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Bidding on Trademarks Makes Sense


For many, many years it was considered a complete “no-no” to bid on other brand’s trademarks. In fact, worried about possible lawsuits, many performance-marketing campaigns specifically worded in their terms, that trademark bidding on competitor’s brands was not allowed whatsoever.  ... Read More »

Pay-Per-Call Drives Money


For too long, publishers and advertisers have been burdened by a mutual lack of trust. Trust is a reciprocal issue, and it’s clear that both camps have reasons to be concerned.  For many publishers, advertiser scrubbing practices have always been ... Read More »

QR Codes to Retire in 2012


According to bieMedia, and online marketing and media company, the QR code will die before it really took off. They are claiming that these codes will actually be replaced by mobile video search, which according to them, is faster and ... Read More »

CPX Goes Cookie Free

Digital advertising company CPX Interactive today announced the first in a series of new product launches set for early 2012, CPX IP (Cookie-Free) Targeting. CPX will leverage its unparalleled online reach and a previously announced partnership with predictive data solutions ... Read More »

SEO Tips For WordPress


WordPress is definitely the best blogging tools out there, and it’s one that I’ve used since 2005 when I opened HTML is great to know, but using WordPress makes your job easier and allows you to spend more time ... Read More »

Clef two-factor authentication