Sunday , 29 November 2015
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FTC Looking into Privacy Issues with Cross-Device Tracking


The FTC recently conducted a workshop that looked into cross-device tracking and related technologies.  Specifically it focused a lot on the potential privacy concerns that are clearly present with this type of technology.  While the FTC certainly shared a lot of information during the workshop, they also talked freely about the fact that they are still working to fully understand ... Read More »

FTC Hints at New Data Compliance Rules

The FTC Building

Over the past year there have been a large number of major data security breaches.  Some of them against private companies like Ashley Madison, some against financial institutions and even some against government agencies like the IRS.   In addition to these major hacks there have been thousands of smaller companies and individuals that also had their data compromised. The FTC ... Read More »

InMobi First to Guarantee 100% Mobile Viewability


InMobi is one of the industry’s leading mobile advertising companies and they have just come out saying that they will be guaranteeing 100% viewability on all their mobile ad campaigns.  This is a major move that is quite timely given the fact that there have been so many reports coming out lately about issues related to ad fraud. Their viewability ... Read More »

Most Like Google Hangouts Update


A couple weeks ago Google rolled out a new update for the Google Hangouts platform.  This was one of the larger updates it had seen and adjusted the way it looks and feels for the callers.  If you haven’t used Google Hangouts, it is a popular way to host conference calls online.  You can have users speaking or just listening ... Read More »

David Skinner named VP of Strategic Alliances & Partnerships for Merkle


Merkle is one of the leading performance marketing agencies and has recently announced an important new player joining their team. David Skinner will be joining the team as the Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Partnership Structure.  He will be responsible for creating and managing the partnership structure for Merkle, including working directly with marketing and ad tech companies. With ... Read More »

New Ad Formats from YouTube Rolling Out to All AdWords Users


YouTube has been beta testing ad formats specifically for shopping over the last several months and apparently they believe them to be a big success.  The ads, known as TrueView for Shopping, have moved out of beta and are being added to the list of options for all AdWords users. The ads allow merchants to display their products within videos ... Read More »

Tradedoubler Profits Shrinking?


TradeDoubler is one of the larger affiliate networks in the world and has recently released a progress report for 2015 that shows their profit margins are shrinking.  The most up to date information shows a gross margin of 20.5%, which is down from 22.1% during a similar time last year.  The 20.5% margin is still fairly good overall and not ... Read More »

In-Pin Search Launched by Pinterest


Pinterest has just launched a new feature that could make the platform far more valuable to marketers than ever before.  The ‘In-Pin’ search allows users to focus on one area of an image and search for information or images related to it.  For example, if you post a picture of a bedroom set, the users will be able to highlight ... Read More »

Major Increase in Programmatic Advertising for YouTube


Programmatic advertising continues to be the ‘quiet leader’ in the advertising world.  It is used by most companies but it really doesn’t get nearly as much attention as other options out there.  Google has just announced, however, that they are seeing a huge increase in the programmatic ad budgets for their top brands on YouTube. For Q2 2015 the top ... Read More »

How to Use Precise Mobile Locations in Marketing


Mobile advertising company xAd has just released the results of a study that asked over 570 people throughout the digital advertising world about where they are targeting their audience.  This included agency reps, marketers and others who ran ads in markets around the world.  The results paint a much more clear picture of how marketers are spending their money and ... Read More »

Please Link to the Offline World


Digital marketing is the fastest growing and arguably the most important marketing segment today.  Whether it is a huge multi-national company or an individual marketer, the digital world presents massive opportunities.  When looking at digital marketing, however, most people make one key mistake.  They segment off the online world with the real world. Of course, this is not always the ... Read More »

DigitizelQ Acquired by KSIX Media


DSIX Media has just completed the acquisition of the lead generation company, DigitizelQ.  DigitizelQ will continue to run under the established brand name, at least for the time being.  They will operate as a subsidiary of KSIX.  The company, however, will get new leadership with Carter Matzinger taking over as president.  Matzinger was a founder of KSIX Media. Matzinger said ... Read More »

Study: Click-to-Call Mobile Ads up to 60 Times More Effective


In the past few years mobile display ads have gone from barely a blip on the digital ad reports to one of the most significant marketing categories.  This, of course, is largely due to the exposition in popularity of smart phones during this same time period.  While there is no doubt that this type of advertising is effective, many people ... Read More »

Samantha Brachat Named New Head of AffiliateWire

Samantha Brachat

AffiliateWire, which is the affiliate marketing division of the ecommerce company RevenueWire, has just announced that Samantha Brachat is joining the team as the new leader of the affiliate system.  Her official position is the “Senior Director of AffiliateWire” where she will lead the already successful division forward. Brachat has well over ten years of experience in the performance marketing ... Read More »

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