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Matt Frary Tells it Like it Is


Murray Newlands had a bit of time in between beers at the Denver Affiliate Meetup, run by SmarterChaos, to speak to Matt Frary, the owner. He talks about how SmarterChaos focuses on Custom Acquisition through new methods.  He talks about their newest client, Ellie, a site focused on fashion needs of the active woman — how they have created customer engagement quizes ... Read More »

Study Finds that College Students Actually Dislike Mobile Advertising


Most marketers have their eyes set on the same basic age group when it comes to targeting their advertising efforts, and college students generally fall smack in the middle of that demographic. Now, a majority of people are familiar with the college experience, having lived it at some level. Part of this college experience is a general lack of money, ... Read More »

Social Ad Budgets Climbing This Year


Many have speculated that ad dollars would be shifting primarily toward mobile in the coming year, and for years after that. Focusing mostly on this, there are some out there who have neglected to consider how much growth social media still has in its near future. However, those out there who still have social media fresh on their minds are ... Read More »

European Style Affiliate Marketing Makes More Money


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the most exciting event is coming to the United States. The guys behind A4UExpo, the largest conferences in the world about Performance and Affiliate Marketing is coming to the US with the Performance Marketing Insights Event. They have been a conference focused on big business and networking with thought leaders in the space, ... Read More »

WolfStorm Media Independent Company


Just going to copy and paste their own blog post, because I think it’s important. I don’t know much about the company, and they are not an advertiser with this publication. However, they obviously are trying to make a point here (I’ve bolded some interesting parts) about their company. With all the drama going around, like they are being honest ... Read More »

Increase Conversions by 40% with Free Mobile Optimization


Today AdStation, Adknowledge’s Performance Email Network, announced the launch of its new “Mobile Optimization Initiative,” a program giving members of its advertising network free optimization of their CPA creatives to help increase conversions.  AdStation testing delivered up to 40% increases in conversions with mobile-optimized creatives, and is now making these advances available to all advertisers in the network. “We’re thrilled ... Read More »

AffPaying.com Connected to EWA Non-Payments


It seems that affiliate and CPA network review site AffPaying.com is in a bit of trouble, having been caught more than once being paid to remove negative reviews. However this time, it seems that their less than ethical actions have cost affiliates perhaps millions of dollars. While in the past its been suggested that AffPaying would moderate negative reviews for ... Read More »

Data will Make Marketers 2013


With online marketing being such a massive industry, it becomes very difficult for advertisers to be sure that their ad dollars are going to the right places. A lot of the time, things work out just fine as far as ROI goes, and marketers use these results to plan their future advertising endeavors. However, a recent eMarketer article reports the ... Read More »

How are Mobile Coupons Doing?


With mobile becoming one of the most popular destinations for marketing campaigns today, there are plenty of ways for marketers to go about reaching consumers on mobile platforms. Although mobile is now where near its highest point in the grand scheme of marketing, it grows in usage each and every day. Although there are plenty of ways to reach consumers ... Read More »

Twitter Partners with Adobe, HootSuite and SHIFT on New API


Sure Twitter has for some time now been a big name in social marketing, and many marketers already see it as the best option, but the company has not been as quick to give marketers a wide variety of advertising tools as Facebook has been. However, the company has just recently announced some new tools for Twitter advertisers that will ... Read More »

True Power of Paid Social Campaigns


The idea of having enormous amounts of social followers or fans is one that marketers look at with mouths agape, being that the more fans one has, the further their reach can extend. As everyone has seen in the past, there are many marketers in the digital world today that will do just about anything to get these fans, and ... Read More »

Study: Social Interaction and Marketing Should Be Balanced


Social media has not only provided something for college kids everywhere to waste away hours of their life doing, but it has also provided brands and businesses both big and small a very valuable business tool. However, there are bound to be a few businesses in this world that have a bit of trouble using social media correctly, and there ... Read More »

Google’s Plans to Kill Groupon


Among the many options digital marketers find themselves faced with today, one of the more useful tools that quite a few marketers have taken advantage of are offers, deals and coupons. As far as most people are concerned, the best place to turn with plans of starting an offer or coupon campaign is to Groupon. The company is widely known ... Read More »

Trent Silver is Now Purse Queen


Some great news for the golden boy and serial entrepreneur, Trent Silver: his purse business is taking off in leaps and bounds. Despite some minor legal issues in the Cash For Gold business, he had made a name for himself very fast in the industry and is the genius behind several successful businesses on the net. His new business model ... Read More »

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