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Facebook May Open Doors to Kids Under 13


The details of a Patent that was applied for by Facebook back in 2012 have just gone public, and may be the latest clue that the social network may be looking to open up membership to children under 13 years old.  The site has long prevented kids from joining due to a variety of regulations […]

Nintendo to Launch Let’s Play Affiliate Program


Gamers of all types love recording game play videos, and sharing them with fans on YouTube.  This practice is known as making ‘Let’s Play’ videos, and is very popular with virtually all game types.  Last year, Nintendo began claiming ad revenue from these videos which were made with games released by their company.  They also […]

Facebook Asks for Antitrust Review from EU on WhatsApp Deal


Back in February when Facebook announced that they intended to purchase the mobile messaging service, WhatsApp, for $19 Billion, it made big news.  Once they got approval from the FTC here in the US, most people expected it would be a done deal.  Facebook has surprised many people, however, in that they requested that the […]

Top Ten Content Marketing Tips from the New York Times


Several months ago a report from the New York Times about the publications digital content publication strategy was leaked on the Internet.  The 96 page report discussed almost every aspect of content marketing you could imagine, including how to use social media, what types of content bring in the best traffic, and much more.   Reading […]

How to Dominate the SERPs for Your Brand Name

Google Slap

When you’re running any sort of business online, you need to make sure people are able to find your site.  Even if you’re just writing a blog, you are going to have trouble becoming successful if people are unable to locate your page out of the millions that are out there.  Even if people know […]

PMA Releases Email Marketing Compliance & Best Practices


As was published here on PMI earlier this week, Email marketing is still the most effective way to build relationships and improve ROI (Read more HERE). While this is certainly true, it is also important to remember that the most effective strategies surrounding email marketing have changed over the years.  In addition, there are many […]

Maya Angelou, Dead at 86. The Power of Words


Celebrated memoirist and poet Maya Angelou, 86, who was found dead Wednesday at her home in Winston-Salem, N.C., was a high school dropout who became a professor of American Studies at Wake Forest University. She defied labels. She was a walking encylopedia of careers and passions. She wrote 36 books. She was an actress, director, […]

Raise Money for Your Affiliate Business with CrowdIt


Ever thought of raising capital for a project or venture through crowdfunding? Heather Vale Goss of Performance Marketing Insider interviews Jason Graf, CEO and Founder of crowdfunding platform CrowdIt. Most crowdfunding platforms include two sides of a coin: entrepreneurs seeking money, and investors who supply it. What sets CrowdIt apart is a third element – […]

Facebook Signs $500 Million Ad Deal with Publicis


In the latest of several advertising related announcements from Facebook, the social giant has signed a major deal with the advertising holding company, Publicis Group.   In a deal reported to be worth $500 Million over several years, Facebook is looking to show their flexibility and effectiveness with major brands and other ad networks.
According to Laura […]

Google May To Spend $30 Billion


A SEC filing that Google submitted in December went public earlier this week, and there has been a lot of speculation about what was written in it.  One key area was regarding the $20-30 billion in cash they said they are holding overseas (it is now up to $34.5 billion as of March).  In the […]

Email Marketing Still Most Effective


With the rapid growth of social media marketing, content marketing and even the resurgence of using direct phone calls for marketing, there are some people worried that it will reduce the effectiveness of email marketing.  Email marketing has been one of the most effective tools for marketers for many years.  Despite the addition of new […]

Klout Research Identifies Most Engaging Social Subjects


When engaging in social marketing the most important thing to do is get people to interact with your posts.  While sometimes you just need to push out a specific bit of information to your readers, the majority of social posts will typically be made to help draw in an audience.  With this in mind, it […]

Top Gambling Affiliates Targeted by New Jersey Law Enforcement


Six major affiliates that promoted online poker sites have received a letter from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement instructing them to ‘immediately remove any online gaming links that are not authorized under federal law or under the law of any state.”  If they fail to remove these links, they will be subject prosecution […]

New Tool to Allow You to be Removed from Search Results Coming Soon


The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled last week that Google and other search engines can be required to delete links to outdated information concerning individuals published on the Internet.  The court case will force Google to comply with any European citizens that request to be ‘forgotten’ by search engines.  The citizens can […]

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