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Original Content = Huge Marketing Budgets


As more and more people continue to realize that having original content for their sites, social media accounts and all other marketing platforms; a growing percentage of marketing budgets is being spent on content.  According to a new survey, the estimated budgets for new, original content has gone from about 12.6% of all marketing investment just two years ago to ... Read More »

Is Grammar is Killing Content?


It is well known that in order to be successful with any type of digital marketing today, content is king.  You need to have a steady influx of high quality content so that the search engines will rank your page and to give your visitors plenty of things to enjoy.  In addition, the more you publish, the better the chance ... Read More »

LeadsGate Fake Company, Fake People

LeadsGate is Catfishing For Money

As far as I remember off shore scammers have created fake companies in order to scam those into the US into doing business with them. In the Lead Generation space, it seems there are a growing amount of companies that buy old leads and resell them as new, or use cheap labor to fill out leads using proxies. The quality ... Read More »

VigLink Affiliate Method Deceptive? Hurting Merchants


Let’s first State that I am not a fan of Viglink, I think the company is perhaps the worst example of “affiliate marketing” that produces revenue that isn’t deserved whatsoever. Several people, including SugarRae have also pointed out that it’s a lazy form of affiliate marketing Basically – to me – VigLink is lazy affiliate marketing. You sign up with their program and ... Read More »

Performance Marketing Association Doesn’t Know Basic SEO


First of all, this is no way a slight of the enormous good the PMA has done for the industry — at least before their executive director Rebecca Madigan left. Honestly, I’m not even sure the organization is even active, as they have zero contact with me or tons of people that I know that used to be involved. Strangely enough, ... Read More »

85% of Marketers Outsource Content Creation


For many marketers, one of the hardest things to figure out is how to create the content that they need to promote their products.  In today’s digital world, content is used more than ever to get people’s points across.  This could be written content like news items, blog posts and reports.  It could also be a script for a radio ... Read More »

Facebook’s New Sexist Boob Ad Filter Program

Love Boobs

Facebook has recently gotten a lot of attention with boobs, and not in a pleasant way. In the past their censors even banned photos of women breast-feeding as being offensive, even though they recently back-tracked on this policy and said it was no longer going to enforce this policy. Strangely enough it seems that however they are still somewhat obsessed ... Read More »

Are Marketers Overwhelmed by Data?


At one point, not so long ago, marketers were constantly looking for new sources of data that they could use to improve their strategies.  Products like Google Analytics and others offered some good information, but it really barely scratched the surface compared to what we have today.  The problem now, however, is that there is so much data that most ... Read More »

BuzzFeed Banning Brands


Since June of 2013 BuzzFeed has allowed the submission of content to their ‘community publishing platform,’ which had the potential to generate huge amounts of traffic.  Many brands began putting up content, some of which was very successful.  According to a recent policy change, however, brands will no longer be able to use this platform for their organic content marketing ... Read More »

Brands Hate Instagram Marketing


Despite an exponential growth of users in the last year, making Instagram one of the top five social sites on the internet, it seems that perhaps Brands aren’t really fans of the application. New research from the marketing company, Yesmail shows that marketers and brands aren’t taking advantage of the advertising opportunities. Yesmail took a look at 2,000 brands using ... Read More »

5 Ways to Use Pay-Per-Call to Crush Goals


Performance marketers sometimes feel like they’re losing an uphill battle, and for good reasons. They have to combat perpetual issues of scalability and quality while trying to figure out how to make mobile work. But there is a path to victory, and as it turns out, it’s pretty easy. We’ve compiled seven stories of cutting-edge brands, networks, and agencies who ... Read More »

Watch Out for Your Brand.Sucks!


All the new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) that have come out over the last year have really helped to add some much needed diversity to the web.  People have been making some great pages on things like the .sports gTLD and others.  With a new batch of 50 gTLDs there is one that is really standing out from the rest.  ... Read More »

Digital Marketers Unsure What Works

Mature Caucasian Man Scratching Head

Most marketers know that the best way to make profit is to have a multi-pronged approach, which will help ensure you get your message in front of as many people as possible.  When it comes to choosing which of the many digital channels are the most effective, however, it seems that most marketers are pretty much clueless. A new study ... Read More »

76% of US Mobile Subscribers Now on Smart Phones


According to a new report from comScore, the percentage of US mobile subscribers has reached a high of 75.8%, which is up from 74.9 at the last report.  While this is a fairly small number, it becomes increasingly difficult to gain share when you get to this level. The nearly 1% growth is a clear sign that SmartPhone adoption is ... Read More »

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