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How to Get Your Site in Google’s News Feed


One great way to gain additional traffic from Google is to start writing news related items.  Google’s news feed shows up at the top of many search results, and is widely used by millions to find news about just about every topic imaginable.  Getting included in the news feed isn’t always as difficult as many [...]

Email Marketing More Powerful than Previously Believed


Marketers have long known that email marketing was one of the best tools they had to work with.  A recent survey from Ask Your Target Market, however, has shown that it may be even more effective than previously believed.  They found that in addition to building relationships with customers, email marketing is very effective at [...]

Amazing CPC Deals Coming Soon!


In Google’s quarterly earnings report, it was reported that some of the drop in profit was due to the cost per click of ads is continuing to drop. This drop in CPC prices is expected to continue in the coming years, and with Facebook likely launching their own mobile ad network, that price drop will [...]

Facebook May Compete with PayPal

Facebook Hates Upworthy

Facebook has, according to the Financial Times, been working on getting authorization from the central bank of Ireland to become an “electronic money institution,” and they are getting close to approval.  This is necessary for the social giant to start processing transfers and payments throughout all of Europe.  The services they are likely to offer [...]

Facebook to Launch Mobile Ad Network

Facebook Privacy

It is certainly no secret that Facebook has been betting heavily on mobile ads in recent years.  In the 4th quarter of 2013, they brought in $1.25 billion in mobile revenue, which is over half the total ad income.  According to recent reports, it seems that they will be doubling down on the mobile ads.  [...]

Fluent at LeadsCon for Great Lead Generation


Heather Vale Goss of Performance Marketing Insider interviews Ryan Conlin, Account Executive at Fluent, a performance marketing company specializing in lead generation and customer acquisition. In this interview at LeadsCon in Las Vegas, find out what sets them apart from competitors, including targeting and surveying of customers before they’re shown an ad. Also discover how [...]

Survey Shows Customers Want Ad Personalization


A new survey has been released from the etailing-group, MyBuys, which found that most customers like having cross-channel personalization.  The results of the survey suggest that people prefer to see advertisements on websites, in email, and on other digital properties that match up with their specific interests.  This is possible, of course, only by gathering [...]

Apple, Google, Intel & Adobe Off to Court for Wage Collusion


Some of the largest tech companies in the world including Google, Apple, Intel and Adobe will have to go to civil court to defend themselves against charges of wage collusion.  The companies are accused of attempting to limit the pay of employees by agreeing to not recruit engineers from one another.  Several companies who were [...]

Google to Go to Supreme Court over Wi-Fi Snooping


Google has filed a request to have the US Supreme Court to hear and rule on the legality of the company’s sniffing of unencrypted Wi-Fi traffic.  You likely recall the scandal that surfaced a couple years ago where the Google Street View vehicles were found to also be capturing small bits of internet traffic from [...]

Digital Ad Spend tops Broadcast TV for First Time in 2013


In a recent report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) it has been confirmed that online advertising revenue has actually surpassed the revenue brought in from broadcast television ads. This is the first time that has occurred in history, making this quite a significant milestone in digital advertising.  Digital ad revenue went up by 17% [...]

First Impression Provides Best ROI


Heather Vale Goss of Performance Marketing Insider talks with Alex Epshteyn, Account Manager for Engage:BDR’s First-Impression DSP. In this interview at Ad:Tech in San Francisco, discover how to best use their self-serve platform to improve your advertising ROI, and what kind of monitoring and testing he recommends. If you get stuck, he’s always available to [...]

Are Your Clickwrap Forum Selection Clauses Enforceable?


Earlier this month, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California held that clear evidence that a consumer could not have completed an online transaction without checking a box accepting the terms and conditions was sufficient to constitute notice and acceptance of the forum selection clause contained within. Moretti v. Hertz Corp., No. [...]

Google Drops Keyword Data from Paid Search

Matt Cutts Google

It has been nearly a year since Google updated the majority of their search traffic to go over a secure connection.  For marketers, the downside of this was that they would lose the referrer data, which was relied on heavily for keyword research and optimization.  Since that time, those using the AdWords program still got [...]

ClickBank Launches Mobile Ad Network SDK


ClickBank recently released the “Pytch SDK” for mobile ads.  This allows people who promote ClickBank products to quickly and easily integrate a variety of types of mobile ads into their iOS or Android apps.  Mobile app advertising has become very popular, and very successful for many industries.  Having the SDK available will allow anyone who [...]

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