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76,000 Affiliate Businesses Destroyed


Performance Marketing Association Director Rebecca Madigan speaks with Murray Newlands about the Performance Marketing Association (PMA), and the goals of the PMA. According to her, over 76,000 affiliates have had their businesses destroyed by new legislation that hasbeen passed in ... Read More »

Affiliates Need Some Lovin’


How much time have you spent Facebooking today? Twittering? Texting? Answering personal e-mail? If your social media habits mimic those of most Americans, you’ve probably spent a solid chunk of time catching up with mom, setting weekend plans, and perusing ... Read More »

Becoming an Authority in Your Niche


It’s a known fact that real success comes easy to those who happen to be an authority. Getting more leads, sales and growing your online business boils down how comfortable people are calling you an “expert”. Because that’s when they ... Read More »

Which Social Networks Are Working Best?


Social media has proven time and time again to be a successful platform for almost any type of advertising. To advertise where the people are is wise, and social media brings all consumers to a choice few networks. In the ... Read More »

Instagram Beats Twitter in Engagement


When it comes to social networks and how much people tend to engage with them, the two top names that come to mind are Facebook and Twitter. People spend a lot of time on things like Pinterest and Instagram, but ... Read More »

Facebook Gifts: Will It Improve Ad Targeting on Facebook?


People do not tend to use Facebook for anything other than what it was originally meant for, which is social networking. People visit the site or the app to see what their friends are up to, find promotions or information ... Read More »

The Must Watch Interview for Media Buyers


Andy Dhanik, the Client Services Director for engage:BDR talks to Murray Newlands about how affiliates and marketers can best use engage:BDR and what exactly their platform does.  Their RTB platform has allowed marketers to optimize campaigns and scale campaigns to ... Read More »

Clickbooth is Celebrating 10 Years of Success – Happy Anniversary Clickbooth!


Clickbooth is celebrating a decade of success. After 10 solid years in the fast paced and constantly evolving performance marketing industry they have made a lasting impression on the entire industry and clearly know a thing or two about long-term ... Read More »

Groupon’s Carolyn Kmet Joins All Inclusive Marketing


Industry leader and frequent speaker Carolyn Kmet, best known her heading up of the Groupon Affiliate program has been retained as the Vice President of Marketing at Vancouver based All Inclusive Marketing. The Groupon affiliate program is credited as being ... Read More »

This Guy has Big Balls at Ad:tech


Don’t know Darren Blatt? He’s the guy who throws the Affiliate Ball party during Affiliate Summit that everyone is always talking about. Well, he’s not done with his Big Balls and has decided that he’s going to Times Square to ... Read More »

PeerFly Ranked #1 CPA Affiliate Network: Chad French Tells Us Why


Chad French, the CEO and Founder of PeerFly sits down with Murray Newlands to talk about his second time of being awarded the #1 CPA Affiliate Network in the world by the readers of Performance Marketing Insider. He talks in-depth ... Read More »

Men Make Up Most of Mobile Commerce


In an article I wrote recently, I described some recent findings that showed that marketing to men on Facebook was a much cheaper practice, and that better performance came from it. On that article, a certain commenter mentioned something about ... Read More »

Official Google Display Playbook for Affiliates


The main goal of this website is clear—to help performance marketers with the latest and best methods to get their jobs done correctly, as well as to inform them of the on goings around the web that relate to their ... Read More »

Mobile Only Works If You Do This: Optimize Stupid!


For a long time now I, along with hundreds of other people, have been stressing the importance of the optimization of websites for mobile devices. Consumers are starting to use their handheld devices more and more today, and they are ... Read More »

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