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Shocker! Fortune 500 Companies Hate Blogging


Blogging has been an excellent way for companies of all types and sizes to interact with their customers, and get some great SEO benefits.  According to a recent study conducted by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research, however, it appears that companies that make up the Fortune 500 are beginning to focus [...]

Google App Install & Reengagement now Globally Available


Marketers have been able to display ads for app installs or re-engagements on Google’s mobile ad platform, AdMob since last June.  Apparently Google likes the results they are getting, because they are now rolling these types of ads out globally.
Marketers will be able to display advertisements to try to get people to either install a [...]

The CPA Performance Marketing Agency?


Heather Vale of Performance Marketing Insider talks with April Pfender, Senior Affiliate Manager for Phreshclick, Engage:BDR’s CPA agency. In this interview at Affiliate Summit East in New York City, find out what April does at Phreshclick, why the term “affiliate” can be confusing sometimes and what Phreshclick offers to affiliates that other CPA networks don’t. Also hear about April‘s experience [...]

Facebook allowing Marketers to Display Ads more often


According to a recent report from Digiday, Facebook has made a change to their advertising standards, which will allow marketers to target the same people more often with ads.  In the past, marketers could only show the same ad to individuals who have not liked their page once per day.  The updated rules now allow [...]

Facebook Providing Cross-Device Ad Reporting

Facebook Hates Upworthy

Facebook has officially launched a new ad reporting feature that will help marketers to track the effectiveness of advertisements across multiple platforms.  The new reporting, they say, will help marketers to see the true conversion rates of their Facebook ads.
In the announcement, they showed just how important this can be by revealing that when an [...]

No more Exact Match Advertising from Google AdWords


Google has recently announced that as of late September, anyone who uses their AdWords program will lose the ability to target exact match searches only.  From that point on, marketers will be required to also target close variants of the keywords they are interested in.  This, of course, is upsetting many marketers who rely on [...]

Google Making eMail Unsubscribing Simpler


In what many marketers will consider another attack on email marketing, Google has just announced that they will be moving the unsubscribe link from the bottom of messages up to the very top.  The move, which they announced in a Google+ post, will make it easier than ever for people to quickly unsubscribe from marketing [...]

Cake Releases Whitepaper on Attribution Issues


The SaaS firm, Cake, which specializes in helping performance marketing track, attribute and optimize their digital advertising budgets, has recently released a comprehensive new whitepaper that gives an in depth look at what attribution is, and why performance marketers need to care.  The paper, titled “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Attribution: Mapping the Customer Journey for [...]

Affiliate Marketers Are Uneducated And Rich


According to a new survey performed by Optimus Performance Marketing, the majority of people who make a living as performance marketers don’t have any formal training in this industry.  Only 47% of the respondents said that they got any type of training or education at their school, college, university or even on the job training [...]

Facebook Likes No Longer Can Be Incentivized


You’ve undoubtedly seen the so called ‘like gates’ where people post an intriguing picture or video, and when you click on it, you are told you need to ‘like’ a page before it will be displayed.  They have been used for building up followers on Facebook for quite some time now by many marketers, but [...]

Who are the New Billionaires?


Very interesting info graphic on the New Billionaires. According to the makers of the info graphic,, new media businesses are not just growing at a faster rate, but are making muc more money than the old media billionaires. The weird thing I see here is that these old media guys don’t seem to be [...]

Google Pushing HTTPS-E-O?


Finally, Google has come right out and told marketers something they can do that will give their websites a boost in their rankings.  No beating around the bush, no ‘don’t abuse this,’ no anything.  All you have to do to receive a ‘small ranking advantage’ is to have a secured website. For those that don’t [...]

Do Small Businesses Need SEO?


I stumbled across an interesting article on the Forbes website that covered the Google My Business (as well as Bing Places & Yahoo Small Business) from an interesting point of view.  The article talks about how much impact these programs are having on the world of SEO.
Since more and more small businesses can show up [...]

Apple still Dominant in Mobile Traffic Generation


Chitika has released their latest report, which covers the second quarter of 2014, for mobile traffic.  The report is a valuable resource for marketers who want to target traffic based on the type of device that is being used.  This is especially popular for those who are promoting app installs, for example.
There are a number [...]

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