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Google to Become a Wireless Phone Company?

Google Mobile

At the Mobile World Congress conference, which is taking place in Barcelona, Google has recently announced that they will be launching their own wireless service.  The service, which will likely be called “Google Wireless” is essentially going to be a cell phone service operated by Google.  Don’t expect them to be moving into your neighborhood anytime soon, however.  In the ... Read More »

LinkedIn Launches their Ad Network


LinkedIn has finally launched their own global display network, which will take advantage of their massive user base, and the detailed information they collect.  Like Facebook and Google, LinkedIn has been able to collect a lot of data about users over the years.  In many ways, they have some of the most valuable data since it is about user’s work ... Read More »

Premium Ad Publishers have Very Low Ad Fraud Rates


It seems like just about every day we are seeing new reports or stories about how ad fraud is a major threat to digital marketing.  This is certainly true, and it is an issue that everyone needs to be aware of.  According to a recent interview with ComScore’s CEO, Serge Matta, however, the issue is not nearly as bad if ... Read More »

OpenX CEO Tim Cadogan and AdFraud


OpenX is an online ad exchange that has seen a lot of success over the past several years.  In 2014 they brought in over $100 million in net revenues, and they have said that their goal is to compete with Google AdWords to become the top ad exchange in the world.  While they have a ways to go before they ... Read More »

Report: Search is Still Best Marketing for Conversions


Digital marketing today has an almost endless number of different channels available to help get your brand in front of potential customers.  Some are well established such as search and email marketing.  Others are really starting to get settled into the scene, like social media marketing.  Others, like video, are extremely hot right now, but it is not clear if ... Read More »

New Report Shows 80% of Time Spent in 5 Apps


Everyone knows that mobile devices are quickly becoming the dominant option for people to access the internet, which is why mobile advertising is exploding in popularity.  When brands are trying to determine where to invest their advertising dollars, however, it can be much more confusing.  It is important to make sure your ads are seen by the right people, but ... Read More »

AdWords Fights Back Against Ad Fraud in 2014


Everyone knows that the various types of ad fraud are a major problem for the digital marketing community.  Whether it is counterfeit ads, ads that lead to malware infected sites, or misleading advertisements, it is something that needs to be taken seriously.  Every time a bad ad is displayed it makes the rest of the industry look bad. Not surprisingly, ... Read More »

Twitter Looking to get Ads in Front of Non-Users


Twitter has been working on coming up with ways to expand their income streams for quite some time.  One of their limitations is the fact that their ads are currently only being displayed to people who actually have accounts on the social network.  According to announcement at the recent International Consumer Electronics Show, Twitter has a few things that they ... Read More »

Bing Banning Plain Text Phone Numbers


In an interesting move, Microsoft’s search engine Bing is going to stop displaying phone numbers in plain text.  This is an update to their editorial policy, and will affect all advertisements run on the search engine.  In the past, marketers could place these numbers in the title’s or body of the ads so users could easily see them and make ... Read More »

Major Digital Ad Fraud Presentation Scheduled for CES


The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which is running from January 6th to the 9th has just confirmed a late addition to their schedule of world class presenters.  White Ops, which is a major online fraud detection firm, has just announced that their Chief Scientist and CO-Founder Dan Kaminsky as well as their CEO and CO-Founder Michael Tiffany will ... Read More »

New Study On How Canadians Access Information


A study was recently completed that looked at how Canadian citizens access the internet, and what they are doing while online.  While most people won’t exactly be surprised by what this study found, it does show that there is a massive audience that is very active online in Canada.  Any marketers who aren’t actively promoting their products or services in ... Read More »

New Survey Gives Key Insights into 2015 for AdTec


The 614 Group and AdMonsters conducted a survey throughout December, where they contacted over 10,000 members of the digital media and publishing community to get their insights into what they expect in 2015.  The survey is broken down into four main categories, which are programmatic advertising, native advertising, viewability and digital ad fraud.  According to the publication, the goal was, ... Read More »

eCommerce on Social Media Moving into 2015


Over the past year there has been a lot of activity when it comes to using social media to drive direct sales.  Twitter has done several trials with companies like American Express, and they are developing their own platform that will allow users to buy items with just a Tweet.  In addition, Facebook has been slowly developing and testing a ... Read More »

Instagram Destroys the Dreams of Horny Men


If you use Instagram, you may want to log in and check to see just how many followers you currently have.  Over the past week, Instagram has performed their largest purge of fake accounts in their history.  The move, which has been dubbed the “Instagram Rapture” has hit many popular accounts as well as millions of the smaller individual accounts. ... Read More »

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