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Survey: Online Marketing Makes 91 Percent of Consumers Buy In-Store


Consumer behavior is in a constant state of change, and keeping track of it usually takes a significant amount of work. Also, although marketers are often aiming for online sales these days, they are still shooting to get consumers into stores to buy the newest items. The results of a recent survey from Wanderful Media, a company that specializes in ... Read More »

eBay Hates Mobile Advertising


When companies begin to get really big and earn more money than they ever could have imagined, things can turn out one of two ways for advertisers. As an online company grows, so does its traffic and so does the reach that marketers can gain from advertising on the company’s page. With growth usually comes a lot of marketing on ... Read More »

Facebook Collections Return for a New Test Period


It is understandable for those who do not remember it, but back in October of this year, Facebook announced that they were testing out some new features and buttons, one of which was their Collections feature. The reason that forgetting this is understandable is simply because the idea seemed to fizzle out and disappear, without another word spoken of it. ... Read More »

Video Ads in Facebook News Feeds?


Well, it was only a matter of time before Facebook started planning to tap into one of the only forms of advertising that they have left unturned so far. It has seen success in display advertising, great success in social post advertising, created great results in mobile advertising, and has even created a measure which digital marketers use to analyze ... Read More »

Social Media Integration Important to Consumers


The importance of social networking in marketing today is outstanding, and most marketers have already invested a lot of time and some money into their social efforts. Social marketing is constantly growing and becoming a stronger way to get the word out to the world. Companies like Facebook and Twitter have made numerous innovations in order to make their networks ... Read More »

Instagram’s PR Problems Over?


For the past week, I have been paying close attention to the issues that Instagram has been facing, as well as causing, for its users. On Monday of last week, the company made changes to its privacy policy that would allow for it to share information with its new partner, or rather owner, Facebook. There were some wordings in the ... Read More »

You Will Never Be Fulfilled


In light of recent tragic events and those that occurred throughout the course of the year, I thought this to be a good time to stop and reflect on what I’ve learned and re-enforced over the past twelve months.  Assuming you read this post, I would love for you to share some of what you’ve learned this year.  We’re all teachers if we choose ... Read More »

Mobile to Reach $4B This Year, Thanks to Facebook and Google


With mobile on the rise, the predictions are high, and sometimes it seems higher than anyone could have expected. There has been constant news regarding mobile lately, purely because of its incredible popularity among marketers today. In order to get a better idea of just where mobile marketing will be taking the advertising world in the near, and distant future, ... Read More »

Tired of Low Conversion Rates in Email?


Typical conversion rates of 1% or 2% are only great for people with low standards. Highly successful and effective email marketing campaigns should be able to reach conversion rates of at least 5%, if not higher, whether in email sales rates or email click-through rates. Masters can even reach double digit conversion rates in their niches. Here are some tricks ... Read More »

Facebook = Great Success During the Holidays


With some extensive research into Facebook, Kenshoo Social, a social marketing platform company, has found that Facebook is doing quite well as of Thanksgiving. Inside Facebook is reporting the results from recent research done by the company, and it shows that Facebook interaction is up and return on ad spend has increased. For Facebook marketers, which include almost everyone these ... Read More »

Mobile Email Numbers High for “Cyber Week”


It seems that all types of digital marketing are being well-incorporated into mobile forms, and now marketers always have to consider desktop and mobile, instead of on or the other. The growth of mobile is consistently proving to be a strong force, and the future of marketing seems more and more clear each day. That said, the proof of mobile’s ... Read More »

Adults on Mobile: Only 7% Can’t Be Targeted


One of the easiest ways to ensure that tireless advertising efforts actually become effective once released into the world is to pay close attention to who the ad is targeting. Since targeting became a very popular method in marketing, when the tools and technology needed to do it effectively showed up, it has been constantly used by marketers worldwide. However, ... Read More »

Twitter Creates Its Own Instagram


It seems that Twitter and Instagram are still at it, and yesterday Twitter made the most recent move in the break-up. Since Instagram, owned by Facebook, will no longer allow users to share beautifully edited and filtered photos on Twitter, the ever-famous micro blogging network will now be updating their photo options. Twitter has now announced that in order to ... Read More »

77% of Video Advertisers Won’t Make the Switch From TV


Although they now have a huge competitor, TV ads will not be going away in the near future. Most brands and companies still use them despite their extensive digital advertising efforts. It seems, however, that marketers are still putting most of their time and effort into TV when it comes to video advertising. Digital video advertising has become incredibly popular, ... Read More »

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