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Get $100 In Free Twitter Ads Now

Get $100 In Free Twitter Ads Now

In probably the greatest news for marketers in the last year, Twitter will soon be releasing their self-serving advertising system. This will allow anyone to go onto twitter and buy advertising for almost any product and promote it via twitter. This source of traffic has long been used by marketers who own twitter accounts, but its been a very high entrance level for marketers and without a self-serving system, no easy way to optimize it.

The system will only be available initially to those who use American Express Credit Cards. While this seems a bit weird, the good news is that the first 10,000 marketers who use the system  will get a $100 credit from American Express to buy these ads.

The Sign Up for this promotion is at http://ads.twitter.com/amex

This system will be very similar to Google Adwords, as it will allow advertisers to specify how much they are willing to spend, pick geo-targeting regions and write their own advertisement. Additionally, it will only charge for ads that are either clicked on, or retweeted, making it an amazing tool for marketers.



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