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Supreme Court Discusses Expectations of Facebook Privacy


The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Riley v. California case last week, and in them, the privacy settings of Facebook were discussed.  The case involves a San Diego college student, David Riley.  He was pulled over for driving on expired tags, when the police seized his phone.  They went through the phone, finding [...]

Facebook to Allow Wider Use of ‘Business Manager’ Feature


Facebook’s Business Manager feature has been available for large advertisers for quite some time.  The page allows these advertisers to manage Facebook Pages, advertising and application accounts all from a single location.  This centralized control allows for easier management of ad campaigns, page permissions, and much more.
Facebook has recently announced that they will be expanding [...]

TiVo Affiliate Program Relaunched


TiVo, which is a leader in consumer DVR products and services, ended their affiliate program several years ago.  According to a recent announcement, however, they are bringing it back, and with some significant changes.  The biggest adjustment from their old program is that they are moving away from Commission Junction, which ran their program in [...]

Nearly 150 Top Tech Companies Protest FCC Net Neutrality Plan


Some of the biggest tech firms in the world have sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission, in protest of the group’s proposal that would allow ISPs to charge for faster, better access to consumers.  The debate over so-called net neutrality has been going on for years, but recently the FCC has been making [...]

Facebook’s $1M Per Day Change


Facebook has been putting a lot of effort into increasing revenue through the use of advertising over the past several years.  Adding the auto-playing video ads into the news feed, for example, has been an extremely successful change.  To make it better, most people don’t seem to mind that these ads are there.  In fact, [...]

Google Acquires Adometry

Google Lawsuit

It was recently reported that Google is acquiring the Austin, Texas based firm, Adometry, for an as yet undisclosed cost.  Adometry is an online attribution firm, which specializes in crediting online ads for influencing decisions.  For example, clicking on an ad, downloading an app, or making a purchase.  Adometry also has roots in ad fraud [...]

What is Going on With CrushAds?

Dan Lansman, President of BMI Elite and CrushAds at LeadsCon

Heather Vale Goss of Performance Marketing Insider speaks with Dan Lansman, President of BMI Elite, the parent company for CrushAds. In this interview at LeadsCon in Las Vegas, find out what sets the affiliate network apart from the competition, how and why they focus on quality, what makes their leads high-quality, and the benefits of [...]

New Preferred Ad Options Launched on YouTube


In an effort to encourage big businesses to move their ad dollars away from traditional television, and toward digital, YouTube has launched “Google Preferred.”  This new option packages the top 5% of videos in a variety of categories together for advertising.  These videos, which get millions of hits each, are high quality, and provide an [...]

Precise Leads Celebrates 10 Years


Heather Vale Goss of Performance Marketing Insider talks with Hunter Ingram, Chief Revenue Officer of Precise Leads, who are celebrating their 10th Anniversary. In this interview at LeadsCon in Las Vegas, find out why they have thrived for so long, what awards they’ve recently won, and what’s different about their attitude and approach. Also discover [...]

Native Ads Platform Launched by InMobi


InMobi has taken their new native ads platform public, after running in limited beta since January.  The platform allows advertisers to display ads in a non-intrusive way, which has been shown to result in improved click through rates, and a better overall user experience.
Since it went live in Beta this January, over 20 billion ads [...]

New Pet Focused Affiliate Network Adds Major Partner


The all new affiliate network,, which officially launched last month, has recently added another major partner to their team.  PetOffers, as the name implies, is an affiliate network entirely focused on pet products.  This niche focused network allows pet lovers to promote a wide range of great products, and earn a great commission.  The [...]

How to Promote Pay Per Call Advertising


Heather Vale Goss of Performance Marketing Insider speaks with Frank Kasimov of Call Marketplace, where publishers can promote pay per call offers from over 30 different verticals in United States, Great Britain, and Canada. Affiliates get paid per call on exclusive offers, since they’re not an affiliate network but work directly with end buyers. In [...]

New Mantra for Facebook at F8 Conference

Facebook Hates Upworthy

Developers from around the world watched the Facebook F8 Developer Conference, which took place in San Francisco.  This conference, which last took place in 2011, gives developers new insights into what they can do with Facebook, and gives the general public a sneak peek into what we can expect to see in the future of [...]

Google Being Sued for Android Tie-In Apps

Google Slap

Google is being sued in federal court in San Jose, California on a case that claims Google is violating monopoly laws in their Android OS App tie-ins.  Google requires manufacturers, such as Samsung, use less popular applications if they want to include apps like YouTube.  The suit claims that this requirement is “designed to maintain [...]

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