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Should I Always Get a Dot-Com Domain Suffix?


A common question asked when attempting to find a domain name for a new website is whether getting a dot-com domain name is necessary.  Probably the hardest part with starting any online business is attempting to find a domain name that is not already registered with the dot-com suffix—as most of them are taken. The [...]

What Really Works for Email Marketing?


We all want better results from email marketing, but you might not know what’s effective today. Heather Vale Goss of Performance Marketing Insider interviews Taylor Kennedy, Senior Manager of Optimization and Strategy, and Optimization Manager Lauren Pitchford from MECLABS, home of Marketing Sherpa and Marketing Experiments. These are the people that conduct the scientific experiments [...]

How to use Weather to Boost Affiliate Profits


As an affiliate, you should always be looking for that little something that can help to push your profits to the next level.  It could be a new place to run ads, a new product to promote or, if done properly, even a change in the weather.  Every year when the seasons change, millions of [...]

Ladies Move Towards Affiliate Marketing

Woman with laptop.

The world of online affiliate marketing has been dominated by men since the dawn of the industry, but according to new research, that is all about to change.  Research from Optimus Performance Marketing found that nearly half of all female website owners will be looking to implement some sort of affiliate or performance marketing into [...]

Blog For Cash


Whether you’re a successful performance marketer making full time income online, or you’re just thinking about starting to earn cash on the Internet, everyone should consider turning their passion into income.  Many marketers are great at making money promoting products that they think are valuable, but they aren’t really passionate about. There is nothing wrong [...]

Pentagon Creates Cybersecurity Soldiers


Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel spoke at the retirement ceremony of NSA head Gen. Keith Alexander, and he took the opportunity to talk about the future of US cyber security.  The security and stability of the Internet is (or at least should be) of key interest to any Internet Marketers who use the web to make [...]

How to Use JetPack by WordPress to Quickly Share Content


If you’re using WordPress as part of your overall marketing strategy, you undoubtedly look for ways to take the posts you make and get them in front of as many people as possible.  Part of this strategy will generally be using social media, but that can sometimes take quite a bit of effort to get [...]

Mobile Ad Budgets Jumping by 75% in 2014


According to a new survey by Millennial Media, the trend for marketers to use mobile advertising will continue through 2014.  Last year the total mobile ad spend more than doubled year over year, and according to this survey, the growth will be almost as strong this year.  The survey reached out to brands from five [...]

ClickBank 3.0 Launches with Many New Features


ClickBank has long been one of the most popular digital commerce and marketing platforms on the web.  Thousands of affiliates rely on them to find high quality information-products that they can promote to earn great commissions.  ClickBank has just launched the latest update to their services, calling it ClickBank 3.0.  The new launch includes many [...]

Clicky of Clickbooth Lounges at ad:tech


Ever wondered what the big orange guy thinks? Heather Vale Goss of Performance Marketing Insider lands an exclusive with Clicky from Clickbooth, who has never been interviewed before. It’s probably because he’s hard to hear, but that didn’t stop us because Lyndsie Ezell, Director of Public Relations, works closely with Clicky and understands everything he [...]

Lenny from Parties in Vegas

lenny and heather vale goss

Ever wonder what goes on in a puppet’s mind? Heather Vale Goss of Performance Marketing Insider interviews Lenny, the ubiquitous green mascot from Lending Tree, about his activities at LeadsCon and in Las Vegas. In this interview, discover… well, not much, really, except where the mic goes when you interview a puppet (ahem!), what Lenny [...]

Facebook Buys MaxBounty CPA Network for $550 Million


In perhaps the best news the industry has seen in a while, Facebook announced their intention to buy CPA Network MaxBounty for $550 Million. This comes after a long search for Facebook to find an affiliate network they could integrate into their current business model.
What makes this really strange was that just four years ago [...]

FTC to Crack Down on Mobile Marketers Targeting Kids

FTC and Affiliate Marketers

According to a recent report from, the FTC has begun an aggressive campaign of going after tech companies that are violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).  They updated the COPPA last year with stricter guidelins on how companies could market to kids, and the updates came with a ‘grace period’ so advertisers [...]

How to Retain Twitter Followers


For many marketers, Twitter is an essential tool for staying in touch with potential customers, and marketing new products to them.  While only 18% of adults in the US use Twitter, many of those users check it very frequently, which makes it one of the top social networks.  Getting people to follow your account is [...]

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