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3 Tips to Leverage Pinterest for Marketing


The Pinterest craze is spreading across the web like wildfire, and there’s no stopping to it. The site is on its way to social media domination. However, online marketers are still trying hard to figure out how Pinterest can be used to get the word out about their product, get some targeted leads or just some relevant exposure. Integrating Pinterest ... Read More »

Plenty of Fish Sued for Photo of Dead Soldier


Last month Plenty of Fish, POF was sued for using a dead soldiers photo in ads for “Military Man Searching for Love.   Army Lt. Peter Burks parents have sued PoF and for using the photo without permission. “The implication is that, if you click here, this is one of our members. This is somebody you’ll meet — and people ... Read More »

Self-Serve Mobile Ads Available


ADOTAS – Mobile signup ad platform Pontiflex launched a self-service feature called AdLeads today. The new service, said Pontiflex CEO and co-founder Zephrin Lasker, is “the next step after Google AdWords — a very analogous situation with us.” According to a release from the company, AdLeads allows businesses to create geotargeted signup campaigns for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, and ... Read More »

Build Your Own Offer and Cross-Sell


I’m  a huge fan of diversifying business ventures and cross-selling to increase the bottom line. Why should you cross-sell to your consumers? Make more money by selling additional products and services to consumers who are already interested in what you’re offering Protecting yourself against regulation of verticals; if one industry becomes obsolete you’ve built other quality businesses that continue to ... Read More »

Siri Sued by Angry Californian


Siri, the voice-activated lady who can help you with your Apple Iphone 4S, has been sued for overselling its abilities in TV commercials. According to the lawsuit, filed by David Jones in the Los Angeles District court, Siri doesn’t do anything similar to what is shown in commercials, and because of that Apple is using deceptive advertising to promote its ... Read More »

Study: CPM Rates Do Not Equal Value


Interesting news out of the fine folks at Comscore today, where they kindly point out that the price you pay CPM has nothing whatsoever to do with the value of the advertisement.  What’s new, I’ve been saying this for years, pointing out that with the industry rife with fraud, people not seeing advertisements and brand media buyers just lazy, you ... Read More »

React2Media Merges with ad pepper media US


Interactive marketing technology company React2Media and ad pepper media USA, known for its semantic-based targeting and RTB technologies, today announced a merger in which ad pepper media’s display products and services – iSense, SiteScreen and the RTB platform adEXplorer – will now be represented in the U.S. by React2Media. “Combining forces with ad pepper media allows us to offer a ... Read More »

Vergonomix aka Vergo Interactive


At VergoNomix we specialize in performance-based affiliate marketing and Cost-Per-Action (CPA, CPL, CPC) online lead generation campaigns. We connect online advertisers with consumers across numerous industries to produce actionable results. VERGO Interactive connects institutions of higher learning with students exploring options for post-secondary education. Through innovative research, information and expert advice, VERGO Interactive enables potential students to find schools that ... Read More »

LeadsCon Acquired in Huge Buyout


After playing in the TV show friends for many years, Jay Weintraub set his sights on starting the leading, umm… lead generation conference, LeadsCon. We are happy to announce that he’s entered the big leagues now, selling his company for a large sum of cash. A personal congrats to my friend and colleague, Jay.  Access Intelligence, a leading marketing company ... Read More »

FTC Contacts More CPA Affiliate Networks about Possible Actions


Performance Marketing Insider has learned that the FTC has alerted at least half-a-dozen networks that they are in the target for possible enforcement actions. These networks have received what are called “civil investigative demands” which have asked networks to provide information about their practices and specific affiliates they are doing business with. According to insiders, the CIDs have been mainly ... Read More »

Google Launching Competitor to Facebook Commenting Platform


It seems, according to the Interwebs, that Google has decided to focus on copying everything that Facebook does. The most recent announcement seems to be that they are in the middle of planning a commenting platform to compete with Facebook comments. There’s some obvious good things about this, mainly that this could easily be integrated into the Google+ but also ... Read More »

Why I’m Moving to Las Vegas and Why Marketers Should Also


After two years in Colorado, I’ve decided to move. My first selection was to Arizona, probably Scottsdale, as I love the area, love the houses and really love the weather. However, while looking at places in the Phoenix area, both my fiancé and myself decided to consider looking out of curiosity at the Las Vegas area. We had lived there ... Read More »

Controversy Over Blogging For Pay

Sponsored Posts, Paid Reviews - FTC Disclosure Schwag150

Bloggers face issues and controversy with revenue generation strategies like blogging for pay, sponsored posts, paid reviews, and selling links. How does this go over with the FTC, Google, and blog readership? Read More »

6 Tips to Curate and Create Valuable Content


Content is important for running a successful online business. You need good, engaging content to give value to your prospects/consumers in order to build trust, increase your credibility, get more leads or boost your sales. One effective way to come up with fresh and valuable content is to through content curation. Curating content is nothing but discovering and collecting useful ... Read More »

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