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How to Create Magnetic Copy to Maximize Your Content Appeal

Getting people to take actions from your content requires a deep connection with your audience. We all know the need to implement the right tactics to capture the emotion that leads to those desirable actions. Provide valuable content, use ethical ... Read More »

11 Marketing Predictions for 2011

Welcome to 2011! Well, not yet, but we’re just about there. With the New Year being just around the corner, it’s about time we lay out our predictions for next year’s major marketing trends. Here’s what I think will both ... Read More »

9 Essential SEO Tips For Small Business In 2011

The end of a decade is upon us and as we ring in and welcome the new year, we do so by building upon what we have accomplished and hopes of achieving our new goals we have set forth. Social ... Read More »

Avoid These 5 Useless Website Promotion Techniques Every owner of a website on planet Earth knows that getting a constant flow of targeted traffic is the key to making money online. The world wide web attracts such a massive number of buyers that regardless of what ... Read More »

Never Too Young to Start

The affiliate marketing industry has a number of parent/child teams working together, such as Greg Rice and Greg Rice Jr.; Andy Rodriguez and Andy Rodriguez Jr.; and Deborah Carney and Liz Fogg-Ababon. In recent years I have become more involved ... Read More »

Are Gurus Sabotaging New Affiliates?

Many Gurus have mastered the art of persuasion and have utilized it to their advantage. This in many instances ends up being to the detriment of many newbie affiliates. Though an effective technique used to tap into the desire of ... Read More »

Ways to Blow-up your Email List

If you are involved with affiliate marketing, and you are not capturing your users via email marketing you are missing out probably one of the most effective way to retarget consumers. With all the talk about retargeting pixels, behavior targeting, ... Read More »

How to Make the Best EDU & Grant AutoResponder

If you’ve never tried the EDU revenue stream, I’m about to teach you a proven and successful way to use the EDU and grant programs from several aff networks to promote the best EDU programs that they have.  I know ... Read More »

How to Make Every Monday "Cyber Monday" at 7Search

It’s the New Guy again, back with some insight from the PPC front. Obviously, we are in the middle of the peak shopping season most advertisers efforts are concentrated on grabbing customer’s attention with bargains, free shipping, and all the ... Read More »

Paid Search Versus SEO – The Who, What, and Why

In the world of online advertising two formats reign supreme. Paid advertising, or PPC (Pay per Click) and Organic Optimization, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), are the two most prevalent traffic generation methods. PPC and SEO have the same objective, ... Read More »

Hydra rises from the ashes and Greg Bayer tells us how.

If you weren’t really paying attention the last 18 months, you probably didn’t hear about all the drama surrounding Hydra Media. If you did follow the soap opera drama, the company basically went belly-up after two of the founders left, ... Read More »

CPA Detective Fights Affiliate Fraud

David Sendroff knows fraud. In his role as the Chief Information Officer of Spire Vision, a major education lead generation agency, he sees tons of networks and affiliates try to defraud his clients. As he himself points out, networks seemed ... Read More »

Why Playboy is Becoming Irrelevant & How Performance Marketing Can Change It As a Brand.

Despite being one of the top men’s brands in the world, Playboy is suddenly more irrelevant than ever. While commentators have been correct in the last ten years that it was a diminishing brand, 2010 was the year that started to put a nail in the coffin of the once mighty empire of Hugh Heffner. Men in all 50 States used to know the Playmates by name, now most of them aren’t even aware there are still pets. The reasons are simple: Playboy has failed to change its image in the last 10 years and most likely doesn’t have anywhere enough time to fix it. Read More »

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