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Media Buyers Guide to Targeting

Targeting with Engage BDR

It hit me the other day that many people have heard all the different buzzwords surrounding targeting, and may have even read a little about them, but most don’t truly understand it.  Even many who work full time in the marketing industry are confused about all the different options available today.  Thanks to the fact that new targeting methods are ... Read More »

AOL Signs with Bing to Sell Ads


Microsoft and AOL have just signed a new 10 year deal that has AOL carrying Bing’s listings and ads.  The display space on Microsoft properties will be sold by AOL in all the major markets.  This includes mobile and video ads. Microsoft will keep maintaining Bing and their search ad business. While AOL will be taking over a larger part ... Read More »

Invoca Names New CEO for 2017 IPO

Mark Woodward, CEO of Invoca

Invoca, which is an industry leader in call marketing automation, has announced that they are bringing on a new CEO.  Mark Woodward will take over as leader of this rapidly growing company.  Woodward has experience in leadership, formerly working as CEO of SaaS company, E2Open.  During his time with them he lead them through their IPO and a market valuation ... Read More »

Airline Fined for Violating Canada SPAM Law


The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (“CRTC”) has announced that a Canadian commuter airline has agreed to pay a C$150,000 ($120,162) administrative monetary penalty for failing to fully comply with Canada’s new anti-SPAM legislation (“CASL”).  The settlement represents that first time that CASL has address what is considered to be a non-flagrant breach. The small-haul carrier allegedly sent some commercial e-mails that did not contain an ... Read More »

Alert: FTC Stops Free Trial Skin Care Offers

The Federal Trade Commission building in Washington D.C

“Risk Free Trials” have always been a popular way to bring in new customers for some industries.  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has recently put an end to that for a group of skincare marketers in California, at least for now.  The FTC worked with a federal district court to put a temporary ban on the defendants because they are ... Read More »

How Affiliate Marketers Are Scoring 50% Conversion Rates

How Affiliate Marketers Are Scoring 50% Conversion Rates

When you think about affiliate marketing you probably jump to digital tactics like PPC, display, or rewards websites, and lump phone calls in with offline strategies. The truth is, phone calls are quickly taking over the digital landscape due to their increasing volume and high quality nature. In the new 2015 Call Intelligence Index, Invoca reports that phone calls have conversion ... Read More »

Bing Video Search Gets Better

Bing Logo

If you’re using video to market your business you likely put most of your effort on ensuring your videos will rank well for YouTube.  With the latest update from Bing, however, you may want to keep them in mind as well.  Microsoft’s search engine seems to be making a push to become recognized as an easy to use solution for ... Read More »

Programmic Advertising Built on Oracle Cloud


Admendo, which is a leading London based programmatic advertising platform, has just announced a new programmatic advertising offering, built on the Oracle Marketing AppCloud.  Their demand side platform will help marketers manage all their programmatic ads in-house using the Oracle Marketing Cloud.  This cloud system is one of the most advanced in the industry, which is not surprising since it ... Read More »

How to Attract Traffic from Big Names


No matter what kind of business you’re running or promoting, it is important to always be looking for a way to get new people to see your site.  As we all know, a steady stream of new visitors is extremely important for the success of any digital marketer.  Unfortunately, most marketers just toss their new content up on their site, ... Read More »

Nielsen Creates Preferred Partner Program


In their recent annual client conference, Nielsen announced that they were launching a new Preferred Platform Partner Program, which would provide clients with additional metrics and other information for their digital campaign performance.  This is a move that is intended to further transform Nielsen into a digital metrics leader in the industry. The initial nine members of the program are: ... Read More »

Google Tries to Stop Accident Mobile Clicks

Google Bad Mobile Clicks

While digital ad fraud seems to get all the attention, there is another type of fake ad spend that is plaguing many marketers.  This is accidental ad clicks, and it is a major issue for mobile ads.  People will be interacting with sites or apps on their phones or tablets and accidently tap on an ad that they don’t actually ... Read More »

Is Sean “Diddy” Combs Breaking the Law on Twitter?

Sean "Diddy" Combs Twitter

The night of the BET Awards, Diddy (Aka Puff Daddy, aka Sean Combs) sent out a tweet, expressing his desire that everyone watches the awards while drinking Ciroc vodka. He added the hastag, #toasttothedreamers the hashtag created by Ciroc’s marketing team. To the average person, this might seem that Diddy is a huge fan of Ciroc. To others, perhaps it’s ... Read More »

Stop Overpaying with Facebook Advertising

Wasting Money on Facebook Ads?

Sponsored by Real Time Media Buying at engage:BDR As more advertisers run to Facebook for more prospective ad opportunities, the cost of ad space continues to increase at a rapid rate. It cannot be argued that many companies have gained wide audience reach and brand recognition through paid Facebook ad, but with the overwhelming amount of advertisers flocking to the ... Read More »

Is Impact Radius the Future of SaS Marketing Technology?

Kurt Leingang, Sales Engineer at Impact Radius

Heather Vale of Performance Marketing Insider talks to Kurt Leingang, Sales Engineer at Impact Radius. In this interview at Ad:Tech SF, discover how their platform allows you track anything across multiple channels, how many impressions it takes for a customer to take action, how long the journey is tracked, how the data is sorted to offer you value, and more. ... Read More »

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