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Ryan Eagle Buys and Media Breakaway


Well-known entrepreneur and former owner of the now defunct Eagle Web Assetts (EWA), Ryan Eagle has announced that he has agreed to purchase and Media BreakAway from former Spam-King and strip club connoisseur Scott Richter.  Insiders say that the buyout was funded by Sergie Ivankov, a Russian financier who has close connections to the rebill credit card industry. This ... Read More »

Alex Campos of Lead Start Buys and Sells Leads


Alex Campos of Lead Start talks briefly at LeadsCon about their business of Lead Generation, and how they generate leads and improve lead quality. LeadStart specializes in providing marketers with highly convertible leads through leveraged technology and call center integration. Providing unmatched value with its proprietary iOption leads, LeadStart delivers value added benefits of immediate personal pre-contact on all leads delivered ... Read More »

Want Better Conversions on Facebook Pages?


Most people who advertise using Facebook are on the site as Page owners, running their businesses’ personal Facebook profiles and sending out marketing content to all those who like the Page and more. One of the major reasons that businesses and marketers are on Facebook, however, is for customer service purposes. Keeping up with customers on social media is one ... Read More »

Facebook Testing Exchange Ads in Feed

A Facebook logo on a computer screen is seen through a magnifying glass in Bern

Considering that for a very long time, Facebook only allowed marketers to advertise to users using the side bar of the Facebook home page, the amount of advertising that has recently been appearing in the News Feed may seem a bit over the top. For a company that started off hesitant of allowing any advertising at all, it now seems ... Read More »

Google: Another Attempt at More Mobile Adoption


Although quite a few marketers have not latched on to the idea that the world is going mobile, Google knows it for sure. That is why the company has relentlessly been trying to push marketers toward campaigns set for mobile platforms. Evidence of Google’s huge push toward mobile these days is shown through things like the new Enhanced Campaigns that ... Read More »

SMBs Quickly Falling in Love With Social Media

All types of businesses are using social media heavily for advertising, regardless of what they sell, what they do, or of the size of the business. However, speaking in terms of size, small businesses are showing some impressive numbers regarding social media effectiveness, at least that is according to a recent survey results from Constant Contact, an engagement marketing solutions ... Read More »

Report: Both Sides of the Mobile Marketing Story

The entire world has been exposed to mobile devices, and their use is becoming universal very quickly. This sounds like a good thing, but it can make marketing to mobile users a bit tricky. Often, trying to understand the best ways to reach consumers on their handheld devices proves a very difficult task. Balancing the needs of the marketer and ... Read More »

Direct Agents Turns 10: The Story of How It All Started


On March 27, 2013 Direct Agents celebrated its 10 year anniversary. The agency started off in 2003 as a three member team and since then has grown into an award-winning, full service Digital Marketing company. The following is the story of how it all started. It began as a discussion, then a meeting, and just like that an idea for ... Read More »

eMarketer: Yahoo to Gain Fame Once Again?


Years back, Yahoo was one of the biggest names in advertising, and the ad revenue that the company was seeing was quite impressive. However, in more recent years, Yahoo has fallen behind a bit in the advertising community. Growth in revenue has not been anything to marvel over for Yahoo in quite some time, but it seems now that the ... Read More »

Nicole King of Precise Leads Generates Insurance Leads


Precise Leads is a real time lead provider for insurance leads. They host their own sites for a variety of insurance verticals and are a major growing player in the space. Watch the video to learn more about the company, what types of insurance leads are generating the most income for affiliates and publishers. Read More »

Convicted Felon Jamie Lynn Carper Suing Industry


There was a concern by legal experts that in the California Appellate Court’s decision in Balsam v. Trancos that a huge amount of people would use this to abuse the legal system to make money. For those who didn’t follow the ruling, it required that all commercial email advertisements to include in the “from line” a domain that is registered ... Read More »

Huge Party At ad:tech on 4.9.13


If you haven’t been to an Affiliate Nation Party by ClickBooth, CPAWAY and MaxBounty yet, you’re missing out! These parties are known for being the hottest events at every conference, consistently drawing the absolute biggest and best crowd, and ad:tech San Fransisco is no exception. Clickbooth, CPAWay and MaxBounty are ready to bring you another unbelievable party, this time at ... Read More »

Is DirectTrack Closing or Just Slowly Dying

Direct Track Problems

It seems that DirectResponse Technology employees were met recently with a huge surprise. Out of nowhere it seems a bunch of HR employees from Digital River HQ, black suits, sunglasses and all arrived in Greentree Pennsylvania, with one purpose: to fire a dozen employees including the President and General Manager of the company, George Bordo. From what I have been ... Read More »

Tie up the Kardashian Sisters in the Back of Your Ford


Yep, Ford Advertisement with Silvio Berlusconi with the Kardashian sisters tied in the trunk. Obviously not a realistic depiction because it would take at least a F150 to make room for those bootylicious gals. Still funny as hell, but.. wrong.. but funny as hell.. but wrong…  Do you think brands should be a little more risque with their ads, perhaps going ... Read More »

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