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Content Unlocking is a Growing Industry


As part of trying to expand our coverage of new parts of the industry, Performance Marketing Insider started a series of interviews with content unlocking companies. Please note, at first I questioned the entire Content Unlocking industry, but have begun ... Read More »

Content Unlocking King: Fehzan Ali is Now Big Man on Campus


 Fehzan Ali is one of the new breed of young entrepreneurs who are making a killing in the industry.  He’s the owner of AdscendMedia, one of the top content unlocking companies in the world.  He’s part of an industry that ... Read More »

Is Your CPA Affiliate Network a Complete and Total Fraud?


It seems that everyone and anyone is making a CPA Network right now. As soon as you turn around, some affiliate has signed up to HasOffers, and has CPABizOffers,  AffCPAFarts, YehawCPA or some other stupid name that they figured out. ... Read More »

Would You Like Fries With That? – Effective use of cross-sales


Marketers do it.  Every marketer I’ve known does it.  I’m referring to the never-ending sale.  You’ve got your sale and then you have your up-sale but you can’t forget your cross-sale, down-sale, and…well you get it. It’s not that I’m ... Read More »

George Avery Gets it With GetAds


George Avery used to be the right-hand man at Affiliate.com (the network formerly known as CPAEMPIRE) until a few years ago. Not soon after Affiliate’s parent company MediaBreakaway was hit, and then subsequently lost a multi-million dollar lawsuit from Myspace, ... Read More »

Charlie Sheen Gave Me His Gmail Address – A Lead Validation Story


In my experience lead generation on the Internet can be summed up in one word, that word being garbage.  Now before my meaning is mistaken let me be clear.  Without validation in place on either the producer or the recipient’s ... Read More »

One Good Man: The Far Reaching Consquences of an Ethical Decision


I recently read about an incident during the American Revolution involving a British Captain, Patrick Ferguson and our most revered General and first President, George Washington. Ferguson, the inventor of the breech loading rifle, had in his sights General Washington, ... Read More »

What Google Doesn’t Want you to Know About Panda

Giant panda dolls in bikini swimming costumes are displayed at "Panda Town" shop in Beijing

Despite all the conversations about what Google is looking for when indexing pages, there is still one thing that they are completely focusing on: incoming links from other sites. In fact, from what I’ve seen in my own personal SEO ... Read More »

Epic Accused of Stealing: Says Accusation is Bogus


ADOTAS – Considered a major privacy violation since a University of California, San Diego study publicized the practice last year, history sniffing or stealing refers to computer code embedded in tracking beacons that reads links on a page to get clues into ... Read More »

Work Hard, Play Hard With Affillion CEO Jared Esguerra


Affillion is a major  private affiliate network.  They feature an industry-leading content locking platform, high quality email submits, and offers that are hotter than the sweaty city they are based out of – Miami, Florida. If you’ve ever visited their ... Read More »

Byron Kho Unlocks Money Making


Byron Kho is the CEO of IDz Media, formerly InstantDollarz, an affiliate network and advertising solutions provider.  After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2005, Byron helped build and develop IDz Media from loyalty website specialization to an affiliate ... Read More »

$4.8 Million FTC Action against Swish Marketing

The FTC Building

At the request of the Federal Trade Commission, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has ordered Swish Marketing, Inc. to pay more than $4.8 million for misleading hundreds of thousands of payday loan applicants into paying ... Read More »

Lead Generation Can Drive Job Growth


My company is focused on generating consumer leads on the Internet. My typical client is a company selling their services or products through a call center. If my explanation seems elementary it’s just a consequence of trying to explain to ... Read More »

The FTC Targets Scam Flogs But Ignores Media Companies That Promote Them


Technorati – The Federal Trade Commission has gone to war against all the fake news sites. If you’ve visited almost any real news site recently, you’ve most likely seen these advertisements that advertise a “special report” from some news station ... Read More »

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