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Trent Silver: Not a Millionaire, a Fake


After this article came out, Trent Silver got in trouble with law enforcement. His businesses turned out to be a scam — and he owned all his partners money. The millionaire claim was nothing more than a lie, and he was still living in his Dad’s house. Worse than that, he bought advertising on this publication after we wrote about it, and never paid it in full.


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Pace Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.


  1. I had know idea the guy behind the Cash for Gold offers was so young… Good for him…

    • Yeah, very inspiring. I was saying the same thing when I got into marketing at 23, “just do it”. People would always ask me about starting their own business or becoming financially independent and I would tell them that they just have to start taking action, but pretty much nobody does. It really is a cliche thing to say, but only because its so true. You have to think outside the box and do what nobody or very few others are doing in order to really succeed.

  2. Interesting post. Shit like this really motivates me to get outside my comfort zone and test, what’s 6 figures a year if you can make 7.

  3. Great Strategy to pick them up in the POS car on first date 😉

  4. WoW very interesting interview.

  5. One of the few guys making a lot of sense. Nice catch Pace.

  6. Thanks for the articles. You point out some things I’d never even thought of.

    So…what are some ways affiliates can protect themselves from data shaving?

  7. Robert – Is this true? I just read your article and now I am skeptical of doing business with this company. Can anyone else confirm/deny these allegations?

    • I read the article, it was complaints of people who did not like the checks they received. That is in fact, the entire business model. You are selling the gold at below market prices because it needs to be processed, and the person doing it wants to make a profit. If the gold is worth $25 then you’ll get a check probably for $10-15.

  8. @Dave McGurk – sell a package of gold through the mail that’s full of costume jewelry and you’ll be lucky to get $5. Fact of the matter is, there’s a huge disparity between what consumers believe their gold to be worth (retail) and what it’s worth when melted. We are dealing with consumers’ valuables being sent through the mail, sometimes the process takes some time and the consumers are not always educated on melt value. This is the nature of the business model and our demographic.

  9. Makes sense now guys, I didn’t see it that way. I appreciate Trent posting a response too.

  10. Wow such an amazing story of him! His timeline sounds simple gorgeous! I just couldn’t picture myself how he could do it at his age!

  11. Why did you screen my comment? I say something you didn’t like? I only pointed out this guys companies don’t seem to be operating anymore as his websites are down and the internet is littered with complaints about the so called customer service he touts in the article.

    • I guess it didn’t post because I dropped links to his sites. Still Any one how can do what he did in 2 years is definitely to be congratulated. I know in his business there bound to be unhappy customers who think there gold is worth more. I just hope he really didn’t become a millionaire off scamming people.

  12. @Dustin,

    I appreciate your interest in the interview. I had over 100,000 requests for gold kits with over a 37% conversion rate into returned gold packages. Conservatively we can value the average package at $200. With the mail-in cash for gold model you’re going to have a percentage of unhappy customers for a few reasons 1) Consumer education on “melt value” 2) The time elapsed for the process takes almost 2 weeks, even though we advertise a “24 hour turn around time mailing out checks” – which we do. (5 days for it to come to our facility – 24 hours to process it (if weekend an extra 2 days) and then 5 days for the consumer to receive it). At that point many are already impatient. When I explain things like this, it benefits the entire mail-in secondhand goods industry – operators need to understand the logistics of this and the type of consumer they’re dealing with, so I have no problem explaining the process and complaint ratios. As for the businesses themselves, they require a massive amount of human labor and the vision I had was to shift more towards Lead Gen for scalability. Besides, I’m 21 years old, it was never my plan to buy gold through the mail for the rest of my life. Keep posting and I’ll check back every so often – these are good questions.

  13. BillybobJones

    thank Goodness for karma

  14. It took him more then two years to get where he is at now. I am sure that he went through many failures before becoming a millionaire

  15. LaTease Rikard

    Trent, you are truly amazing and an inspiration to those who think outside the box to get it done. Thanks Pace for giving us a real life image of a successful marketer who isn’t a scammer!

