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Former Google Employee Claims Massive Adsense Fraud


According to a letter posted on, from someone claiming to be a former employee of Google, the multi-billion dollar company has been engaging in massive amounts of fraud when it comes to paying publishers. The letter, published completely anonymously details a plan hatched by managers at Google in order to grow the revenue in [...]

Gurbaksh Chahal is a Egotistical Asshat


I am completely bewildered by the response and actions of former RadiumOne CEO, Gurbaksh Chahal. Chahal, who made his first millions while just a teenager, was involved in a major domestic violence episode last summer and because of his guilty plea in the case was fired from his position at the company he founded.
The claims [...]

Rich Schefren’s Facebook Campaign Goes Bad


A lot of the internet marketing “gurus” use social media, especially Facebook and Twitter to promote their programs. At least a dozen times a day I get advertisements from these guys, claiming of course that they know the secret to internet marketing, making money online and so on. Let’s ignore whether or not these guys [...]

What’s Going on With TrafficVance?


Heather Vale Goss of Performance Marketing Insider speaks with Michael Rosenberg, COO of Trafficvance, a FutureAds company. TrafficVance has been around for a long time and is a highly profitable contextual solution that many affiliates have depended on for years. In this interview at LeadsCon in Las Vegas, discover what the contextual advertising company does, [...]

Close Leads With LeadQual

LeadsCon las Vegas

Heather Vale Goss of Performance Marketing Insider talks with Patrick Wang, VP of Online Marketing for LeadQual. In this interview at LeadsCon in Las Vegas, discover how LeadQual helps you not only generate leads, but closes and customers — with their own call center staff so you don’t have to worry about fielding calls. Their [...]

Major Shakeup for Google+

Sucky Google Plus

Google’s Vic Gundotra, who was the man in charge of Google+ since its launch, left Google in recent days, which is leading to many rumors regarding the future of Google’s social network.  The search giant has been trying to find away into the massively popular social networks market for years, and Google+ was the latest, [...]

LeadiD Certifies Lead Generation

Eli Schwarz, Manager of Client Development for LeadiD

Heather Vale Goss of Performance Marketing Insider talks with Eli Schwarz, Manager of Client Development for LeadiD. In this interview at LeadsCon in Las Vegas, find out what LeadiD does, how it helps you in the lead generation process, and what kind of data and analytics you can access about the leads you purchase, including [...]

CEO Gurbaksh Chahal Fired for Beating Girlfriend


There are no appropriate comments to be made on this.
San Francisco (April 27, 2014) – At a board meeting yesterday evening, RadiumOne’s board of directors voted to terminate the employment of Gurbaksh Chahal as CEO and Chairman of the company. Bill Lonergan, the company COO, will take over as CEO of the Company immediately. Bill [...]

Pay-Per-Call at ad:tech


Heather Vale Goss of Performance Marketing Insider speaks with Mike Williams of RingPartner in a live follow-up to their indepth Hangout interview. In this interview at Ad:Tech in San Francisco, discover what’s new at RingPartner, including new offers on the network. Also find out what RingPartner is, the services they offer, how their pay-per-call performance [...]

MaxBounty is at the Front of the Pack

MaxBounty at ad:tech

Heather Vale Goss of Performance Marketing Insider interviews Steven Sauve, CTO of MaxBounty, at Ad:Tech in San Francisco. MaxBounty was recently ranked the #1 CPA network in the world, and in this interview you’ll find out what puts them at the front of the pack and how MaxBounty looks at relationship management, service and performance. [...]

Net Neutrality Being Reviewed by FCC?


The issue of net neutrality has been largely pushed to the back burners for several months, but according to a recent story in businessweek, that may be changing very soon.  The story stated that “A U.S. regulator is considering letting Internet-service providers negotiate payments from companies including Inc. and Google Inc. for access to [...]

FTC Enforcement Actions, Asset Freezes and Personal Liability

FTC and Affiliate Marketers

Regulatory sweeps in the digital marketing industry are inevitable. The following is specifically meant to address a few things that you should know if you are the unfortunate subject of an enforcement action initiated by the Federal Trade Commission (the “Commission”) relating to allegations of deceptive advertising.
“Kick-off” usually takes the form of your business being ransacked, your [...]

Google & Microsoft Win Patent Lawsuit Related to GeoTagging


Google and Microsoft legal teams teamed up to fight a lawsuit that was brought on by a company called GeoTag.  GeoTag originally was suing more than 300 companies that used either Google’s AdWords or Microsoft’s Bing Ads for local advertising.  The suit claimed that the technology used by these companies was an infringement on their [...]

Danubius Hotel Teams with AffiliRed for Performance Marketing Campaign


Danubius Hotel Group is one of Europe’s most significant hotel chains, with over 45 health spa, wellness and city hotels throughout Europe.  They are very popular in the UK as well as other European countries.  They have recently announced that they will be teaming up with AffiliRed to launch a highly targeted advertising campaign, harnessing [...]

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