Monday , 2 May 2016
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John Monarch & Karl Steinborn Sued for Defamation

This lawsuit, filed in Philadelphia alleges that John C. Monarch and Karl F. Steinborn are behind a website that has been used to defame and attack people in the online advertising and marketing industry.  According to the lawsuit, they have been using it specifically to hurt competitors while pretending to be a troll persona in order to hide their identity. Plaintiff Richard A. Gorman (“Plantiff Gorman”), by and through his undersigned attorneys, files this Verified Complaint against Defendants (“Defendant Perform Outsider”), John C. Monarch (“Defendant Monarch”), Karl F. Steinborn, (“Defendant Steinborn”), John Doe 1, John Doe 2, and John Doe 3….

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  1. You can’t have light without dark, niether is truth. Truth lies in the grey area where they both meet . – Akori

  2. I neglected to check the box for any follow-up comments. If there are any I’s be interested. Thanks.

  3. The website name is the article is misspelled. Coincidence, I think not.


  4. Space Pattin

    Why is Gorman misspelled in the URL? “Accident” ?

  5. The only thing that was omitted from this blog post is the fact Jon Monarch owns a call center

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