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Are Mobile Ads Disappearing?

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When browsing the web on your PC it is extremely easy to get rid of unwanted advertisements.  There are dozens of free ad blockers available, and most of them work quite well.  At this point, however, when you’re browsing the web on your mobile phone, tablet or other device, there is really little you can do to avoid the ads.  ... Read More »

Digital & Traditional Marketing Merging with Merkle & Rentrak’s Strategic Partnership

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Markle, which is a major performance marketing company, and Rentrak, which is essentially an analytics company for movies and TV have entered into a new strategic partnership.  This will allow them to combine their exceptional resources concerning consumer segments, viewership data and more to help improve customer analytics. According to Andrew Hoeberichts, SVP and General Manager of Media & Entertainment ... Read More »

McDonalds Fails with Instagram Campaign

McDonald's Hamburgers Desperately Need Filters

Brands have slowly been trying to adopt Instagram as a platform to promote their products. Instagram has already proven that it can promote selfies of about anyone, and with their range of filters even make the most photogenically challanged person look like a supermodel. Restaurants have gone gonzo with food porn photos, and celebrity chefs often make it their go-to place ... Read More »

Facebook Video Not Really Beating YouTube


There has been a flood of stories and reports recently that say that Facebook is catching YouTube in total number of videos being displayed.  While there is no doubt that Facebook has become a major player in the video display market, they might not be quite as big as they have been letting on.  According to recently confirmed information, YouTube ... Read More »

Click-To-Call Converts 30-50%

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Here at Performance Marketing Insider we’ve written quite a bit about the importance of using ‘click-to-call’ marketing efforts.  Running ads, for example, that allow customers to simply tap on your phone number to immediately get in touch with a real person can help you to get exceptional returns on investments.   A new report from Invoca is offering further proof that ... Read More »

Graphics Improve Engagement by 225%

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If you’re looking for a way to get your visitors to stay on your site longer and interact with it more, you should consider adding more custom graphics.  These graphics, which are more than just pictures added to a site, should contribute useful information and often come in the form of an infographic.  The reason this is so important comes ... Read More »

Bad News: 90% of Smartphone Carts are Abandoned


A new report was recently released from MarketLive, which gives a lot of great news for the digital marketing industry.  For one, mobile traffic to ecommerce sites has rocketed up.  Specifically, traffic on smart phones has gone up by 269% year over year from Q1 2014.  This brings smart phone traffic up to about 27% of all traffic to these ... Read More »

Social Media Marketing Experts Suck Badly

Your Social Media Marketing Expert?

Most of the blogs, most of the expert columns from “social media” experts read like excerpts from Cosmo Magazine, with titles that read “10 Ways to Engage People on Twitter,” and “7 Ways How to Show Facebook Fans You Love Them,” or “15 Sexy Ways to Instagram.”  Almost every single article reads exactly the same, with general “how-to” information that ... Read More »

Record Breaking $49.5 Billion in Digital Ad Spend for the US


The official numbers for 2014 provided by IAB are out, and they are quite impressive.  While most everyone knew that digital ad spend would continue to grow, many were surprised at the specific numbers.  In total, the US market spent $49.5 billion in 2014, which is a significant jump from $42.8 Billion in the previous year.    What is perhaps most ... Read More »

Facebook Killing Pages in Feed


In what seems to be an ongoing trend with Facebook, the Pages are going to be seen even less than before once they complete a new algorithm roll out.  The social media giant is launching three new updates to the News Feed algorithm, which are designed to ‘improve’ what people see in their feeds.  According to Facebook, this means more ... Read More »

What Is Pay-Per-Call and Should I Be Doing It?


We’ve been using traditional media to drive phone calls for a long time. We can all probably recite a phone number from a radio or TV jingle without skipping a beat. But phone calls have made their way into our digital world. Pay-per-call is expanding our multi-channel landscape, and we’re seeing how digital ads along with offline media can drive ... Read More »

Wakeup Marketers! Bing Now has 20% of Search Market


The new search report from comScore has been released, and it shows the numbers from March.  Not surprisingly, Google is still on top with about 64% of all searches.  What may surprise many people, however, is that Bing has finally crossed the 20% mark for US searches.  This is an important threshold, and one that Bing has worked hard to ... Read More »

Original Content = Huge Marketing Budgets


As more and more people continue to realize that having original content for their sites, social media accounts and all other marketing platforms; a growing percentage of marketing budgets is being spent on content.  According to a new survey, the estimated budgets for new, original content has gone from about 12.6% of all marketing investment just two years ago to ... Read More »

Is Grammar is Killing Content?


It is well known that in order to be successful with any type of digital marketing today, content is king.  You need to have a steady influx of high quality content so that the search engines will rank your page and to give your visitors plenty of things to enjoy.  In addition, the more you publish, the better the chance ... Read More »

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