending a Dime


If you want to start getting traffic from Google and the other search engines, one of the most important things you need to do is target the right keywords.  Keywords (or key phrases) are the things that people type into the search engines.  Targeting them simply means optimizing your site in such a way that the search engines know that ... Read More »

Find Out Exactly Which SEO Tactics are Working Right Now

Happy Money

You’re in 2014, and the search engine game is still changing! Unfortunately, it will never stop changing. Is that a good thing or bad thing? Well… That depends If your wanting SEO the old (easier) way where you gained lots of backlinks and wrote pages full of stuffed keywords (quality need not apply), then probably a bad thing. However, if ... Read More »

Why Aren’t You Using Video?


Are you advertising with video yet? Heather Vale of Performance Marketing Insider talks with Ed Lee, VP of Business Development for engage:BDR. In this exclusive interview about video advertising, discover why video is an important advertising tool, why you should consider adding it to your repertoire, what video allows you to do that display ads don’t, and how to best ... Read More »

Mastering B2B Online Marketing Using LinkedIn Ads


If you are looking into marketing your business’ products or services directly to other businesses, then LinkedIn is definitely an excellent online marketing channel. However, knowing how to do it effectively can be the determining factor between success and failure. LinkedIn works great for marketing towards businesses simply due to the fact that you can target your ads specifically towards ... Read More »

How to Choose Images that will get Your Content Shared


If you’re making blog posts or any other content on your site, you will want it to be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks.  In some cases, you can write high quality content and it will naturally get shared by readers.  Most of the time, however, you can boost the engagement factor, and help encourage people to ... Read More »

Elliott Lemenager, EVP for Leadspedia at Affiliate Summit East

Elliott Lemenager, EVP for Leadspedia

Heather Vale of Performance Marketing Insider spoke with Elliott Lemenager, EVP for Leadspedia. In this interview at Affiliate Summit East in New York City, discover what Leadspedia is, how the performance marketing platform helps you increase your success and ROI, and what strategies Elliott has for you to make use of their data. Brought to you by engage:BDR Read More »

How To Buy Media on engage:BDR’s First-Impression


Why should you use engage:BDR’s First-Impression buy-side platform for your advertising needs, and how can you optimize your ROI? Heather Vale of Performance Marketing Insider gets a personalized walk-through demo from Alex Epshteyn, Account Manager for First-Impression. In this exclusive interview, the first of two parts, discover what’s unique about the self-serve DSP and watch as Alex shows us the ... Read More »

Is Phreshclick Taking over the CPA World?


Heather Vale of Performance Marketing Insider speaks with Barb Mayo, Director of Affiliate Management for Phreshclick, Engage:BDR’s CPA agency. In this interview at Affiliate Summit East in New York City, find out what Phreshclick is, why it was started, what the benefits are to working with Phreshclick as an affiliate, and what Barb’s experience is in the CPA space. Also ... Read More »

Huge Opportunity in Binary Options


Binary options for retail investors first emerged in the early 2000s. Since then, binary options have steadily gained pace, reaching further into the mainstream to capture an ever-larger share of attention from consumers who seek the thrills of gambling coupled with the cache of financial markets investing. In the context of this increasing consumer awareness, and growing robustness and variety ... Read More »

Want to know the best email marketing company at Affiliate Summit and leadscon?


Avenlo has been the secret behind powering top agencies, advertisers and marketers. They provide digital-verified and targeted audiences via Inbox placement across multi-screens that are interested in your products and services on a CPM, CPC and even CPA basis!

 Their proprietary platform was built by some of the best industry veteran technologists, utilizing best of breed algorithms, big data parsing ... Read More »

How to secure your Web Traffic using HTTPS


If you want your web traffic to be secured, the easiest option is to add an SSL certificate.  This will encrypt the data that is sent to and from your website, so any third parties that intercept it won’t be able to see what the data actually is.  In addition, you’ll get a slight SEO boost from Google, so there ... Read More »

Panel: Increase ROI in Pay-Per-Call


In this special roundtable discussion moderated by Performance Marketing Insider’s Heather Vale, discover what works and what’s coming in the future for Pay-Per-Call marketing. Our panel of experts includes Mike Williams, Network Manager of RingPartner; Carlton van Putten, VP of Marketing for LogMyCalls; Drew Thorne-Thomsen, SVP of Business Development for Invoca; and Leonidas Kaplan, publisher and owner of Premium23.com. Find ... Read More »

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