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Specials Raided by Feds

Jeff Hurant, Founder

“On August 25, 2015, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) raided the New York offices of, an online advertising network featuring gay escorts. Seven individuals were arrested, including the owner, Jeff Hurant. All of Mr. Hurant’s business and personal assets have been seized, and are subject to forfeiture. He is left without any realistic ability to sustain himself, or ... Read More »

Mobile Beating Desktop Ads?

mobile advertising

eMarketer has revised their ad spend forecasting for the US market in 2015.  Their new predictions say that mobile ad growth will go up by 59% this year.  While this is only minor news since it was already predicted to grow significantly, it does have some wider implications.  Specifically, this growth rate has mobile pulling in 51.9% of the total ... Read More »

Where is Big Ad Money Coming From?


Whenever discussing the digital ad industry, or advertising in general, many stats come out about how many billions of dollars are spent each year in one area or another.  These huge numbers can be quite interesting, but they can also be very overwhelming.  After all, when most marketers are looking into buying advertisement space they are looking at spending hundreds ... Read More »

Clickbooth Partners with Invoca

Lee Aho, VP of Advertising for Clickbooth

SARASOTA, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Clickbooth, the exclusive performance network, announced today it has selected Invoca’s Call Intelligence Platform to bring the value of calls to its pay-per-call division, enabling Clickbooth to measure and maximize calls as easily as clicks. Invoca’s platform will enable Clickbooth to easily track all costs and revenue associated with their clients’ pay-per-call campaigns. As a leader in the ... Read More »

Adult Affiliate Marketing: Pop-Unders Vs. Banner Ads


Competition is fierce in the world of adult affiliate marketing. New affiliates enter the scene every day. It makes sense; the adult industry remains strong in the face of economic downswing, political shifts, and changes in social awareness.  Humans are driven to mate, and pornography tricks the brain into thinking that the body is having sex with the people on screen. ... Read More »

Ashley Madison Founder On the Run

Noel Biderman, Ashley Madison

The founder, owner and CEO, of cheating website Ashley Madison, is stepping down in the wake of the embarrassing information about the company discovered after the massive data breach this past month that revealed all the names of men who were seeking affairs, plus other dirty information including that almost all the accounts for women were fake set up by the company. Avid Life ... Read More »

FTC Can Regulate Cyber Security Says Courts

The FTC Building

The FTC has been taking upon itself in the past several years to become the ‘police’ of commercial cyber security.  They have filed cases against a variety of companies related to lax security practices.  The highest profile case was against Wyndam hotels, accusing them of maintaining insufficient security measures on their data, which allowed three separate breaches (by Russian hacker ... Read More »

Facebook Takes on Video Piracy


Facebook has long been accused of ignoring an issue where people would take other people’s videos and repost them on the social network as their own.  This was an easy way to get a lot of likes and shares, which can lead to a lot of new followers for a given page.  The process is known as “Freebooting.” According to ... Read More »

Facebook Takes on Siri with M


Facebook has announced that they are looking to get in on the digital personal assistant game and are testing a service called “M.”  The service will be a part of the Facebook Messenger and will be able to answer questions, provide recommendations, make plans and much more.  It is clearly meant to compete with Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Microsoft’s ... Read More »

New Tool in Battle Against Fraud Announced by White Ops


A new tool has been announced by White Ops that is said to help fight against online fraud.  White Ops is a well known leader in the battle against online fraud and browser automation and this new tool expands their already impressive portfolio of high quality tools for digital marketers.  This latest edition is being called, “White Ops MediaGuard.” This ... Read More »

Ad Blocking Coming to iOS 9


Mobile ads have been getting more and more popular over the last several years.  With millions of people moving away from PCs and toward mobile devices, marketers have been increasing their ad budgets in this area.  One nice thing about mobile advertising is that people didn’t really have the ability to block the ads like they do on their PCs.  ... Read More »

IAB Releases Excellent Mobile Ad Numbers


The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has recently released their full report on mobile advertising revenue for the year 2014.  While everyone knew that mobile ads have been growing at a rapid rate, this report confirms that it is even bigger than many expected.  The report found that mobile ad revenue reached a record $34 Billion over the year.  That is ... Read More »

Ashley Madison Almost All Fake Women


The infamous Ashley Madison hack has brought the adulterous website under close scrutiny. As intriguing as it is to find out who is using the site, what’s more interesting is who is not using the site. Nearly thirty-two million men have accounts with Ashley Madison, most of which are active. Fewer than six million women have accounts. Few to none ... Read More »

Feds Going After YouTube Celebs

Tom Cassell, YouTube Gamer Celebrity may be under Investigation by the FTC for failing disclose paid sponsors.

Over the past several years YouTube celebrities have been popping up all over the place.  One of the biggest niches for ‘YouTubers’ is people who record themselves playing video games while talking about what they are doing.  They then publish the videos to YouTube and often get many millions of views.  People playing games ranging from Mine Craft to Call ... Read More »

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