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Boost Adwords CTR by 150% with this Tweek


Take a look at the two ads below. Imagine your once-fast PC has become painfully slow. You keep getting warnings that say your virtual memory is low. So you go to Google and type in “increase virtual memory.” Which ad do ... Read More »

Bing’s Top Searches of 2011


Funny and interesting, bing has released the top searches of 2011 to the public. I’ve mentioned before how important it is to know about trends, because you’ll be able to create, develop and market products that match those trends. If ... Read More »

Stupid Idea: Federal Sales Tax Supported by PMA


Congress has started legislation to start a possible federal sales tax, specifically aimed at online retailers. The Performance Marketing Association, has expressed support on this idea, pointing out that it is a better idea than having tons of State Nexus ... Read More »

Cyber Monday Spending Up One Third

1050854_32905364 150w

Cyber Monday was up 29 percent for online retailers selling though Mercent Retail versus last year, according to the Mercent Retail eCommerce Index. Mercent is a technology company that helps retailers reach more consumers online. The Index matches prior data ... Read More »

Feds Seize Over 100 Domain Names

782017_40358157 150w

Federal authorities in the U.S. have begun another crackdown of counterfeit and piracy websites. Over100 domain names have been seized by the government. The domains are part of the resurrection of Operation in Our Sites, a domain seizing operation developed ... Read More »

Job Seekers Going Mobile

1088345_71978737 150w

According to an infographic from, 77 percent of job seekers use mobile job search apps. The use of mobile phones reflects an on-going trend of consumers using mobile devices to conduct activities previously handled by their home computer. The ... Read More »

Google Lines Up Five At A Time

7912_9725 150w

Google recently changed Product Ads to include the ability to show five separate products at a time. The improvement give users more information and pricing details and lets advertisers showcase more of their inventory at the same time. Product Listing ... Read More »

Yahoo Shuts It Down

1100904_29666144 closed 150w

Performance marketers and website owners who counted on Yahoo Site Explorer for backlink information will have to look elsewhere for that data. The long awaited move took place this week when Yahoo closed the service for good. The changeover to ... Read More »

Like Cash? How about cash for Likes?


Short and sweet, if you are not already being paid to generate social media actions for your advertisers you probably will be soon enough.  And if you are an advertiser and have not thought about what social media actions mean ... Read More »

Google Caught Pimping Brands on Porn Sites


AdNews – More major brands have been caught buying online ad space on soft porn sites as pressure mounts on Google to declare its hand on the commercial use of this content across its online advertising network. Google has also ... Read More »

Kids want Ipads not PlayStations


According to a new survey by Nielsen, 44% of kids 6-12 would rather have an Ipad or Iphone. This is in sharp contrast from previous years when Playstations, Xb0x360’s and similar console games were always ranked up there. This is ... Read More »

Trada Opens Crowdsourced Ad Marketplace


PPC crowdsourcing firm Trada has released a Facebook version of its advertising marketplace. Trada, founded in September of 2008 in Boulder , Colorado, originated the PPC crowdsourcing concept for Google Adwords. The company will use a similar model to help ... Read More »

Google Suspends over 500 Fraudulent Ads

suspended – Google finally acknowledges that when advertisers are seedy small businesses the publisher has greater responsibility in accepting such advertisements Consumer groups have been complaining for years about proliferation of fraud ads on Google — and at least one ... Read More »

Feds Go after Nutraslim and LeanSpa Flogs

jailed_0 (1)

Performance Marketing Insider has learned that both the FTC and the State of Connecticut have launched actions against LeanSpa and Nutraslim, owned and operated by Boris Mizhen of Connecticut. The actions accuse Mr. Mizen through his companies of  taking over ... Read More »

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