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This Facebook Feature Works Best


Advertising with Facebook allows marketers many options for placement as well as many ways to reach consumers in the online Facebook community. Constantly, the company releases new tools and techniques, so choosing the very best one can make for a ... Read More »

80% of Social Media Will Fail


In most cases, the majority of what you will find on the web regarding digital marketing news will contain tips, data, and good recommendations for marketers that have just begun or for those with years of experience. However, as we ... Read More »

YouTube to Test Paid Subscriptions


There are plenty of places for marketers to look when they present interest in starting a video marketing campaign, but most commonly we see marketers turning to YouTube for video marketing solutions. This is mainly because the site sort of ... Read More »

Google+ Doing Better than Thought?


In the realm of social media that is rapidly expanding across the World Wide Web, there is one thing that everyone thinks that they know for sure. The common belief around the web is that Google Plus is in no ... Read More »

Yahoo’s Revenues Increase


Year after year, Yahoo has not left marketers with much news for excitement, and revenues from the company have not really been as impressive as some would like to see. A rise in the company’s revenues has not been seen ... Read More »

Email Sticks Around as a Consumer Favorite


In email marketing, there are a lot of very fragile lines that marketers have to be careful not to cross, making for a very sensitive marketing platform. However, since it began too many marketers used email in all the wrong ... Read More »

Murray Newlands Drinks and Flies


Ever wonder what Murray Newlands does for fun? Well, when in Vegas he was at the Total Marketing Systems party, which consisted of drinking and being shoved into a small plane in freezing weather and being flown over Las Vegas. ... Read More »

Exclusive Offers is How to Work CPA


Sean Wagner of Infinite Traffic makes it clear in this interview on PMI-TV that exclusive offers are where it’s at. While it’s not that in-depth, it’s always good to hear from those in the industry that are doing new things. ... Read More »

AdBrite is Dead


AdBrite, which was originally founded by “FuckedCompany” legend  Philip Kaplan aka “Pud” in 2002 has finally called it quits.  Despite claiming to be the largest independent ad exchange and at one time being seen as a serious competitor to Google ... Read More »

Facebook Helps Bring in the Likes With New Page Recommendations Bar


A new post from Inside Facebook shows yet another change to Facebook’s Pages platform that marketers can use to their advantage. The new module that has appeared within Facebook Pages will allow marketers to use other companies’ and brands’ Pages ... Read More »

Networks Need to Be 100% Transparent


Scott Yamano, the CEO of Dedictated Media and CPADNA talks briefly with Murray Newlands at Affiliate Summit West 2013 about their CPA network, and how they have entered the performance marketing game differently than other networks. Dedicated Media is already ... Read More »

Facebook Takes #1 for Mobile Apps in 2012, Google Maps Struggles

It will not be long now before people start asking the question; “Is anyone using a PC anymore?” Of course that seems a bit of an exaggeration, and it very well may be, but mobile is showing absolutely no signs ... Read More »

Who is Shawn Collins Really?


Murray Newlands catches up with several industry leaders at Affiliate Summit West and exposes the “real” Shawn Collins. Who exactly is he, what secrets is he hiding and whats up with the homemade jet pack? The rumors have been around ... Read More »

Bad News: B2B Sees Drop in Paid Search for 2012


No matter how popular or successful mobile becomes, search advertising will always exist and there will always be marketers that rely on it to create results. Paid search efforts are still strong today, even though according to a new study ... Read More »

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