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Exclusive Interview: MegaUpload Executive Talks


I’ve been fortunate to have known Arikka Greene for a while and have a lot of great conversations with her about the industry, life in general and more importantly what’s good to eat in France. She’s a charming, delightful young ... Read More »

DatingGold Wins Major Affiliate Award


DatingGold captured the Affiliate Program of the Year award at the first Adult Entertainment Virtual Convention this past weekend. The award, named the “Great Diamond Penis,” is awarded to best in category for the best smut on the internet. “We ... Read More »

How to Become a Panda Friendly Affiliate


Most of the affiliate marketers know the value of organic search traffic. Many even strive to strike an SEO home run. And why not? After all, it’s free exposure if you manage to get ranked for the right keywords. However, ... Read More »

8 Smart SEO Tips for Your Twitter Profile


Twitter is turning out to be one of most useful social tools for online marketers. Regardless of what niche you’re targeting, you should leverage Twitter to the maximum to stay ahead of your competition. Besides driving direct traffic to your ... Read More »

Digital River CEO Responds to DirectTrack Crash


In a letter to customers, Digital River’s CEO has responded to the issues that DirectTrack faced this week. Of course, since they could face possible legal actions and more obviously, loss of all their customer base, they did not address ... Read More »

Bodog Raided by Feds, Founders to be Arrested


Online Gambing Giant Bodog has been raided by the feds late last night, and its founder billionare Calvin Arye and associates have been indicted and/or arrested.  Arye has been accused, under a grand jury indictment, of operating an illegal gambling ... Read More »

Facebook Owes Us Billions Claims Yahoo


In an interesting twist, Yahoo has come out with a claim that Facebook is infringing on up to 20 different patents that they own, including advertising, the personalization of websites and social networking and messaging. This potentially is a huge ... Read More »

Report: Affiliates Can Make More Sales

A new report by Affiliate Window strategist Owen Hewitson answers the question if Affiliate sales can ever be incremental. Basically some people have questioned if affiliate sales are often being sent to people who would have bought the product anyway, ... Read More »

HasOffers Bashes DirectTrack’s Downtime


I thought it would be appropriate for HasOffers to respond to the recent Digital River catastrophy, more specifically how it relates to DirectTrack. Most of the world already seems pretty confused about the extremely low level of redundancy described in ... Read More »

Bevo Media Launches First CPA Ad Exchange


Bevo Media, an online marketing technology company based in San Diego, is set to launch the first ever exchange for the performance marketing industry in March 2012. The platform will give internet marketers the opportunity to display their highest converting ... Read More »

How to Become Rich In CPA Affiliate Marketing


It’s always funny to me all the affiliate marketers who post photos of themselves with bling, money coming out their month, and then post a photo of their 2002 Toyota Camry.  It makes you wonder first how much money they ... Read More »

Ben POF Reveals Secrets of POF


People ask me all the time how to get started with Plenty of Fish Ads. In fact, they usually send a message like “You’re totally like the Jeremy Lin of Online Marketing, how do I get started making slam dunks ... Read More »

DirectTrack Still Down, Says it Was Scheduled Maintenance


Almost 48 hours since the original crash, Performance Marketing Insider has learned that there are still networks facing significant or complete network outage. As reported yesterday in Dozens of Networks Shut Down: DirectTrack Suffers Massive Failure, DirectTrack reported a massive ... Read More »

How to Spot a Backlink Worthy Website


Google Panda’s on the prowl, and it may just get you for linking to bad neighborhoods. It’s about time bloggers and webmasters realize that quality link building is serious business. Low quality backlinks will only make things worse. If you ... Read More »

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