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Google+ Hits 62 Million, but is anyone noticing?


ADOTAS – According to a report by Paul Allen, a Google+ “unofficial statistician” and the co-founder of, Google+ now has 62 million users, and 24 percent of all of them joined in December alone. Allen explained he and his ... Read More »

Sebastian Quezada Fund

For those who didn’t know, a Fund has been set up by those in the online advertising industry to help Isabella Quezada, the daughter of Sebastian Quezada, a friend of many of us in the industry. “This fund was created ... Read More »

E-Mail & Zip Submit Offers Linked to Majority of Facebook Scams


According to Internet Security Firm CommTouch, the majority of Facebook Scams in 2011 used illegal and deceptive methods to promote affiliate marketing offers – most of them email or zip-submit offers. CommTouch claims that over 75% of all of the ... Read More »

Five Killer Examples of How to Make Your Facebook Ads Pop!


Besides the overall return on investment from your Facebook Ads campaigns, we can pretty much determine that it’s all about the click! The click through rate of your ad copy will not only bring you more volume, but it will ... Read More »

Guarantee Your Content Will go Viral


Going Viral is probably the easiest way to ensure that you’ll make money. No matter who you are, from a publication, blogger or content affiliate, it’s a simple way to get tons of traffic almost for free. “Going Viral” is ... Read More »

How GoDaddy Lost 70,000 Customers


There is a lesson to be learned in knowing your customers, or at least knowing exactly where they generally stand when it comes to politics. First rule of business has always been to try to stay out of political discussions ... Read More »

Facebook’s Risky Ad Move


Facebook has announced that it will start putting ads in the news feed, a move that will grow their advertising inventory many-fold. However, it’s a very risk move that might actually end up harming them. A screenshot below shows an ... Read More »

How to Get Twitter Followers to Click on Links


Twitter can consistently be one of the greatest methods of getting people to click on links. While there are tons of spammers who use twitter, and that causes a serious noise problem when getting followers, there are tons of  great ... Read More »

Content Marketing for Businesses 2012


Publish or vanish. The New Year will be bringing with it an understanding of the necessary shift that is critical for businesses. Becoming an internet publisher will become top priority and will bypass website creation. What Does This Mean? By ... Read More »

AWeber Holds Data Hostage?


According to Blogger “EarlGrey”, of, he has an issue with AWeber. The issue: that he can’t pay his bill because of a debit card problem and because of that his account has completely been locked, and they don’t accept ... Read More »

Lessons from Angry Birds

ADOTAS –  The team behind T-Mobile‘s Angry Birds Live commercial gained recognition when their recent efforts spread like wildfire on the internet, achieving 8 million views of the video. Even the behind-the-scenes footage made an impact, with 140,000 views. The success was no mistake ... Read More »

Click-To-Call is the Next Great CPA Model


Digital advertising continues to evolve fast. When we founded Freespee back in 2008, the world was different: the affiliate marketing business was a fraction of what it is today, and mobile advertising was mostly about ringtones and entertainment. Even social ... Read More »

Affiliates Adapt to Mobile Advertising Demands


According to the Ofcom International Communications Report for 2011, 41% of Internet users access the Internet, via mobile phone. The percentage has nearly tripled over the last three years. With nearly half of the population accessing the Internet, affiliate marketers, ... Read More »

Clickbooth FTC Raid…Not


Last week there were rumors that Clickbooth, a major affiliate CPA network had been raided by the FTC.  This included anonymous posting on several message boards by someone claiming that he had knowledge of a raid. However, despite the rumors ... Read More »

Clef two-factor authentication