Saturday , 30 April 2016
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Neverblue Bought by GlobalWide Media

Neverblue has lucked out, with GlobalWide Media purchasing the company today for a currently unknown amount. Neverblue had been on the auction block until today, as part of the bankruptcy proceedings of its parent company, V2V (Velo) Holdings.  While most of the industry said that Neverblue would most likely be bought and easily survive the bankruptcy, many publishers stopped working with Neverblue after several issues arose — including bounced checks and rumors that employees were leaving. With this purchase by GlobalWide Media, it gives new hope for the company and its affiliates that the company will not only remain but likely thrive.

“We are excited to enhance our capabilities and reach with the Neverblue acquisition,” announced Farshad Fardad, CEO of GlobalWide Media. “GlobalWide Media’s and Neverblue’s core competencies are highly complementary and will allow the combined company to further accelerate the growth initiatives of both companies, with the ultimate goal of delivering profitable highly targeted customers to our advertisers and additional value for our media partners.”

“The Neverblue team has developed solid relationships and partnerships in the industry that have contributed to the company’s success. We look forward to building upon these efforts of the Neverblue team,” Fardad added.

“We look forward to continuing to provide great service to our clients and to investing in the growth of our business together with GlobalWide Media,” said Hakan Lindskog, CEO of Neverblue.

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  1. Two excellent companies, lots of great people. Nice work GWM, congratulations.

  2. Best News I’ve heard in a WHILE!

  3. Sumptin Spicious

    Wait, didn’t Global Wide Media just partner with Eagle Web Assets?

    That can’t be a coincidence that Global Wide Media is buying up and partnering with networks left and right.

    This may get interesting in the upcoming months.

  4. 18th Story Media Inc.

    This is a good marriage and we should all benefit. Good luck for a great future together.

  5. What is GWM doing other than running an Aff. Network to have the cash to make these kinds of partnerships? They must have an internal division that is pushing offers and giving the company a good base to stand on. Great job by the GWM team!

  6. Talia Bahri- GlobalWide Media

    This is Talia from GlobalWide Media. Thank you all for the kind words! We are all excited.

    Please feel free to contact me if you would like to join our network:

  7. Excellent news, what else can I say?

  8. Sounds like a marriage made in Affiliate Heaven! Congrats to the entire Globalwide Media and Neverblue teams!

  9. Yes, I really want to work with them.

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