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Major Domain Auction Focuses on Affiliate Marketers

Major Domain Auction Focuses on Affiliate Marketers

Above.com has a month long domain auction where they will be selling off about 60 domain names. This auction is targeted specifically at existing affiliate marketers, or those who would like to get started in this industry. Above.com is a domain investment platform, which offers a variety of services to their customers. They are also an ICANN accredited domain register.

The auction, which is set to start January 13th, and go through February 14th, 2014.

There are many different domains available which will appeal to successful affiliates at just about every level. Newer domain names such as digitalpolls.com, which has a domain age of just one year are for sale, all the way up to demoroom.com, which has a domain age of 17 years are up for grabs.

The budget ranges from a starting bid of $250 for weddingcakestores.com and goes all the way up to $30,000 for asianinvestments.com. There are many domains in between, with price ranges typically hovering around $1000 – $5000 to start with. How high these domains will go is difficult to predict, but given some of the names, it could get quite competitive.

Some interesting domains on the list include modernleads.com, mycreditscore.com, pollspro.com, trafficdealer.com and many others. You can see the full list of domains up for sale, as well as details such as the domain age and current bid price, HERE.

While this auction won’t likely be for those with minimal budgets, there may be some incredible deals that can help launch affiliates to the next level. Take some time to browse, and make sure to check back often to see how much some of these great domains are going for.



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