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How to Choose Your Colors on Landing Pages

Happy Money

Designing a landing page (or any page for that matter) should be something that you take your time on to make sure it is perfect.  Some people just toss up a sales page with some decent sales copy and hope for the best.  If they start making sales, they assume that the page is working […]

Performance Marketing Ad Company Awarded Facebook PMD Badge

Facebook Privacy

Facebook has recently awarded the Turkey based ad-optimization company, Adphorus, the status of ‘Preferred Marketing Developer.’  This is a program operated by Facebook, which offers the company a variety of benefits, which they can use to improve the services and overall experience they have with the social network.
Adphorus is an ad-optimization company that uses Facebook’s […]

25 Favorite Reasons for Favoriting Tweets


Researchers from the UK and Germany have recently published the results of a survey given to 606 Twitter users, asking them why they ‘favorite’ things on the popular social site.  While the sample size is limited, and there may be some issues with the overall results of the survey, the data can certainly still be […]

4 Reasons Why PPC is Not a Good Long Term Marketing Strategy


When the Idea of Pay per click (PPC) advertising started in 1996—with being one of the first search engines to actually utilize PPC advertising in 1998—online advertising has never been the same.
While many other forms of online advertising has since emerged, Pay per click is still by far one of the most used online […]

Google Pushing Back Against NSA & Other Governments

Google Lawsuit

Online privacy has been a concern for many people for quite some time, but ever since Edward J. Snowden released the details of NSA spying and surveillance efforts, the issue has really taken center stage.  Major data focused companies, such as Google, are being pressured by consumers to push back against government requests for information.
Many […]

Your PPC Ads for World Cup Won’t Work


With the 2014 World Cup beginning shortly, thousands of marketers are looking to take advantage of this huge event.  Will millions of people watching each of the games, and searching for information about teams, players, matches and more, there is a huge potential for the savvy marketer.  If you were planning on using Google AdWords […]

11 Simple Secrets to Digital Marketing Success


Today, the email marketing experts at AdStation are releasing 11 Simple Secrets to Digital Marketing Success – a free ebook revealing digital marketing tips that improve click-throughs, likes, list growth, conversion and more. The email segment of parent company Adknowledge has dominated the email marketing space for several years with record earnings for publishers and recognition as […]

Local Marketing with Pay-Per-Call

Pay Per Call with Mike Williams of RingPartner

Heather Vale Goss of Performance Marketing Insider interviews Mike Williams, Network Manager of RingPartner. In this interview, the second of two parts, discover how pay-per-call fits into the localized marketing landscape, how regions can be targeted to improve a national campaign, and how being mobile allows more potential in performance marketing. Also find out where […]

Why Work with Impact Radius?


Heather Vale Goss of Performance Marketing Insider speaks with Todd Crawford, co-founder of Impact Radius and veteran performance marketer. In this exclusive interview, the second of three parts, discover what Impact Radius is, why Todd started it, and how it was customized to the needs of marketers. Also find out exactly how it works, what […]

LinkedIn Getting a Facelift


LinkedIn has announced that they will be doing a major redesign to user profile pages in the near future.  The major change is that they are adding the option to have a larger cover photo, similar to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  Many people are applauding the move, saying it gives a more […]

Mobile Ad Startup Namo Media Acquired by Twitter Inc


Twitter has recently announced that it has acquired the mobile advertising company Namo Media.  The company specializes in native advertising for mobile devices, which is a major part of Twitter’s monetization strategy.  The specifics of the deal have not yet been released, other than the fact that the technologies acquired in the acquisition will become […]

Private Sharing May Present New Challenges to Marketers


A recent story published by Digiday about the popularity of the ‘WhatsApp’ sharing button on websites, and specifically on USA Today’s FTW sports site, is causing some concern for marketers.  The WhatsUp app, which was purchased by Facebook earlier this year, is a private messenger app that allows its 500 million users to send and […]

Three Common Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make, and How to Avoid Them


While the concept behind affiliate marketing is fairly simple and straight forward, the fact is most people mess it up pretty badly.  Even those who are considered successful often make some simple mistakes that can cost them thousands of dollars.  The following three mistakes are made by almost all marketers at one time or another, […]

Mobile Ad Spend up 109%, Video Ads up 65% Year over Year

mobile advertising

A new report from Turn’s new advertising intelligence index report says that the first quarter 2014 ad spend is looking great for mobile and video ads.  On a year over year basis, mobile ad spend rocketed up by 109%, and video ad spend went up significantly, at 65%.  Turn based these findings on the over […]

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