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Apple Acquires Social Media Analytics Firm, Topsy

The hardware giant, Apple, which is more known for being tight lipped about everything than their interest in being social has acquired social media analytics firm, Topsy.  The move, which surprised many, was confirmed on Monday.  Topsy Labs has a focus on analyzing all of the Twitter messages which come out each day, numbering around [...] Launches Affiliate Program

Esigns-digital-printing has been quickly growing and becoming one of the leading providers of a variety of signs, banners and other advertising materials. They allow businesses to create and order custom or template vinyl banners, mesh banners, yard signs, magnetic signs, A-Frame signs, banner stands, stickers, decals, photos on canvas and much more, and then have [...]

Innovative New Affiliate Marketing Platform Launch from EvoLeads

In a recent press release, EvoLeads announced what it calls a revolutionary new marketplace platform which will bring marketers and advertisers together like never before.  EvoLeads has been an innovative search company since 2005, and developed other digital marketing software solutions as well.  The Evo Marketplace platform is set up to connect independent affiliate networks [...]

Facebook Focusing on Travel Ads for 2014


Over the past several months, Facebook has been adjusting the way they manage their major advertisers.  In the past, they have had advertising teams which focused on geographic areas, such as specific countries or regions.  Going forward, however these teams will target specific advertising verticals instead.  The thinking behind this seems to be that different [...]

Walmart is Full of Crazy Folks


Every year there are Black Friday stories, from people being shot, stabbed, and general craziness. We’ve even heard a few stories of people leaving their babies in strollers to run after the 50% off TV and to come back and find their kid has been discounted by Walmart Staff. Yep, it’s a bunch smarter to [...]

Wal-Mart is Behind Affiliate Taxes: Hurting Small Businesses


This was originally written two years ago. Something to think about considering how little Walmart pays their employees. This past week Illinois became another State signing an “affiliate tax” law. Illinois, like other States who have decided to go this route are brutally honest about the reasoning behind this : that the States are desperate [...]

Compliance Warning Issued to Website Operators and Publishers


Earlier this year, the California State Senate passed an amendment to the California Online Privacy Protection Act (“CalOPPA”).  Effective January 1, 2014, website operators are required to disclose through their privacy statements how they respond to Do-Not-Track signals and whether other parties may collect personally identifiable information about a consumer’s online activities over time and across different [...]

Digital Credit Card Coin Is Potential Consumer Nightmare


For some reason, the launch of startup Coin received enormous attention this past week, with news sites and blogs talking about all the cool things that this digital wallet could do. The press ate up the story of a startup using crowdfunding, in this case Kickstarter,  using the press release talking points to create article [...]

Facebook Streamlines Post Scheduling

Facebook Privacy

The ability to schedule posts to your Facebook account has been around for about a year and a half, and it is a powerful tool for marketers.  The problem up until this point, however, is that it took way too much work just to schedule a simple post.  Each future post you wanted to schedule [...]

$10.5 Million Raised by TapCommerce for Mobile Ad Strategy

TapCommerce is a leader in re-targeting customers for a variety of different mobile apps and services.  The concept of their service is identifying customers who have visited a site, or downloaded an app, but haven’t returned recently.  Statistics show that only about 5% of mobile apps are still being used within 6 months of the [...]

New Study Shows GMAIL Tabs Don’t Hurt


In the roughly four months since Google rolled out their tabbed inbox there has been a lot of talk about its effect on marketers.  At first, most marketers were extremely worried that having the promotions tab receiving all their emails would decimate the effectiveness of email marketing.  While it has been a learning curve for [...]

Adknowledge Announces Launch of “AdStation International”


KANSAS CITY, Mo – November 25, 2013 – Adknowledge is pleased to announce the launch of AdStation International, a global extension of its previously U.S. only email network, which will cater to high-quality international advertisers and publishers. AdStation International will initially launch in the UK, with other countries being added soon after.
“We’re really interested in [...]

Preserve the Right to a Local Fight in Your Marketing Agreements


Last year, I highlighted some of the risks involved with relying upon standard industry business contracts.  You can see that article here. 
The designation of a particular forum for disputes is one of many critical considerations.  This issue must be addressed explicitly, following an analysis that considers the totality of the circumstances.
A recent decision by the [...]

Takes Some Kahunas To Turns Down $3 Billion


Last week I wrote about why it made sense for Facebook to make a bid for SnapChat and overwhelmingly many wanted to see a counterpoint to that piece on why it did or didn’t make sense for them to turn it down. Well here it is – after an initial wtf moment on why these [...]

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