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(Video) Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest


All eyes are on Pinterest, the social network that lets users collect and share images found on the Web by “pinning” them on virtual pinboards. The images span a variety of categories, from fashion, crafts, cooking, décor, fitness, and more. Users can follow the pinboards of friends and brands for inspiration and “repin” the images onto their own pinboards. Today, ... Read More »

Study: Facebook Likes Are Junk


Another Study has questioned the value of Facebook likes. According to Dr. Tina McCorkindale, a professor from Appalachian State University, likes mean almost nothing for almost no one. The study she conducted found 75% of  those between 18-29, which are the core group of Facebook users never go back to a facebook page that they “like.”  In public relations, one ... Read More »

Google Ads Email Marketing Inside Adwords?


Crazy stuff happening with Google Adwords: they have added the ability to do opt-in emails inside of the adwords advertisement.  This is some pretty cool stuff, and really expands the ability to immediately interact with users and I honestly think provides a whole new opportunity for affiliates. Google has really tried to keep affiliates from promoting offers, but this way ... Read More »

(PMI-TV) How to Monetize Product Reviews


Product Review Tips: Performance Marketing Insider TV Host and Executive Editor Murray Newlands interviews Justin Germino of Dragon Blogger. Justin gives some great tips on how to review products, such as what products to review, how to get free products from companies, and how to monetize your reviews. Find out MORE in the video! Read More »

Facebook Dismisses Adscend Media Suit

judges gavel on a laptop computer (cyber law)

Just a day after Performance Marketing Insider learned that the Washington AG was dismissing almost all claims against Adscend Media, we have learned that Facebook has voluntarily dismissed all claims in a corresponding lawsuit. The dismissal comes less than four months after the original lawsuit, filed tandem with the Washington State Attorney General complaint alleging that Adscend used “misleading and ... Read More »

Adscend Wins Some Against Wash AG


Just a few short months ago the Washington State AG got up and told the world about how Adscend Media was involved in some huge scheme on Facebook and announce they were going to be suing them for a bunch of money, alleging fraud, deceptive practices and some other things. Well, just yesterday, the AG of Washington dropped most of ... Read More »

(PMI-TV) Ian Fernando is a Snitch


Not everyone likes Ian Fernando these days, because he’s helping keep some of CPA networks a bit more honest. Affiliates are tired of offers going down and not getting credited by some less than ethical networks. Ian Fernando, an active super affiliate, experienced his share of frustration throughout his affiliate marketing days, and is known for documenting the joys and ... Read More »

Cyberplex CX Digital Fire Sale


Cyberplex, the parent company of CX Digital, has announced that it’s selling is display business, Tsavo Media, as part of a financial fire sale.  Tsavo had recently been in the news after being accused by Yahoo of providing junk traffic, and being forced to repay monies based on this traffic.  Cyberplex, a public company, has been plagued by bad news, ... Read More »

Amazon To Start Collecting Tax in Nevada


Great news for affiliate and marketers, but not such great news for anyone who just might have moved to Nevada and uses a lot. Amazon has reached an agreement with the State of Nevada to start collecting taxes on Nevada residents. According to the WSJ  The online retailing company said it will collect taxes in the same manner as ... Read More »

Monetize Your Niche Site


Niche websites are a great way to generate a consistent online income. There are many online marketers who have created their own niche empires starting from scratch. Regardless of your approach towards niche sites, it’s important that you monetize them effectively. Eventually, the success of your niche website will be measured by the money it makes. But before you monetize ... Read More »

(PMI-TV) Your Reputation Sucks


Affiliate Reputation: In this Performance Marketing Insider interview, host Murray Newlands interviews Kevin De Vincenzi, aka “The ClickFather” from XY7 Elite about affiliate management and making sure you’re working with the right publishers and advertisers. For those who don’t know, Kevin is one of the top media buyers in the space, spending millions of dollars a month buying media on ... Read More »

Forbes Interviews PMI-TV Host Murray Newlands


Sarah Austin of Forbes interviews PMI-TV host Murray Newlands about all things digital and more importantly, how great her shoes are. We aren’t sure what’s going on here, but she’s the most relaxed Forbes host we’ve seen, in that short jeans skirt and NYPD Shirt. Gotta give her creds for not changing a thing about herself after going big time ... Read More »

(PMI-TV) CDN’s Improve SEO, Increase Conversions


Content delivery networks help webmasters increase their site load times. According to David Henzel of CDN NetDNA, this has a number of advantages, for example, site acceleration has a direct impact on a site’s conversion rate. It does this by hosting your site’s heavy content, like images, on local servers. This means that a user in San Francisco does not ... Read More »

Display Advertising Doesn’t Work


Most internet ad professionals quickly learn to get their heads around the key metrics that drive their industry and get them so much kudos at dinner parties and the like. I am of course talking about cost per mille (CPM), cost per click (CPC), click through rate (CTR), and percentage conversions rates. As the industry has matured, we are able ... Read More »

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