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Bidding on Trademarks Makes Sense


For many, many years it was considered a complete “no-no” to bid on other brand’s trademarks. In fact, worried about possible lawsuits, many performance-marketing campaigns specifically worded in their terms, that trademark bidding on competitor’s brands was not allowed whatsoever.  Despite this, many affiliates sometimes engaged in this activity, finding that trademark PPC bidding was highly cost effective and produced ... Read More »

New Sponsor: Wheaten & Wheaten


Would like to give a welcome to Wheaten & Wheaten, one of our new sponsors. I have decided to start introducing our sponsors as they come in, and some of the old ones, in order to show appreciation to those who have helped build this site. Without our sponsors, we couldn’t have the LARGEST and most popular publication in Performance ... Read More »

Chris Kay and Blue Global Media Dominate


The Payday Loan market has received a lot of negative press lately, with FTC lawsuits up the wazoo and articles written about all the scams out there. Despite this, there are a few companies out there making a killing in suprime and payday loans, and doing it right. Chris Kay saw an opportunity to enter the market, take it over ... Read More »

Modern Warfare 3: What Affiliates Can Learn


For those who don’t know, I’m also a pretty hardcore gamer.  I own every major gaming system and hundreds of games. I made my first million in the gaming industry, merging my computer games network to an advertising company in 1997 and then helping to create the first online representation firm, which still exists somewhat today in the form of ... Read More »

Adscend Media Says Facebook Allegations are Bunk


This past week, Facebook along with the Washington State Attorney general, sued Adscend Media claiming that they were defacto spamming Facebook with “likes.”  This is a curious extension of the CAN-SPAM laws, because it claims that likes, even when generated by other users, are somehow regulated by CAN-SPAM. Adscend Media, however has responded that they are not involved whatsoever with ... Read More »

Why are CPA Networks Going out of Business?


With last weeks announcement that COPEAC, one of the first CPA networks in existence, was shutting down, people started talking a lot more about the issues in the industry. We received dozens of emails and comments asking why CPA Networks are shutting down – several affiliates mentioned that they have now more than once had a CPA Network shut down, ... Read More »

COPEAC Shutting Doors


Update 16:22: We have received confirmation via email from COPEAC: “Effective immediately Copeac.com has ceased all operations.” Performance Marketing Insider has learned that COPEAC and IMM Interactive (fka Intermark Media) have begun the process of shuttering their business. According to several insiders, they have been unable to pay debts to affiliates and publishers for some time after facing significant financial ... Read More »

Pay-Per-Call Drives Money


For too long, publishers and advertisers have been burdened by a mutual lack of trust. Trust is a reciprocal issue, and it’s clear that both camps have reasons to be concerned.  For many publishers, advertiser scrubbing practices have always been a mystery.  Often, the client won’t say why they think one lead is valid and another is invalid.  Some even ... Read More »

How I Make Millions on Pay Per Call


Two years ago I started marketing pay per call offers.  I thought the channel had the potential to solve lead quality issues so many of our advertisers were complaining about.  A perfect fit for complex sale campaigns that require a human touch and customer service, I purchased a license to Ring Revenue technology so I could bring this solution to ... Read More »

MegaUpload Bust Should Scare Affiliates


I’m not one of those conspiracy folks who will rant all day about the evils of the government, and how they are going to take away our guns, force us to worship Satan or worse, make us listen to Justin Beiber. However, when I heard that MegaUplaod was “busted” for what should have been a civil matter, there were numerous ... Read More »

QR Codes to Retire in 2012


According to bieMedia, and online marketing and media company, the QR code will die before it really took off. They are claiming that these codes will actually be replaced by mobile video search, which according to them, is faster and provides a better interactive experience. “QR Codes were introduced as a quick extension to modernize the bar code,” says bieMEDIA ... Read More »

CPX Goes Cookie Free

Digital advertising company CPX Interactive today announced the first in a series of new product launches set for early 2012, CPX IP (Cookie-Free) Targeting. CPX will leverage its unparalleled online reach and a previously announced partnership with predictive data solutions company Semcasting to create a powerful new offering that plugs seamlessly into its own proprietary global distribution engine, enabling IP ... Read More »

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