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Can Bounces Kill Your Deliverability?


The name “Return Path” is technical jargon for a “Bounce”. Some would argue this phrase is incorrect because the terms have different origins and meanings around the Internet. There are over a dozen types of Return Paths and all need to be analyzed and understood for successful deliverability and whitelisting. If you’re an email administrator, you will need to record ... Read More »

Is Ad Blocking Really a Significant Concern for Marketers?


Ad blocking software has been everywhere in the news lately, largely because of the release of iOS9, which allows ad blocking apps to be developed for Apple mobile devices.  There is no doubt that this is a concern for all marketers and something that should not be ignored when developing any type of marketing or advertising campaigns.  Just how big ... Read More »

Facebook: Adblockers and Fraud No Worry

Facebook Privacy

In the past few weeks it seems that every tech and marketing news source you run into was talking about ad blocking on iOS9 and ad fraud related issues.  These are the two hottest topics at the moment.  Sheryl Sandberg, Facebooks Chief Operating Officer, however, is not really concerned over these two problems that are throwing so many others into ... Read More »

Are AdBlockers for IOS9 Blackmailing Companies?


As we’ve all heard over the past few months, iOS 9 is allowing app developers to make a wide range of different types of ad blockers that will severely limit the ads that are displayed on Apple devices. This certainly sounds like a great thing to many users since they won’t have to have advertisements interrupting their browsing, YouTubing or ... Read More »

Facebook to Allow Users to Block Some Ads


Facebook recently announced a new ‘Ad Settings’ page that allows users to have greater control over what ads they see on their site.  This page is an improvement over the option to click on the ‘x’ on an individual ad and say that you don’t want to see that ad again in that you will be able to remove specific ... Read More »

IOS9 to Block Google Analytics?


We’ve all heard a lot about the new iOS 9 update and how it will be allowing app developers to create ad blockers.  Of course, this is a point of significant concern for many marketers.  What has been largely overlooked, however, is that this update also makes it possible for app developers to block tracking information as well.  The type ... Read More »

What is the difference between email validation and email verification?


The email list hygiene industry has metamorphosed into two categories. Email validation and email verification. I have written several articles about the two separately on my blog, but I think it’s important to explain both processes in one article so you can choose which is right for you if you are an email marketer. Email validation concentrates on external threats ... Read More »

SmartPhones Largely Dominate in Click Through Rate for Mobile Video


Engage:BDR has recently released a new study on how consumers are interacting with mobile video.  The study, titled, “Mobile Video Research” took place over a period of six months and looked at over 218 million mobile video impressions.  This is one of the most in depth looks at the mobile video environment to date and it has a lot of ... Read More »

Tablets Beating Phones for Mobile Video


A new in-depth study on how mobile video is consumed differently on tablets and smart phones.  The study looks at what types of results you can expect to see from traffic generated on a mobile phone vs a tablet device.  While these are both considered to be mobile traffic, the results can be quite different in some cases. In addition ... Read More »

Is CNN Breaking the Law and Tricking Consumers?


CNN has confirmed that they started to run native advertising in the midst of their article links, specifically meant to look like editorial content in order to drive readers to their advertiser’s websites. While many sites are doing this, the way CNN is doing seems to be deceptive and the purpose is to trick consumers into thinking they are going ... Read More »

What you can do to Fight Click Fraud


Click fraud is one of the most costly problems a marketer can face.  Depending on which studies or estimates you look at, this type of fraud is costing brands hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars each year.  Sadly, many of us feel like there is very little that can be done to fight this issue.  The reality is, ... Read More »

Performance Marketing is Most in-Demand Skill


Digital marketers have been polled for a study completed by Smart Insights.  The study looked at how digital marketers see their own skills as well as what type of skills they are hoping to work on for the upcoming year.  While much of the report was unsurprising, many were not expecting that affiliate marketing would be the #1 skill that ... Read More »

App Install from Facebook up 350%


The most recent report from Kenshoo on mobile app advertising has just been released, covering the second quarter of 2015.  The report has some very impressive numbers that show just how fast this segment of the advertising industry really is. First, application developers and marketers are spending 293% more on Facebook ads in Q2 than they did in Q2 of ... Read More »

What Emails Get 30% Open Rate?

Email Marketing Open Rates

A new email marketing study has just been released from Silverpop and it has a lot of very important information.  The study looks at a variety of factors related to this type of marketing to determine which industries can get the most out email marketing and which ones may need to work on their efforts.  The study is quite in ... Read More »

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