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Need to Evaluate an Affiliate Program? Use a Tier Analysis


Marketing managers usually have a pretty good gut feel for their program costs. When it comes to affiliate, it is not uncommon for them to believe that their program is underperforming. Many believe that the overall cost of their affiliate ... Read More »

Did You Know There is a Email Marketing Exchange?

Postman rivalery - Mail delivery

Murray Newlands speaks with Lynn Dalsing of ividence about their email marketing exchange platform. Founded in Paris originally, the ividence platform is a disruptive technology that transforms the email acquisition market’s traditional practices, bringing to email what is available in ... Read More »

Turning $10M to $129M With Facebook, But How?

young woman looking at Facebook website on laptop computer. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.

Facebook is a name that comes with a heavy load of controversy attached to it, as advertisers do not seem to know what opinions to believe. Some say that Facebook is their most successful marketing platform, making up a huge ... Read More »

IBM Brings Social Back to the Basics


Out of nowhere, IBM has been releasing marketing insight and news in what seems like a constant stream, and today they have released a report that may help marketers with their social marketing efforts. The report is called “The Business ... Read More »

Facebook Device Targeting Sees Best Results with iPod Touch

Mobile marketing has always showed a strong focus on devices that everyone in the world is constantly raving about. Tablets and smartphones today have become almost universal; at least they have in the United States. Mobile marketers have been putting ... Read More »

Amazon Takes a Page From the Social Media Book to Help Brand Partners

With online shopping becoming as popular as it has, there is no debating the immense traffic that receives on a daily basis. Thousands of brands and companies have partnered with Amazon in order to create a more successful ecommerce ... Read More »

MediaWhiz Grows Fast with Click-To-Call


MediaWhiz, a leading integrated digital media agency, today released results from the first six months of managing clients’ click-to-call campaigns in partnership with RingRevenue. Total calls into MonetizeIt, the MediaWhiz affiliate network, nearly quadrupled from the second to third quarters ... Read More »

Cutting Edge Offers Closes


Cutting Edge Offers, the CPA Network once known as the BizOpp Network, has announced their closing effective immediately.  This comes several months after the firing of several key employees who had been with the company for years, in some cases ... Read More »

Social Media Revenue to Reach $9.2B by 2016


The predictions all seem to be getting larger and larger, even as the country’s economy stays relatively shaky. Somebody must be doing something right though, as people are predicting bigger and bigger numbers regarding revenue in the advertising and marketing ... Read More »

Mobile Rocked Black Friday


As one can easily imagine, Black Friday in a newfound digital world was much different this year than it was a few years back. However, this huge growth in mobile shopping by consumers is the sole reason that this year’s ... Read More »

Mobile Growing Faster Than Anyone Thought


Digital consumers are still spending a majority of their time on desktop computers, which is where the most beneficial marketing measurements are still seen. Mobile of course, has proven to be a significant competitor to the experienced desktop platform, but ... Read More »

Facebook Updates Targeted Page Posts in Response to Complaints


Ever since Facebook released their feature of allowing brands and businesses to target their Page Posts, marketers have embraced the opportunity that the network had provided. Recently though, there have been complaints with the actual targeting of these ads, with ... Read More »

Monogamy Is Overrated: It’s All About Being a Player


Together forever sounds great … in theory. But in the world of affiliate marketing, pledging your undying loyalty to one income source could be result in a divorce between you and your money. Many marketers select one partner and put ... Read More »

I’m Giving Affiliates Money to Buy Media


Seriously, there is a company now out there that’s sole purpose is to work with, among other things, affiliates in order to help them buy more and more media. Murray Newlands stopped by their booth and spoke to Matt Glick ... Read More »

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