  16. Nice post. Today people just spend time on quick bucks instead of building a real business.

  17. I like this kid. He reminds me of me at 21. He’s more knowledgeable than a lot of seasoned veterans. The way he looks at things will make him successful at everything he does.

    I wish you much more success Trent. Keep doing your thing!

  18. This kind of success stories are so motivation! This brings hope that someday I will read this kind of article about myself.
    Wish you all the best in the business and don’t stop here and build something even more respectful and impressive!

  19. We all can become millionaires if we will be sure in what we are doing and if we will do it with care!

  20. Danyelle Franciosa

    Such an interesting and very inspiring post! Glad to know about Trent Silver, when there is great motivation and perseverance in achieving your dreams no doubt, you are reaching your dreams. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  21. Very good read, very sensible young man, very inspiring!

  22. This story just proves that when you set your mind and heart to something you only succeed. Always try to think out of the box and think strategy like Trent did. Good luck in your business!

  23. Nice Interview..He is a cool guy

  24. its always interesting to see how those that are on the ourside looking in have the wrong things to say, in other words, if you are not educated on the subject, the business, the processes or the people, then save us the time please. Questions are good, assumptions we can live without. Trent and i crossed paths recently, nothing wrong with this young man, he is a businessman that has reached success at an early age, and anyone in this business of direct marketing knows how difficult it can be as well as the learning curve involved. Give him a little credit, good job kid! Lets go get some more now …

  25. Great interview. Buying gold jewellery is an interesting business model….I prefer to invest straight into gold bullion – it’s a popular investment for a reason. Gold holds its value well over time, and it’s often a secure investment choice in uncertain times.

  26. Burnedby Trent

    There is a ruling against Trent Silver by the Attorney General’s office in FL due to the high number of people that Trent Silver scammed.

    • Trent Silver

      A ruling is one way to look at it. It’s an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance, which was mutually entered into by me and the state AG as a way to help myself move forward with my new ventures, while organizing a way for my old customers that were due refunds to get what they deserved. I’m sorry if you feel scammed, but my business grew too fast on the marketing side and I am dealing with the consequences of not being equipped to handle the fulfillment side.


  27. This “kid” to millionaire borrowed money from his dad (what I was told) and scammed people out of millions (which I have seen). He isn’t even CLOSE to a millionaire. I was told by a friend of his that he lives with his Father in his fathers house, drives his fathers car. He has done nothing whatsoever except rip a lot of people off. How can he even say the things he does with a straight face? He is the definition of sociopath.

    He was proud of ripping people off and just NOW is starting to be seen trying to give it back because if he doesn’t he is going to jail! Those are facts.

    What about this kid is inspirational? He ripped people off to make money when he was broke and now is getting heat for it and being charged by AG’s. He has made zero money in any other LEGIT areas.

    He is simply a scam artist and a scumbag that is trying to portray himself as some kind of business guru. So pathetic. and he WILL get what he has coming, I can assure you.

    • Trent Silver

      1. I didn’t have to borrow from my dad. I used a $250,000 investment from people who believed in my vision to start my business
      2. Nobody has been “ripped off” and I have gone more than out of my way to make up for the fact that my business grew too fast
      3. 0 money in any other “legit” areas? I run a 6-figure consulting and media agency and I feel like I’m doing OK at 21 years old
      4. I don’t claim to be a guru. People can choose to listen to me or not, doesn’t affect me either way
      5. As for jail, learn the definition between a “civil” and a “criminal” case. My case, which is now “closed” thank you very much – was for civil infractions that grew out of a business that scaled too fast – to be specific, advertising and record-keeping issues. These cases = fines and penalties, not jail.
      6. Yes, I live at home in my father’s house. It’s 8,000 SQ FT, has a tennis court, a pool and a rather large lake…I’m 21 years old, why wouldn’t I want to live here?
      7. Get a life

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