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Facebook Launching ‘Conversion Lift Management’ Tool

Sexy Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have long been the subject of debate concerning just how effective they really are.  Some people swear by them, and use them to market just about anything.  Others say that while they do drive traffic, the ads fail to lead to conversions at any significant rate.  In order to try to end the […]

World’s Most Secure Ad Network Developed


In response to the ever growing threat of malware attacks that infect advertisements and major websites, IT security firm Avira has been working to develop a new ad network technology with security at the center.  Avira has already made a name for itself as a leading anti-virus, anti-malware and computer security company, which has given […]

Email is officially Middle-Aged!


While it may be hard to believe, email turns 44 years old this year!  It was back in 1971 that a computer engineer sent out the first electronic mail message.  As all marketers can attest, this was the birth of a technology that has changed the lives of virtually everyone in the world.  Today email […]

You Deserve More – Start The New Year Off Right with Double Rewards!


Is your new years resolution to earn more in 2015? Do it now!
To start the new year off with a BANG Clickbooth is offering DOUBLE rewards points on EVERY campaign in the Refinance Vertical. Act now! This promotion is only good until January 25th so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity TODAY!
From all-inclusive […]

Twitter Looking to get Ads in Front of Non-Users


Twitter has been working on coming up with ways to expand their income streams for quite some time.  One of their limitations is the fact that their ads are currently only being displayed to people who actually have accounts on the social network.  According to announcement at the recent International Consumer Electronics Show, Twitter has […]

Bing Banning Plain Text Phone Numbers


In an interesting move, Microsoft’s search engine Bing is going to stop displaying phone numbers in plain text.  This is an update to their editorial policy, and will affect all advertisements run on the search engine.  In the past, marketers could place these numbers in the title’s or body of the ads so users could […]

Major Digital Ad Fraud Presentation Scheduled for CES


The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which is running from January 6th to the 9th has just confirmed a late addition to their schedule of world class presenters.  White Ops, which is a major online fraud detection firm, has just announced that their Chief Scientist and CO-Founder Dan Kaminsky as well as their CEO […]

New Study On How Canadians Access Information


A study was recently completed that looked at how Canadian citizens access the internet, and what they are doing while online.  While most people won’t exactly be surprised by what this study found, it does show that there is a massive audience that is very active online in Canada.  Any marketers who aren’t actively promoting […]

New Survey Gives Key Insights into 2015 for AdTec


The 614 Group and AdMonsters conducted a survey throughout December, where they contacted over 10,000 members of the digital media and publishing community to get their insights into what they expect in 2015.  The survey is broken down into four main categories, which are programmatic advertising, native advertising, viewability and digital ad fraud.  According to […]

eCommerce on Social Media Moving into 2015


Over the past year there has been a lot of activity when it comes to using social media to drive direct sales.  Twitter has done several trials with companies like American Express, and they are developing their own platform that will allow users to buy items with just a Tweet.  In addition, Facebook has been […]

Instagram Destroys the Dreams of Horny Men


If you use Instagram, you may want to log in and check to see just how many followers you currently have.  Over the past week, Instagram has performed their largest purge of fake accounts in their history.  The move, which has been dubbed the “Instagram Rapture” has hit many popular accounts as well as millions […]

Are You Promoting Social Content Properly?

Social Media 2

Over the past couple of years marketers have really embraced the idea of promoting their social media posts.  Many of them use the idea that if they take their most popular posts that their existing fans enjoy, they can draw in new fans by simply paying to ‘sponsor’ those posts to a wider audience.  While […]

Google’s Penguin Update to Experience Continuous Updates

The Google Building

If you are running one of the approximately 1 in 10 websites that enjoys first page search results from Google, you are likely somewhat confused by all the jumping around in the SERPs.  Starting earlier this month, Google started making some changes, though they didn’t initially comment much on what they were doing.  It has […]

Facebook Ad Update Increases Conversion Rates


Facebook has made some changes to the ‘Right-Rail’ ads that they display on their site, and after doing a variety of tests, they seem to be performing quite well.  The changes went in last April, and Facebook has been tracking how well they are performing ever since.  This is one of the first major changes […]

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