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Acquinity Shutting Down Email Submit Offers


Acquinity Interactive, has started calling partners telling them that they are immediately shutting down all “promotional” type offers, often called e-mail and zip submit offers. This comes as a surprise to many people, as they were seen as the leaders ... Read More »

Mobile Marketing’s Dirty Hidden Secret


Everyone is talking about the response rate on mobile, how its so huge, so target, how mobile advertising is already working so well. I’m not going to be dumb enough to disagree with that, mobile is the wave of the ... Read More »

SEO Needs to Die


Despite what you’ve heard over the course of numerous Google updates, SEO isn’t dead – not even close.  That’s not to say someone doesn’t need to come along and put a bullet in its nerdy little head and end its ... Read More »

FTC Gives HP a Pass for Endorsement Guideline Violations


Earlier this month, Hewlett-Packard and its public relations company received a pass from the Federal Trade Commission for allegedly providing bloggers with $50 gift certificates for themselves and $50 gift cards for their readers in exchange for positive reviews regarding ... Read More »

SMBs Starting to Use Digital Channels


Small and medium businesses have always had a different way of marketing than the country’s larger businesses have, simply because of the huge differences between them. However now, small and medium businesses are starting to adopt some of the methods ... Read More »

iOS highest eCPM in Mobile Space


Change is something that all marketers are familiar with. The state of certain marketing platforms, tactics, and results are constantly changing, so it is often difficult to keep up and stay afloat. The constant change causes marketers to become confused, ... Read More »

Twitter Testing Star and Like, But Why?


There was something that I noticed that I decided to read up on recently, and that is Twitter’s testing of these new “Like” and “Star” buttons. In my mind, I could see no way for Twitter to make any additions ... Read More »

Pinterest Now Top 50 Website


In the past few months, Pinterest has been quietly lurking in the background of all the big news that has been making headlines. Sure, the company has been talked about here and there, but the rate at which it is ... Read More »

Clickless Tracking Will Change the Industry


According to Greg Shepard of AffiliateTraction, “Clickless” tracking is must technology that will allow affiliate marketing to grow into social media in new ways. He sits down with Murray Newlands and talks about how this allows more affiliates to be ... Read More »

Experience Advertising Starts Content Marketing Division


On Monday, Experience Advertising, Inc. announced the launch of their Content Marketing Division. Building on the ever increasing demand from companies seeking to drive targeted traffic and sales to their company websites, Experience Advertising has expanded its online marketing services ... Read More »

Rakuten LinkShare Launches in Australia


NEW YORK CITY – October 25, 2012 – Rakuten LinkShare today announced the continued expansion of its international presence with the launch of its affiliate marketing network in Australia. The performance marketing network already operates in the United States, Canada, ... Read More »

Spy On Affiliate Campaigns, Save Thousands of Dollars


WhatRunWhere founder Max Teitelbaum sits down with Murray Newlands to talk about their must-have tool. WhatRunsWhere is probably one of the top tools to find out where advertising runs, how its being run and what the ads look like. This ... Read More »

B2B Content Marketing Grows


Today, the Content Marketing Institute, a company that teaches marketers about effective use of media channels among other things, released some results from a research report that they, themselves conducted. They have called it, “B2B Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets, ... Read More »

Facebook Engagement Up 896%


As is easy to see from yesterday’s Q3 Facebook financial report that was quickly mentioned all around the web, the company has been doing significantly better with their marketing efforts since this time last year or even earlier this year. ... Read More »

Clef two-factor authentication