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First Snapchat Ad Launched with Great Success

Sexy Snap Chat Ads

Snapchat has recently sold and launched their first live advertisement.  The ad, which was for Universal Pictures upcoming horror movie, “Ouija” is said to have been seen by millions of people.  This is a major milestone for Snapchat, which is used by many people but up until now hasn’t had a good monetization strategy in [...]

Bing Ads Publishes Whitepaper on Cross-Border E-Commerce


There is no doubt that the internet has helped to ‘shrink’ the world and allow people from diverse locations to interact with each other more easily.  In addition to this, however, it has also helped brands and marketers to greatly expand their potential audiences.
According to a recent publication from Nielsen, in the UK there are [...]

New Survey Shows Record Online Shopping Expected this Holiday Season

Beautiful young woman shopping over internet

According to a new survey from the National Retail Federation, a record number of people will be doing their holiday shopping online this year.  In addition, those who do shop online will be spending more money than ever over the web.  This is, of course, excellent news for any digital marketers who are looking to [...]

Facebook Pushes Major Update to Ad Sets

Facebook Privacy

Facebook launched a feature for organizing advertising campaigns earlier this year.  It was called “ad sets” and allowed marketers to make adjustments to sets of ads all at once, rather than doing them on an individual ad at a time.  While the idea is great, it had a lot of problems and limitations that really [...]

Facebook is now #1 Site for Desktop Video Views


In what will undoubtedly be a surprising turn of events for many, YouTube has been bumped off the top spot for video views online.  According to ComScore, Facebook displayed about a billion more video views than YouTube last month.  The big move is primarily a result from Facebook’s fairly new ‘auto-play’ feature that has videos [...]

New Survey Confirms Teens Abandoning Facebook


People have been saying for years that teenagers aren’t using Facebook like they used to, but according to a new survey from an investment banker, Piper Jaffray, it seems like the floodgates have opened when it comes to teens leaving Facebook.
The survey found that in just the last six months, teen use on Facebook has [...]

WTF Is All This Buzz About Ello?

Ello Social Network

We all love social media. It’s transformed our world, for better or worse. People can communicate instantly with other users on different continents. They can use it to tell others about their experiences with companies or products, good or bad. They can use it to share videos of cats riding Roombas in a shark outfit, [...]

Google AdWords gives Mobile Text Ads a Facelift


Using text only ads on a mobile device is still quite popular, and surprisingly effective.  In addition, since they are so simple to make, they are chosen by many marketers who are just looking to get their message out there quickly.  Google has recently announced that they are giving these ads a bit of a [...]

Study Proves HTTPS Essential for SEO


It has been around a month since Google confirmed that they factor in the security of websites for their search rankings.  Since that time, many people have been updating their sites to the HTTPS standards, but until now, nobody really had much of an idea about how important this is.
Search Engine Land has analyzed the [...]

Google+ Now Allows Interactive Polls to be Posted

Google+ has officially launched a new feature for their users.  Users can now create custom, interactive polls and put them directly on their live stream.  These polls can be anything from a simple Yes or No question to a multiple choice option or even ask viewers to vote on something.
Polls like this are something of [...]

Study Shows how People are using Google Differently

Google Slap

A study was recently released from Mediative, which looked at the way people today are using Google for search.  The information was compared to data from the past 10 years so see how people’s search habits are changing.  This study used eye tracking software, which analyzed where people were looking while performing different search related [...]

How New Panda May Screw You

Giant panda dolls in bikini swimming costumes are displayed at "Panda Town" shop in Beijing

It has been almost a week since Google confirmed their most recent Panda algorithm change, and that has given many experts plenty of time to really dig into what the changes have meant in the rankings.  To start with, it has been found that between 3 and 5 percent of searches have been impacted, which [...]

Study Shows Companies Harnessing Power of Content Marketing


A new study has been released from the Content Marketing Institute, and it shows that many companies are becoming more aware of the importance of having high quality content on their websites.  Last year, the report found that only nearly half (49%) of brands did not yet have a content marketing strategy.  This year, however, [...]

Google AdWords Launching Multiple New Multi-Screen Formats

One of the biggest hassles of using AdWords is the fact that you had to create specific ads for each size, unless you wanted to use generic text ads.  This was made even more difficult by the fact that you had to come up with unique ads for different screen types, such as PC, tablet [...]

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