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Email Marketing Delivery Down? New Report Answers…


A new report from Return Path has been released, and sheds important information about the deliverability of email marketing messages.  While there has been a lot of changes to the email marketing industry over the past year, with Google implementing inbox tabs and more, the report finds that the deliverability rate has stayed largely level.
On [...]

B2B Companies to Grow Content Marketing Budgets in 2015


Content marketing has been a powerful tool for all types of companies for many years.  Due largely to Google updates and other online trends, the value of great content is expected to continue to go up long into the future. According to a recent study from Starfleet Media, this fact is not being lost on [...]

Facebook Adding Advanced Filtering for News Feed


When spending time on Facebook most people are used to seeing the same types of ads and shares throughout their news feed day after day.  In order to minimize ‘content fatigue’ for its users, Facebook is putting in a change that will allow members to directly impact what types of things they see in a [...]

Yahoo to Receive $9Billion in Cash with Alibaba IPO

Yahoo Happy Malware

If Yahoo ever decides to drop out of the tech industry, it seems that they could do quite well providing people with stock tips.  They will be making an estimated $9 Billion when Alibaba launches on the New York Stock Exchange later this week.  Yahoo currently owns about 22.5% of the company.  They are under [...]

Online Reviews now Protected By California Law

Happy Sad

If you’ve ever stopped to read all the fine print when purchasing or leasing certain products or services, you would notice that there are often ‘non-disparagement clauses’ built in.  These clauses are written to prevent you from writing a negative review about a product, or even attempting to discourage people from purchasing it by telling [...]

YouTube Dominates Conversions for Paid Social Campaigns


According to a recent study performed by AOL Platforms, marketers who are looking to harness the power of paid social campaigns will want to look closely into using YouTube as a big part of their investment.  The study shows that when introducing new products, YouTube is able to generate an average of a 14% conversion [...]

New Study Shows Performance Marketing Bigger than Ever


According to the new 2014 Online Performance Marketing Study, online performance marketing is generating marketers over €1 Billion per year in profits.  In addition to the massive amounts of money that the marketers themselves are making, they are boosting the profits of the companies they are promoting by about €14 Billion.  The report also found [...]

How to Choose Images that will get Your Content Shared


If you’re making blog posts or any other content on your site, you will want it to be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks.  In some cases, you can write high quality content and it will naturally get shared by readers.  Most of the time, however, you can boost the engagement factor, [...]

UK Bloggers Suck at Affiliate Sales?

Judge-Sad-Face (1)

Millions of people from around the world start their own blog because they are hoping to have some fun publishing content, and maybe make some nice income at the same time.  While most people recognize that the vast majority of bloggers won’t get rich from their sites, most people also hope that they will at [...]

Why you should Avoid Surfing for Hacked Nude Celeb Pics


As I’m sure everyone has heard by now, nude and explicit images of over 100 celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, Victoria Justice and Kate Upton were illegally obtained by a hacker, and then released online.  Sadly, many peoples reaction to hearing of this blatant crime and invasion of privacy is to pull up Google and start [...]

Facebook Less Trusted than US Government


A series of surveys were recently conducted by MyLife, a privacy management tool, asking people how much they trust different entities with their personal information.  Each survey received 1000 responses, and asked the individuals a simple question, “Do or would you trust XXX with your information?” The XXX was the name of the organization in [...]

The Ultimate Guide to PPC Negative Keywords


Whether you are already using AdWords, or are planning to use it to promote your business’ products or services in the future, there are many functions that need to be followed within the AdWords Campaign tool manager in order to help improve your chances of success.
Your ultimate goal when advertising with AdWords is to ensure [...]

New Report on Marketing Compliance Trends Released

judges gavel on a laptop computer (cyber law)

Keeping up to date on the latest trends in marketing and compliance is essential for all performance marketers.  With that in mind, everyone should take some time to review the latest report from PerformLine titled, “Marketing Compliance Trends.”  This report contains a number of key statistics that everyone should be aware of.
For example, this report [...]

70% of Marketers find Video Converts Best


According to a recently conducted study by VidYard and Demand Metrics, video marketing is the most effective marketing option available today.  In addition, the return on investment provided by video marketing is improving, according to 48% of the respondents.  While it is certainly no surprise that video marketing is an excellent resource, this study really [...]

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