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Offers of Local Relevance drive Mobile Clicks


As the rapid shift away from PCs and toward mobile devices continues, many people worry about the effectiveness of mobile advertisements.  This has been a problem since mobile advertising began because of the fact that mobile ads are often quite small, resulting in mistaken clicks and other issues.  According to a new study from Nielsen, [...]

YouTube Passes Facebook in Unique Visits


Facebook is undoubtedly a powerful tool for marketers to drive traffic and build relationships with potential customers. According to new data from Complete Pro, however, YouTube is the new king of social platforms (in terms of unique visitors).
The new data that has been released for June of 2014 shows that while Facebook had 166,397,314 unique [...]

Companies You Must Do Business with At Affiliate Summit


Affiliate Summit East 2014 New York City
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844-ACQ-STN1 is a web-based business brokerage firm based in San Diego, California and was started in the summer of 2014 by Ryan Sorensen. A professional having sold close to $4M worth [...]

Ad Fraud being Used against Competitors Ads


Everyone knows that advertising fraud is a major problem in the digital marketplace.  While the bulk of ad fraud is of the type where someone is displaying ads to a bot in order to make money, there is another type that might be even more of a concern to many marketers.
According to a recent article [...]

FTC Recommends Mobile Industry Changes to Combat Mobile Cramming


In a report issued today, the Federal Trade Commission staff recommends steps that mobile carriers and other companies should take to prevent consumers from being stuck with unauthorized charges on their mobile phone bills, an unlawful practice known as mobile cramming.
The report focuses on the multi-billion dollar business known as carrier billing, which refers to [...]

Happy Birthday to Performance Marketing?


It is hard to imagine just now much the world has changed over the last twenty years.  One of the biggest ways it has changed for marketers is with the truly incredible growth of performance, or affiliate marketing.  Most people mark 1994 as the year affiliate marketing got started, when William Tobin began harnessing the [...]

Google Rolls out Update to Local Search Algorithm


Over the past few days it has been confirmed that Google has made some pretty significant changes to the way the local search results are determined. This algorithm update has no official name from Google, however, it has gotten the nickname of the ‘Pigeon’ update from major search engine news site, searchengineland.  Whatever you want [...]

Q2 2014 Media Quality Report Released from Integral Ad Science

Integral Ad Science has just published their latest Media Quality Report, which provides data concerning brand safety, quality, viewability and much more.  Specifically the report compares the quality of ads offered by direct publishers, ad networks and ad exchanges.
Some of the key pieces of information found in the report include:

Brand Safety – The advertising industry [...]

Triggit does Dynamic Retargeting to Native Ads


Triggit has been the advertising retargeting partner for Facebook for quite some time now, helping to improve the overall effectiveness of the social giant’s ads.  According to a recent announcement, they are now partnering with several new premium publishers to help bring these same benefits to top sites and brands across the internet.
While the specific [...]

Facebook to Allow Marketers to Target Ads Further


Facebook has been a leader in providing markets the ability to advertise directly to people only with very specific interests.  With their advanced marketing systems you have been able to display your ads only to people who ‘like’ certain things, or only those who fall into a specific demographic.  In the last couple days, they [...]

Clickky Launches CPE for Mobile Apps


Clickky has recently announced that they are moving their CPE (Cost-Per-Engagement) advertising program out of beta, and opening it up to all app developers.  This CPE system allows advertisers to pay for each new user that is active in the app, rather than simply installs it.  This is an innovative new option for performance marketing [...]

Major new Study into Advertising Bot Fraud Launched


According to a recent press release, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and White Ops are joining forces to conduct a joint research study into the topic of bot fraud.  As you have likely noticed, the estimates on how much fraud exists in the digital advertising industry vary greatly from one announcement to the next.
While [...]

Twitter offers Improved Data for Marketers

fake twitter

Twitter has recently given their analytics dashboard a major facelift.  The new dashboard will give advertisers a much more in depth look into how their tweets are doing.  Specifically, this update provides insights into organic tweets and how many impressions and engagements they are getting.
The update is only for advertisers, verified users and Twitter Card [...]

Affiliate Marketing Builds trust with Shoppers


According to a recently published study, brands that use affiliate marketing to promote their products or services are trusted significantly more than those that use other digital marketing strategies such as email marketing, social media marketing or even display advertising.
The study surveyed 1128 online shoppers and 206 bloggers (who don’t use affiliate marketing to monetize [...]

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