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Lessons Learned While Fighting the Affiliate Nexus Tax

Waging battles in the growing number of states proposing affiliate nexus bills that threaten affiliate marketers is a lot like the classic episode of “I Love Lucy” where Lucy and Ethel attempt to keep pace with the conveyor belt at the chocolate factory. Staying on top of what is happening in each state is becoming more difficult yet even more ... Read More »

Ahuja Means Make Money in Punjabi


You don’t see that many Sikh’s in affiliate marketing. Honestly, you don’t really see that many Sikhs in general, especially where I moved to, Colorado which is the Capital of the Secret WASP Society.  That being said, Ricky Ahuja has made a name for himself in this industry. Ask anyone and they will tell you that he is a very ... Read More »

M’thinks that Chris Trayhorn Knows Performance

A few years ago someone told me that someone was making a print magazine for the performance marketing industry. I was pretty damn sure it would fail. While blogs weren’t all the rage as they are now, as an experienced online publishers, I was pretty sure no one would want to read something in print. Luckily I was wrong, and ... Read More »

Coupon Sites are Stealing Your Money!


So you’ve got a budding e-commerce startup.  You’re advertising on Google, Facebook, Bing, etc, and you decide one day, “hey, I should have an affiliate program!  I heard CJ is great, let me sign up there.”  You speak to your CJ rep and they tell you about all the wonderful sales that they’ll be generating for you and you create ... Read More »

Internet Marketing Dwarfs Its Predecessors

Gone are the days of desperately probing through the yellow pages in the middle of the night, searching for a plumber in close proximity, to resolve an unexpected blockage of inconvenient proportions, only to find that their printed number is no longer in service.  Times have changed. The digital Goliath now reigns supreme and brings with it up-to-date, instant information ... Read More »

Incentive and Content Unlocking Programs that Work


There has been a lot of negative press lately about incentivization and content programs in affiliate marketing. I’ve personally written a bunch of stuff in my blog at IndustryPace about content unlocking programs, the problems it’s caused in the industry. That being said, while there are more than a few bad players in the industry who are jumping around from ... Read More »

Is Article Marketing Dead?

In recent days, there has been a virtual maelstrom of outcry and heated opinions on Google’s recent algorithm “shift”. Nowhere else has this controversy manifested itself more than in the article marketing space. In January, EzineArticles, the largest, and still most authoritative article directory online, cracked the coveted 100 most popular web sites in the world, serving 57 million unique ... Read More »

New OfferVault

After many months of development, we have released the latest version of Offervault, which has been totally re-written from the ground up. Aside from several new features that you can take advantage of right now, the new system lays the groundwork for the rest of our planned upgrades throughout the rest of 2011. The new ADVANCED SEARCH button provides new ... Read More »

Shane Graper Believes in Hybryd Marketing? Is He Going Green?

I’m not sure what is the water in Denver, but companies are sprouting up left and right here. Shane Graper, like George Avery of GetAds left his employer in the wake of the Facebook and Attorney General scandals that rocked the industry. From that he moved onto creating his own company, with its own way of doing business and more ... Read More »

LinkBuilding 101

Most people understand by now that links have a very real influence on rankings in search engines. How it works and in which ways a link can influence your ranking is often unclear though, resulting in many myths. This link building 101 tries to explain the basics of link building and to refute some of the myths around it.   ... Read More »

How to Get Higher Affiliate Payout Raises

I commonly hear from affiliates the same thing: that they need better payouts and more importantly, why they aren’t getting a better payout. In this industry affiliates have become damn smart and with that a little more demanding than say 12 years ago when I started in this industry.  Let me tell you a little secret then that many affiliate ... Read More »

Quality Is in the Eye of Google

Adotas-“The Wall Street Journal’s front page is typically littered with mistakes now,” a coworker randomly commented. “That’s because they laid off the proofreaders and copy editors to cut costs,” I snorted. “Huge mistake.” I often lament not having a copy editor or proofreader at Adotas, not just because I’m in such a rush to produce content that I let mistakes ... Read More »

Five Tips on Creating Women’s Oriented Mailing Lists.


I’ve been very much into niche based marketing the last few months, believing that its one of the sure fire ways for performance based marketers to really compete in the marketplace. With the rise of Facebook as one of the main techniques to market products, there are so many options to target consumers. Women consumers I believe in our space ... Read More »

Cake’s Jeff McCollum puts frosting onto Affiliate Software.


In the affiliate and CPA network software game, there have been a few companies that have dominated the game. For almost a decade everyone used DirectTrack, and then came HasOffers and LinkTrust. For a long time, that seemed to be the only choice – until last year, when Cake Marketing started to play in the game, soon making it real ... Read More »

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