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Ryan Eagle EWA Class Action Filed

Ryan Eagle EWA Class Action Filed

In what perhaps could be the first of it’s kind against a network, a class action has lawsuit has been filed by the DeBlasio and Donnell Law Firm, against Ryan Eagle and Harrison Gevirtz, formerly of EWA Networks. The lawsuit, which can be read below, claims that EWA networks, and specifically Ryan Eagle made claims that were incorrect about their network, most importantly, that they were well funded and had no financial problems.

Additionally it makes claims that the owners enriched themselves financially (ie, gave themselves large amounts of money) while the network was sinking, and continued to do so while not paying affiliates. The lawsuit claims that both Eagle and Gevirtz defrauded affiliates and they are personally liable, and can not hide behind the corporate veil.

If this lawsuit has legs, is yet to be seen. It’s basing much of its claims that the network and the owners knew the company was about to go in the tubes, and more importantly, lied to the affiliates. Many people could argue that many other CPA Networks make huge claims about commissions, their value, how much money is being made, and more importantly, that they are financially stable even when they are starting out.

The law firms release states:

On April 18, 2013, the law firm of DeBlasio & Donnell LLC filed a lawsuit seeking class action status against Eagle Web Assets, Inc. and other defendants, including Ryan Eagle and Harrison Gevirtz, on behalf of an affiliate marketer, individually and as the representative of a class of similarly situated persons, who provided affiliate marketing services through the Eagle Web Assets Private Network.  The complaint seeks money damages, class certification and other equitable relief on behalf of the affiliate marketer and members of a class of persons who provided affiliate marketing services through the EWA Private Network but who have not been paid in full for their services

The lawsuit has been assigned to Judge David B. Atkins in Cook County Circuit Court.  Defendants RYAN EAGLE, EAGLE WEB ASSETS PRIVATE NETWORK, EAGLE WEB ASSETS, INC. and EWA NETWORK INC. have been served with the class action complaint.  Their first court appearance has not been made yet.

I’d recommend reading the entire lawsuit and getting a bucket of popcorn! Bottom right of file will make fullscreen, so you can put on your projector.

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