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Google Announces Latest Improvement to Google Analytics


Just one of the countless ways that Google helps marketers in their daily tasks is with Google Analytics. Google’s online analytic software has given marketers a valuable tool in researching reports and results that affect their most important decisions day in and day out. The problem that many marketers have with it however is the confusion of navigating various reports ... Read More »

Which Social Media Networks are Better for B2B and B2C?


All social media is good for marketers, but each medium is beneficial for its own reasons. Each social media network allows for marketers to reach a different user base and each one allows for different types of marketing. It all depends on what kind of users are using the networks, be they everyday consumers or business executives. On that note, ... Read More »

Is Dan Balsam Hero or Villain?


Many people believe Daniel Balsam is a hero. With the never ending amount of spam out there, with spammers getting more and more creative, he represents a new breed of techno-geek armed with legal briefs. He’s an unassuming guy, graying hair and you’d never know from looking at him that he was a “hero” to many. Still, he’s found himself ... Read More »

Twitter Lowers Bid to One Cent Plus Adds Interest Based Targeting


Twitter did big things for their advertising name when they released Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts, allowing for Twitter to effectively be used for marketing purposes. As any company that is new in advertising will do, Twitter has announced some new improvements to their marketing opportunities. Twitter has announced that they will now be allowing marketers to target Twitter users ... Read More »

Why are Marketers Dumb on Mobile?


Researching marketing trends and performance on the web is a common practice among marketers of all sorts. Finding studies and reports focused on mobile marketing today is not hard, as they are everywhere. However, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has just released a study that reports information that I have never really noticed before. Their study, entitled “MMA Whitepaper: Mobile’s ... Read More »

50% of Display Ads Are Never Seen by Anyone


Viewability is one of the more important factors that marketers have to take into consideration when dealing with multiple ad campaigns at a time. It is definitely not always an easy task to measure the viewability of ads, especially with the larger campaigns. The IAB even details some of the better ways for the ad industry to improve upon their ... Read More »

Adknowledge Announces “Escape to Paradise” Contest


Adknowledge Is Taking Their Partners to the Island of Grand Cayman. Adknowledge has announced today the launch of their “Escape to Paradise” contest, a promotion that rewards both their highest earning, and fastest growing email and affiliate marketing partners. The contest, which runs from September 1st, 2012 through December 31st, 2012, rewards winners with a trip for six days at ... Read More »

Media Buyers Alert: SiteScout Fully Integrated with Google Exchange


Seems that SiteScout has been fully integrated into Google Ad Exchange, which is obviously one of the top sources for media opportunities. This should make a lot of media buyers happy with access to over 7,000 premium sites. According to SiteScout: Google has some of the highest-quality inventory available, and we strongly recommend testing your campaigns across these new sites. ... Read More »

Update: Android Will Be Okay After Apple’s Big Win


Yesterday, I wondered just how the lawsuit between Apple and Samsung would affect the mobile marketing community as well as the smartphone market. I was under the impression that Apple would be taking a huge step toward the front spot in the mobile platform race. In effect, I thought that this would cause marketers that advertised on Android devices to ... Read More »

Five Huge Mistakes in Mobile Marketing


Murray Newlands interviews Alexander Tsatkin, also known as the “Angry Russian” about the Five biggest mistakes in mobile marketing that affiliates and marketers make. He gave a similar presentation during Affiliate Summit East 2012, so now you get to see (for free) a summary of what he talked about, plus a great and informative slideshow that we’ve attached for those ... Read More »

Outsource Your Content Creation

Online marketing has greatly evolved in the past few years. It’s no longer about buying a few banner ads on a big website and waiting for results. It’s now more about leveraging content to get leads, generate sales and build long term relationship with your target audience. Yes, content as turns out is the backbone of any online marketing campaign ... Read More »

Does Anyone Care What Your Blog Says?


A lot of online marketers start blogging in order to connect with their audience. However, there’s a difference between running a blog and running a successful blog. In order to get your readers involved and have your content spread or go viral, you first need to know what people want to read. Once you know exactly what your readers will ... Read More »

Getting More Blog Exposure with Social Sharing

Tired of getting the same, weak response from your social media marketing efforts? Want to get more targeted exposure to your blog with social sharing? Here’s the thing: Making social sharing work for you takes more than putting your content out there. You have to ensure that your content is shareable. Something your target audience will want to spread with ... Read More »

The Difference Between US and UK Affiliate Marketing?


Murray Newlands interviews Mark Russell, the Managing Director of Optimus Performance Marketing (formerly Existem) a major UK affiliate and performance marketing company. He talked to Performance Marketing Insider TV at  Affiliate Summit 2012 in New York about new trends and industry topics that are current in the UK compared with what’s happening in the US. He talks about how some ... Read More »

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