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Affiliate In-Text Advertising Launches


Skimlinks has announced that it is launching Skimwords 2.0, which will provide affiliate links within in-text ads. This opportunity will convert certain keywords into affiliate links from their acquisition of AtmaLinks. It will match over 20 million product in real ... Read More »

Marketing Like the Greatful Dead


Sometime ago, a great little book arrived for us in the mail. And it’s very much both of those things: It’s compact and it’s exceptional. It was a copy of David Meerman Scott and Brian Halligan’s Marketing Lessons from the Grateful ... Read More »

Myths of Yahoo Email Marketing


James Jrumbly of The Email Guide was curious about what exactly gets through from email marketers to Yahoo users.  So he decided to use Yahoo’s email visualization tool and learned quite a bit about the subject. This is a pretty ... Read More »

Groupon has CPA to Thank!


Despite all the naysayers about Groupon and its business model, the facts remain the same: Groupon is an enormous success and helped to launch an entire industry. Whether it will be worth $5 billion or $20 billion based on market ... Read More »

Is Comment Spam Illegal?


One of the techniques to generate traffic and in theory, backlinks, that is often pushed by some “gurus” and get-rich marketing products is Comment and TrackBack spam. This is a technique in which often people use automated software to spam ... Read More »

Marketers Must Start Bing Optimization


Here’s the issue simply. Almost every SEO Company works completely on Google optimization. In fact, almost SEO companies seem to spend all their time obsessing over Google’s infamous algorithyms, how these affect the search engine results and what they can ... Read More »

Matt Cutts of Google: SEO Is Good


Matt Cutts, the guy who determines what SEO spam is, what blackhat and white hat, and can basically ban your site from Google has been nice enough to share the following video which basically says that he really loves SEO. ... Read More »

Affiliates MUST attend ADTECH


November 8-10th in NYC, held at the worst convention center in the world (no hotels, no restaurants in the area) will be ADTECH. Many affiliates do not attend ADTECH feeling that it is not for the affiliate industry; thinking that ... Read More »

Is Flash Sales a New Opportunity?


Could Flash Sales be a new affiliate marketing opportunity? As more and more sites are turing to flash sales as a method of marketing, they seem to be almost expected. This technique, which seems to have a better longevity than ... Read More »

Google Panda Causes Job Losses?


If you didn’t know, just a few days ago, Google updated Panda again, and quite a few more sites dropped off the radar. This change however perhaps is one of the biggest changes since the original panda update. Tons of ... Read More »

More CPA Networks Sued for Affiliate Patent


Once again, the company claiming to own basically the patent for affiliate marketing, Essociate has gone after another batch of affiliate and cpa networks, including Peerfly, COPEAC, CPAWAY and Neverblue. Currently cases against several other major CPA Networks are ongoing, ... Read More »

ClickBank B’Slaps JV IM’s Again


As part of ClickBanks continued desire to pretend to clean up their act, they have instituted another policy. Because of all the crap on Clickbank and more important Affiliates Revolt Against Clickbank, they have instituted a policy that will help ... Read More »

Why are CPA Networks Paying Late?


Recently I’ve heard that several, including possibly the largest, CPA Networks are starting to pay affiliate late. It seems to be a topic of conversation on several message boards, that several networks, to be unnamed aren’t paying their bills on ... Read More »

Must Have Stuff & Gadgets For Affiliates


Every so often I waste my money on things that I don’t really need. That might explain why my storage is filled with about dozen types of stereo speakers, every sort of cleaning device for clothing and god knows how ... Read More »

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