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Proven Landing Page Technique: Social Proof


For those who don’t know, besides owning several publications (including this one), I’ve owned several advertising networks, created one of the first affiliate networks and was also a very, very successful affiliate. (I’m also considered the inventor of the pop-up, ... Read More »

FTC Continues Crackdown on Deceptive Internet Marketing Practices

According to a lawsuit filed May 16, 2011 by the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington, a renowned Canadian online marketing operation that obtained credit and banking information by offering purportedly ... Read More »

Affiliate Prophecy: Ways to End Mediocre Campaigns

Take a whiff. Do you smell it? Mediocrity. It stinks like shit and it’s a plague that has taken over the affiliate marketing industry. So while you’re sitting there cramming elements onto your page, just know that you’re probably losing ... Read More »

Alex Zhardanovsky went from Epic to Doggie.


I’ve personally known Alex Zhardanovsky for a long time – for almost as long as I’ve been in the industry. During that time, I’ve learned several things about him. First, he’s one of the smartest business men that I’ve ever ... Read More »

Five Tips to PPC Success


Ever run around your house destroying everything in your path in a huge panic looking for your keys, phone, etc? As you frantically search every corner imaginable you may have even accused your kids, significant other or anyone in the ... Read More »

Five Revenue and Traffic Generating Products That All Affiliates Must Test

Too many affiliates are one-hit wonders, learning one system or one tool and going out and only using that tool. So many people are dependent on Google or Facebook as the only source of traffic, and can’t see that there ... Read More »

Four Stupidly Smart Ways to Increase Your Conversions

You’re not an asshole. You’re just trying so hard to be one. Please refrain from having a Christian Bale flip-out just yet. If you’ve seen The Social Network, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. At the end of ... Read More »

Top Three CPA Networks in the World

3) Neverblue. Clearly one of the contenders always for the #1 spot is Neverblue. With their own great tracking system, access to programs and offers you could never get anywhere else, they are always a highly recommended network. While their ... Read More »

How to Build Amazing Landing Pages


Yes, there is a formula to create killer landing pages. Anyone can build a landing page with specific elements that are designed to make you money. BUT, it’s not all about the obvious elements on the landing page that can ... Read More »

Five Proven Banner Advertising Techniques in Media Buying

(Originally Written for After much thinking, I’ve decided to share some of the banner arbitrage techniques that allowed me to create some of the most successful performance based banner campaigns ever. For almost 60 weeks I had the same ... Read More »

Sam Sim Isn’t a Guppy Anymore


Of all the recent posts I have done – I am frankly not sure where to start with this one . From his nipple turning antics to constantly picking on his employees or eating more and working less at his ... Read More »

8 Facebook Marketing Hacks You Should Try RIGHT NOW


So you want to learn a few marketing tips on Facebook, huh? Well, I’ll give you SEVERAL! As internet marketers, we have to be tricky and cunning with how we reach our audience. With Facebook always changing its layout and ... Read More »

Affiliate PayPal Taxes & Asset Protection Strategies


As you may know, this year PayPal will start reporting the income received by many affiliates via the PayPal. While this is limited only to those who receive more than $20,000 in payment AND 200 transactions, it will affect many ... Read More »

Five Things that Brand Media can Learn from Affiliates

One thing hasn’t changed since I started working in this industry over a decade ago: brand marketers still often look at performance marketers as if they are a crazy step-brother, locked in the basement for fear that he will get ... Read More »

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