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Ryan Eagle has His Wheels Taken by FTC

Ryan Eagle has His Wheels Taken by FTC

It seems that it doesn’t get any better with time for the former golden boy of free gift cards and text message spam, Ryan Eagle. Both him and his long time masonic partner, Vito Glazers have agreed to a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission and admit to sending out deceptive offers.  As part of this judgment, both of them have agreed to be restricted in the type of business they can do online, and the methods in which they promote offers. Additionally, they are giving up some  money, and their nice cars: A Bentley and a Range Rover.

If you don’t remember, last year Vito Glazers sued Ryan Eagle and won a judgement of almost $300k. Whether Mr. Eagle has paid this amount, is not known, but this additional loss of nice wheels probably isn’t going to go very well for either one of them.

Feel free to read the full judgement when you have time, or are on the toilet.

Thanks to Mal Campbell for find this judgement.



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