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Neverblue Bought by GlobalWide Media


Neverblue has lucked out, with GlobalWide Media purchasing the company today for a currently unknown amount. Neverblue had been on the auction block until today, as part of the bankruptcy proceedings of its parent company, V2V (Velo) Holdings.  While most ... Read More »

Facebook’s BS Bots Come to Light?


I don’t know why I’ve been making Facebook out to be some angelic, internet superhero that could accomplish anything that advertisers need. According to a story by Limited Pressing, a small ecommerce company, Facebook is anything but honest to their ... Read More »

Google Acquires Facebook Marketing Platform?


Even though Google+ has been improving more each day that passes, Google is known as being a little bit behind in the line of social marketing. We know that, and so do they, which is why they’ve been focusing on ... Read More »

Android’s Market Share Drops


From what I’ve been hearing lately, I was under the impression that Android has been a better option for advertisers than iOS in recent months. All of the reports on mobile marketing that have compared the two have commented on ... Read More »

Two Things Affiliate CPA Networks Must Do


It is harder than ever for publishers to find the right affiliate network. Networks have been going down left and right, making it hard to know who to trust. There are some key factors that publishers should be looking at ... Read More »

Epic & Kinetic Social Explains Why They Screwed Over Affiliates


Remember Epic Media Group and Don Mathis, the guys who just a few months ago, in my humble opinion, basically sabotaged their own company in order to spin off another company and not pay any affiliates? Well, the original article ... Read More »

High CTR Banner? Make it Blank.


Not sure if you heard the news, but a blank banner seems to perform better than most real banners. Seriously: A banner with nothing whatsoever on it, seems to actually do better than pretty much any banner whatsoever.  According to ... Read More »

New Technology: Click To Play Advertising


ADOTAS – Today’s entrepreneurs are creative in marketing their products and services. They realize that the advertising landscape is changing rapidly. What worked yesterday may or may not work today. Well, the newest advertising method that is taking the world ... Read More »

Are Apple Users Slightly Retarded?


For some unknown reason Apple has started new advertising, that has gone a bit viral, that promotes Apple users as, well… slightly inept. If you’ve missed these ads, they show Apple Employees helping consumers with a variety of issues at ... Read More »

Why Are You A Total Failure? Finding Stability in Performance Marketing

Peter Tarr

Peter Tarr, the CEO of Monetize Digital (fka CPALead.com) sits down with our intrepid interviewer Murray Newlands about how Monetize Digital  has become one of the most successful companies in the industry making hundreds of millions of dollars on incentive-based ... Read More »

Facebook Reccomendation Bar Increases CTR


Facebook has a lot of gadgets, buttons, links, and options available to its users and those using the network to advertise. There are thinks like the famous Like, the new subscribe button that just came to the network, sponsored stories, ... Read More »

Google+ is Actually Growing


There’s been some news in the line of Google+ and how it’s performance is holding up. Most people, when they heard of Google+, were extremely excited for it to come out, saying that it would be the next Facebook, trumping ... Read More »

Facebook Advertising Does $1 Billion in Q2.


Those advertisers who use Facebook for advertising, as well as those who are looking into doing the same have been patiently awaiting the results of Facebook’s quarterly earnings report for Q2. Today, that information was released by Facebook and the ... Read More »

Lead Gen Strategies Grow


Lead generation has always been somewhat of a struggle for those in marketing, becoming a process that takes determination and effort. Before the internet, the prospect of generating leads was hard to fulfill. Now, however, with all of the useful ... Read More »

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