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Study: Facebook Likes Are Junk


Another Study has questioned the value of Facebook likes. According to Dr. Tina McCorkindale, a professor from Appalachian State University, likes mean almost nothing for almost no one. The study she conducted found 75% of  those between 18-29, which are ... Read More »

Monetize Your Niche Site


Niche websites are a great way to generate a consistent online income. There are many online marketers who have created their own niche empires starting from scratch. Regardless of your approach towards niche sites, it’s important that you monetize them ... Read More »

(PMI-TV) Your Reputation Sucks


Affiliate Reputation: In this Performance Marketing Insider interview, host Murray Newlands interviews Kevin De Vincenzi, aka “The ClickFather” from XY7 Elite about affiliate management and making sure you’re working with the right publishers and advertisers. For those who don’t know, ... Read More »

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