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What is Performance Marketing?


Performance Marketing is a method of interactive advertising which pays on a “performance” basis. Sometimes the term Affiliate marketing is used interchangeably, but they are not actually synonymous. Performance Marketing pays out only on a completed action. Often the action is based on a sale (Cost Per Sale) or a lead (Cost Per Lead), but can also be other revenue ... Read More »

Adwords for Video to Launch


In what could be one of the best new platforms for performance marketrers, Google will start beta testing Google Adwords for Video next week. This will allow advertisers to place video campaigns on sites like YouTube and the Google Display Network using their auction-based platform. This will be an added function to Google Adwords and use the same login, but ... Read More »



As per these articles, LeadClick and EAdvertising has shut down. LeadClick was the parent company of Affiliate Network, EAdvertising. From their website “LeadClick Media ®, a CoreLogic company, is a leader in performance-based lead generation, specializing in connecting consumers with service providers in the financial services, automotive and real estate industries. With our proprietary real-time lead filtering, integration and delivery ... Read More »

Amazon’s Sneak Attack on Google (and You)


Ok so I’ll admit the title was a blatant act of sensationalism.  Sorry about that.  But when I read about Amazon’s entry into the tablet market, the Kindle Fire, I had sudden visions of the chess club champion sucker punching the quarterback of the football team.  Is Google the quarterback in that analogy?  Of course it is. For months now ... Read More »

LeadClick EAdvertising Closes Doors


LeadClickMedia, a CoreLogic company, has reportedly shut their doors. Calls to their office were unreturned, and no one picked up the operator extension. According to employees of the company, the company announced today that they were closing and immediately laid off almost all employees without notice. Several current employees when asked confirmed that the company was completely shut down and ... Read More »

Google+1 Coming to Display


Google has announced that they will be adding +1 buttons to all the ads in their display network. Similar to the “Like” button on Facebook, ads will feature a +1 button on the bottom of all ads, and footnotes about those who also +1’d the advertisement. This will last for about 10 seconds, then fade away. According to a Google ... Read More »

Display Entrance Still Hard


Over the last few years, we’ve heard all the talk about display advertising, real time bidding platform, demand side platforms, exchanges, you name it. Yahoo, Google, Microsoft have all bought companies with solutions, and they have all pushed that these methods will open inventory to almost anyone to buy and bid on advertising. Still, despite this, display advertising is still ... Read More »

Matt Cutts Says Use REL=Author Tag


If you are one of those people using Article marketing as a method of promoting your content, you should have already read some of my articles on good content versus spam content. Similarly, you should be listening to my friend Matt Cutts, the Grandmaster of GoogleSpam, the Count of Quality. He’s the guy who makes sure that crap doesn’t end ... Read More »

NDemand to Host Biggest MeetUp Ever


If you haven’t already heard, my friend Mike Pacheo, aka “Affiliate King” is holding a kick ass meetup in Puerto Rico for about anyone who would like to attend. Yes, you heard that right, unlike some meetups, this is an open event that will cost absolutely nothing to attend. Also, unlike some of the “events” being promoted by the gurus ... Read More »

ClickBank Kills JV Marketing Products


As we previous mentioned, ClickBank has been under enormous pressure by the FTC (Read Clickbank FTC) to make changes its program after numerous customer complaints and a rising chargeback issue with Internet Marketing programs. As part of that, they have started to make additional changes to the guidelines, some which are being announced this week as part of a expanding ... Read More »

California Affiliate Tax Repealed?

Gil Cedillo, Jerry Brown

As you may know, just a few months ago, CA Governor Brown signed into a law an affiliate tax that had taxed purchases by any company with California affiliates. The immediate result had been the removal of tons of affiliates from companies like However, according to the Performance Marketing Association, Governor Brown has signed legislation that will repeal this ... Read More »

New Facebook “Want” Button = Money


Perhaps you are one of the many people bitching about the Facebook layout changes. Personally, I don’t care if Facebook changes into the ugliest site on the internet, just as long as it provides opportunities to marketers to make more money. Lo, the changes being made are actually going to make more money for everyone who wants to market. Facebook ... Read More »

Keyword Trademark Issues in Europe


While the US Courts have ruled that bidding on a competitor’s trademark does not violate their trademark, it seems that the European Courts have taken a completely different stance that could affect affiliates attempting to break into the European market. In a judgement in a case, between Inflora and Marks&Spencer, ruled by  the EC (European Court), the court ruled that ... Read More »



Simply put there is no faster, more feature-rich, more user-friendly affiliate tracking program in the marketplace. Built using state of the art technology with our clients and their needs in mind, the HitPath® performance marketing tracking software is both flexible and scalable yet uncompromisingly reliable and accurate. It goes without saying that accurate and reliable tracking is the key to ... Read More »

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