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Google Farming Update: Quest for Quality


During this week, Google announced a significant algorithm-update which aims to increase quality in Google’s search results. Domains containing low-quality content are supposed to be found less often, high-quality pages are to achieve better rankings. At the moment this update ... Read More »

The Four Pillars of Building Trust to Increase Conversions

Human beings are social creatures that seek out companionship and relationships. Our map of reality can be viewed as a series of concentric circles which include the most trusted relationships and those who are in our hearts at the very ... Read More »

Three Types of Offers that Always Work

Despite the growing popularity of Internet TV, both DishNetwork and DirectTV are a growing business.  A lot of it has to do with the huge population of sports fans that know that they can get the best quality games via ... Read More »

Try a Little Tenderness With Your Affiliates

ADOTAS – The relationship between an affiliate and an affiliate manager can be very rewarding over the lifetime of an affiliate program. However, there are times when as an affiliate manager you may experience the wrath of an angry affiliate. ... Read More »

Ways to Ensure Profitability with 7Search

It’s the New Guy, back again with lessons learned and wishing to share my insight with you. I’d like to believe that the most effective way to go about doing things is with a balanced effort. I try to balance ... Read More »

Five Categories of CPA Offers that are Converting.

Time for our round-up of highly converting offers and ideas how to convert them even better.  If you aren’t trying new offers and new techniques and just relying on a “proven” converter, you’re going to find yourself eventually scrambling to ... Read More »

Five Must Have Marketing Books for Affiliates

I’m not normally someone who pitches books to people, since I believe that a lot of information can be found on the internet for free. That being said, my parents actually gave me a Kindle for the Holidays and because ... Read More »

The Google Guillotine

ADOTAS – I can’t stop grinning about Gavin Dunaway’s truth-sharing post, “Google Stands Up For Its Search“; no doubt bloggers like us “are giving big G a headache.” I applaud him for having the courage to write the truth as ... Read More »

Affiliates Need Face Time

ADOTAS – Even though it’s early February, you might still be recuperating from Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. If you weren’t there – big mistake!! The affiliate community was out in force (more than 4,600 delegates), taking part in ... Read More »

3 Ways to Set Expectations at Sign Up

“I didn’t sign up for this!” An impulsive and angered hand clicks the “Mark as Spam” button. Spam complaints can tell you a lot about your email marketing campaigns. One thing they can indicate is that it’s unclear to your ... Read More »

Seal the Deal: 10 Tips for Writing the Ultimate Landing Page

I have a client with a deep-pocket online media budget. Google Adwords PPC, banner ads on major news sites. We’re talking some sizable money to generate traffic and turn that traffic into customers. I bet you’re thinking a big part ... Read More »

Rebecca Madigan of the PMA leads her Army of Affiliates

For as long as I remember the affiliate and performance marketing industry has been attempting to create a trade organization to represent the industry. Every time they tried, it failed miserably without exception — until the Performance Marketing Association came ... Read More »

Mike Krongel of COPEAC Hates Affiliates.

COPEAC / IMMi Has Gone out of Business. —– A few years ago, if you mentioned COPEAC in the performance marketing industry, it was possible that someone would have thought you were talking about some new synthetic depression medication. However, ... Read More »

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