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6 Major Mistakes in Affiliate Email Marketing

You don’t want to lose out on a cheap and effective way to manage your affiliate marketing campaigns, right? Email marketing allows you to create messages for specific niches, track interest by looking at open and click rates, and build relationships with your subscribers. While it is effective, there are also common email marketing mistakes that you need to be aware ... Read More »

Lucas Brown is the Santa Claus of Affiliate Marketing. He Has Offers.


I have to be honest, before this interview I knew nothing about HasOffers whatsoever, except that anyone could make their own affiliate network using the system. I thought perhaps it was some low-level system that had some basic features and was nowhere a possible competition for the “major” players. After this interview and some education, it became very clear that ... Read More »

Reddit, a Great Source for Traffic.

If you don’t know about Reddit, then you probably either work very hard during the day, or you don’t smile enough.  Forget Facebook, forget Digg, do yourself a favor, and visit Reddit.  Not only will you find some of the most interesting articles from across the web, you will find some of the most entertaining and insightful comments on those ... Read More »

Is Facebook Social Marketing Really That Important?

Right now, perhaps the biggest “new job” in online media is the social media manager, and similarly the social media management company. Agencies all over are scrambling to create social media divisions and every major brand out there has been equally hurried to hire “experts” to assist them in this new empire of social media. All those “new media” and ... Read More »

Five Money Making Trends in Affiliate Marketing

ADOTAS – As a publicist working predominantly in the online advertising space, a good indication I get regarding what’s happening in the industry is from the new business prospects that come my way. First of all, good things are happening in the industry, based on the quantity of leads my peers and I are receiving. Beyond this, one trend that ... Read More »

Epic FKA Azoogle to Leave Affiliate Business

In the strangest news this year, Epic Advertising Announced that they were no longer going to be in the Affiliate and Performance Marketing space, instead focusing on new revenue model based completely on their new DailyDealSite called GroupLiving.com.  Epic, formerly known as AzoogleAds, (from the French, pronounced AzoooGleeehhh) was at one time seen as the top affiliate and CPA marketing ... Read More »

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