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Three Effective List Building Methods


List Building continues to be one of the most effective methods of keeping visitors and bringing them back again and again. If you are doing a great job on PPC, CPV or any type of media buying, driving to someone else’s offer, you need to consider doing list building first. The benefits of capturing users […]

Affiliates Revolt Against Clickbank?


The FTC made it clear this year that they were not going to take crap, according to confidential insiders in the industry, it was made clear to clickbank that they needed to take notice of the FTC and make changes.  We reported last month that Clickbank was under pressure from the FTC for the “make […]

SMS Marketing Regulation & Guidelines


Email marketers will likely feel a bit of déjà vu here but at the risk of sounding like an echo I’m going to say it.
The Wild West days are nearing an end for SMS marketers.
In particular I’m referring to rules, best practices, etc. that exist and are evolving due to the increasingly popular practice of […]

Dale Carr of LeadBolt Unlocks Revenue


In our continuing our series on Content Unlocking, we present another interview, this time with Dale Carr, the owner and CEO of LeadBolt. LeadBolt is a fast growing content unlocking company that was the first company to promote mobile content unlocking, and because of that has become the “go-to” place for that side of the […]



INTENTclick is an exclusive performance network by Kontera Technologies, distinct from Kontera’s premier brand network. INTENTclick contains content rich sites in specific performance driven categories, and is able to deliver to these sites the highest monetization levels available in the market.  We use advanced algorithmic yield optimizations, unique in-text […]

Blue Phoenix Network


Blue Phoenix Media is a performance-based online advertising network comprised of a variety of large to medium vertical sites, portals and email publishers. We are partnered with many of the largest publishers to deliver significant reach across many areas of interactive media. We also operate the Blue Phoenix Network, a CPA network hosting over 40 […]

Amped Media


Founded in early 2006, Amped Media is an established Affiliate / Lead Generation Network aimed at offering a better solution for performance marketing publishers and advertisers. Consistently launching new, exclusive, and high converting campaigns; Amped Media is here to ensure clients have exactly what is needed to remain competitive in a fast-moving marketplace.
Give Amped Media […]



We’ve been there. We know what it’s like to be an Affiliate. At most Affiliate Networks, the Affiliate Managers merely focus on bringing in as much revenue as possible and care little about the success of the individual affiliate. We make it a priority to maintain absolute integrity and confidentiality with our Affiliates.
We know what […]



Adjoozey is a leading global affiliate network that has successfully helped affiliates and advertisers alike grow their online business. They have a strong emphasis on online marketing ethics and a drive to constantly provide the best optimization technology. With all of their experience establishing proven media avenues they practically guarantee their affiliates the widest reach […]

Facebook Opens Ads to Casinos and other Sins


Facebook, hoping to grow their advertising base has announced huge changes to their ad guidelines that will allow previously banned categories to advertise on their platform. One of the biggest changes it that now Casinos can advertise on the site, but only to those over 18 years old.
Similarly, some online casinos that target only those […]

Social Media Traffic Exposed


So much to do, so little time.
“What should I do, Ana? Is it still a good time to jump into Twitter? Should I stop using Facebook? Do I need to start paying more attention to Google+?”
Social media is nothing new to any marketer.
We all know its power for networking, traffic generation, keeping up with the […]

How to Hire a Good Internet Attorney


The biggest thing right for attorneys is to jump on the affiliate marketing bandwagon. With the CPA and affiliate industry still growing, a lot of attorneys are trying to change their business model from general business attorneys to “Internet Attorneys” claiming to have expertise and special skill sets to sell the general public. With a […]

Amazing Monetization Techniques for As Seen On TV


Brought to you by OfferInspector Compare Offers, Choose Networks the Easy Way
You’ve all seen the logo – the As Seen On TV, usually referencing some late night commercial with a guy screaming at the top of his lungs that without the special knife, you’re not going to be able to cut an onion. Despite the […]

Great Methods to Avoid the Panda Bitch Slap


Ever since Panda rolled out, everyone has been talking about how it has affected their ability to monetize pages.  Article Submission Sites or Content Farms have been hit the hardest, with some of them seeing as much as a 85% drop in traffic. The reason is simple: Duplicate Content is penalized significantly when it comes […]

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