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How to Verify Data


Heather Vale of Performance Marketing Insider speaks with Krista Barrack, Senior Account Manager for XVerify. In this exclusive interview, the first of two parts, discover what XVerify is, what kinds of data they verify and how, your options for user experience configuration, and how not checking your lead quality affects your ROI and your reputation [...]

Why Use First Impression for Positive ROI?

Engage:BDR - Andy Dhanik

You may have heard a lot about engage:BDR’s First-Impression system from various Facebook groups. It’s quickly becoming the go to place for performance marketers who are looking to exponentially grow their campaigns. If you weren’t sold by the fact it’s owned by engage:BDR, the top source for internet traffic in the world, you’ll definitely be [...]

How to Create Residual Income with an Auto Responder Series

Huge Pile of Money

One of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of a digital marketer is their email list.  Regardless of what it is that you’re attempting to sell, most marketers build up an email list of their potential customers.  There are many things you can do with this type of list, but few of them will [...]

Matomy Continues Huge Growth with Daryl Colwell


Heather Vale Goss of Performance Marketing Insider talks with Daryl Colwell, Senior VP of U.S. Sales and Business Development for Matomy. In this interview at LeadsCon in Las Vegas, discover what Matomy is, why they give away foam rubber marshmallow men, how they help marketers increase their ROI, and what sets them apart from the [...]

Four Foolproof Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Sales Page

Happy Money

Whether you’re an affiliate marketing newbie or someone who has been around the block a few times, the chances are you know that the lifeblood of this business is traffic.  If you can’t get people to visit your site, you’ll never make a single sale.  If you can drive thousands of targeted viewers, however, it [...]

How to Choose Your Colors on Landing Pages

Happy Money

Designing a landing page (or any page for that matter) should be something that you take your time on to make sure it is perfect.  Some people just toss up a sales page with some decent sales copy and hope for the best.  If they start making sales, they assume that the page is working [...]

4 Reasons Why PPC is Not a Good Long Term Marketing Strategy


When the Idea of Pay per click (PPC) advertising started in 1996—with being one of the first search engines to actually utilize PPC advertising in 1998—online advertising has never been the same.
While many other forms of online advertising has since emerged, Pay per click is still by far one of the most used online [...]

11 Simple Secrets to Digital Marketing Success


Today, the email marketing experts at AdStation are releasing 11 Simple Secrets to Digital Marketing Success - a free ebook revealing digital marketing tips that improve click-throughs, likes, list growth, conversion and more. The email segment of parent company Adknowledge has dominated the email marketing space for several years with record earnings for publishers and recognition as [...]

How to Monetize Your Blog with Private Advertising

Running a blog can be a great way to earn some extra income online, while having a lot of fun too.  Some blogs are made specifically with the intent to make money, and others are started out purely for fun.  Regardless of how your blog started, you are likely looking for ways to make some [...]

Three Common Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make, and How to Avoid Them


While the concept behind affiliate marketing is fairly simple and straight forward, the fact is most people mess it up pretty badly.  Even those who are considered successful often make some simple mistakes that can cost them thousands of dollars.  The following three mistakes are made by almost all marketers at one time or another, [...]

Top Ten Content Marketing Tips from the New York Times


Several months ago a report from the New York Times about the publications digital content publication strategy was leaked on the Internet.  The 96 page report discussed almost every aspect of content marketing you could imagine, including how to use social media, what types of content bring in the best traffic, and much more.   Reading [...]

How to Dominate the SERPs for Your Brand Name

Google Bitch Slap

When you’re running any sort of business online, you need to make sure people are able to find your site.  Even if you’re just writing a blog, you are going to have trouble becoming successful if people are unable to locate your page out of the millions that are out there.  Even if people know [...]

How to Write High Quality Blog Comments

Getting backlinks is one of the most important tasks for any SEO expert or Internet marketer today.  High quality backlinks will help your site rank better in Google and the other search engines, and also build up the overall reputation on the Internet.  In addition, the best backlinks can help to drive direct, targeted traffic [...]

How to Prepare Your Business for Your Death


A large percentage of affiliate marketers are either individuals or a couple of people working together to run their small marketing business.  This is a great way to run a business, as it gives you a lot more control and allows you to really set your own work schedule. For most of us, our business [...]

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