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Is Sean “Diddy” Combs Breaking the Law on Twitter?

Sean "Diddy" Combs Twitter

The night of the BET Awards, Diddy (Aka Puff Daddy, aka Sean Combs) sent out a tweet, expressing his desire that everyone watches the awards while drinking Ciroc vodka. He added the hastag, #toasttothedreamers the hashtag created by Ciroc’s marketing team. To the average person, this might seem that Diddy is a huge fan of Ciroc. To others, perhaps it’s ... Read More »

Why Talk Is Taking Over Online Lead Generation


When you think about digital advertising you probably jump to online tactics like PPC, display, rewards websites, and lump phone calls in with offline strategies. The truth is, phone calls are quickly taking over the online space in tandem with the rise of mobile. In fact, according to Invoca’s new 2015 Call Intelligence Index, 54% of all phone calls come from ... Read More »

Mobile 20% of Programmatic Ad Spend

Just two years ago mobile made up just 3% of all programmatic ad spend.  According to a recent publication, that number is now over 20%.  This growth is quite incredible, especially since the ad spend in other areas hasn’t really dropped at all in terms of total dollars spent.  Instead, the total amount marketers and brands are spending on programmatic ... Read More »

Call Intelligence Platform Introduced by Invoca

Invoca pay-per-call

Invoca has introduced their new ‘Invoca Call Intelligence Platform,’ which gives marketers additional power and ability when it comes to integrating inbound phone calls from third party technologies.  Marketers will have the ability to get detailed information about callers and conversations, which can then be used to optimize the customer experience in a more real time manor than ever before. ... Read More »

AdStation Apple Watch Giveaway


Wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that AdStation is giving away Apple Watches right now. http://www.adstation.com/offers/apple-watch-promotion/ Essentially the promotion is “Get an Apple Watch just for trying AdStation.” I dug into it a little bit, and it’s really pretty simple to get a watch. They’ve got their API set up on a relay now, so ... Read More »

Pinterest Kills Affiliate Marketing


Earlier in the week Pinterest announced that they would soon be launching their new ‘buy it’ button, which will allow visitors to buy a variety of the products featured on their site with just a few clicks.  This new feature has been long awaited, and will help many brands generate a lot of direct income.  In addition, Pinterest will make ... Read More »

Twitter’s “Official Partner Program” Launched

Twitter, Y'all.

Twitter has just launched their ‘rebranding’ of the Twitter-for-Marketing program, which is now officially known as the “Twitter Official Partner Program.”  The program is a merger of the Twitter Certified Program and the Twitter Marketing Platform Partner Program.  The goal, it seems, is to attempt to attract more marketers to use the Twitter platform in their campaigns. Businesses that are ... Read More »

DoubleVerify Pre-Bid Digital Targeting Solutions with Turn

Indifferent Young Man

DoubleVerify has recently announced new pre-bid digital targeting solutions, DV Pre-Bid IQ, which are now being integrated for advertisers using their Turn digital marketing hub.  The system works by authenticating every ad impression before a bid is actually placed.  This can help advertisers to be able to get the best results possible by eliminating low quality or fraudulent impressions. The ... Read More »

New State of the Internet Security Report finds New Risks


The new Q1 2015 State of the Internet – Security Report has been released and it has some very interesting items that marketers should be aware of.  One of the biggest items in the report is concerning the ongoing threat of DDoS attacks.  DDoS attacks are a fairly simple type of web attack where a network of computer systems all ... Read More »

Marketers Spending More on Branding Campaigns


New research published by Econsultancy and Quanticast shows that brands are spending more money than ever building their brands through advertising.  In fact, about 62% of senior marketers who were surveyed for the report said that they were using programmatic advertising campaigns specifically for this task. They also found that about 40% of all programmatic ad spend is going toward ... Read More »

Apple Search Engine?

Apple Search Coming?

Apple recently announced the launch of “Applebot” which is a web crawling service that operates similar to Google Bot.  The bot will scan through the internet, following links to all the different pages it can find.  Along the way these types of bots (also commonly called spiders) pick up information such as the content of a site, load speeds and ... Read More »

Instagram Images Becoming Huge Opportunities for Affiliates


Most marketers today know that Instagram is a great way to drive traffic in many niches.  If yoru products can be photographed in any way, it is a good idea to put up pictures on this massive image based social network.  What many people might be missing out on, however, is that it can be used to drive more than ... Read More »

Are Mobile Ads Disappearing?

Judge-Sad-Face (1)

When browsing the web on your PC it is extremely easy to get rid of unwanted advertisements.  There are dozens of free ad blockers available, and most of them work quite well.  At this point, however, when you’re browsing the web on your mobile phone, tablet or other device, there is really little you can do to avoid the ads.  ... Read More »

Digital & Traditional Marketing Merging with Merkle & Rentrak’s Strategic Partnership

Happy Sad

Markle, which is a major performance marketing company, and Rentrak, which is essentially an analytics company for movies and TV have entered into a new strategic partnership.  This will allow them to combine their exceptional resources concerning consumer segments, viewership data and more to help improve customer analytics. According to Andrew Hoeberichts, SVP and General Manager of Media & Entertainment ... Read More »

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