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Groupon is Affiliate Marketing’s Biggest Success

Rumors are everywhere about the possible purchase of Groupon, the well known group coupon and discount site that was founded less than two years ago. Despite this, some people are saying that If you are to believe the rumors, Google is going to buy Groupon for upwards of 5 Billion, making it one of the biggest success stories of 2010. ... Read More »

Making a Holiday Gift Guide

t’s starting to get towards the holidays, and as an affiliate or affiliate network, you need to start thinking about holiday offers. Instead of charging you $2,500 to sign up for my non-existent DVD list, I’m going to give you several great ideas of how you can, as an affiliate (or get your affiliates) to make money this holiday season, ... Read More »

Offervault adds new "Set Country" Proxy Feature

Affiliate Marketers who are members of Offervault can now view landing page previews for offers that show in the US, CA, UK, AU, regardless of where they reside in the world. Offervault, the leading aggregator of online affiliate programs and cost per action networks (CPA networks), has added a new “Set Country” feature to the Offervault member’s area. The set ... Read More »

Offervault is Now the Exclusive Provider of CPA Offer Data to Tracking202's Offers202 Listing Service

As of November 1st, all CPA offers listed in Offers202 are supplied exclusively by Offervault. In addition to supplying offer data for searches directly on the Offers202 site, Offervault now feeds all sites dependant on the Offers202 feed including Affbuzz and Affilatepaying. New York, NY (PRWEB) November 16, 2010 Offervault, the original and premier aggregator of CPA offer data from ... Read More »

Trimming the Tree with Performance Marketing

ADOTAS – For companies that are accelerating marketing efforts to make the most of the upcoming holiday season, it’s still not too late to initiate a performance marketing strategy. With the ability to literally add thousands of additional marketing staff to support your online presence practically overnight, affiliate programs can prove to be cost effective and revenue generating for advertisers ... Read More »

CPA Offer Teacher

ADTECH New York has come and gone, and what did we learn this year? Same thing we learned every year: that there are more and more companies entering the space and thus there is more and more need for tools to help weed out the junk. Despite the huge influx of companies in the space, there is a huge growth ... Read More »

iContact Vs. AWeber


I have been asked over and over again by those in the industry for almost a decade what the best email & newsletter programs are. I have used a few since 2000, but since 2005, I have been exclusively with iContact. Originally this was because for quite a while they provided the service for free for my publication, but ... Read More »

Are Affiliates in Danger Legally from Affiliate Networks?


Affiliates need to pay attention; your affiliate network’s actions could get you in some serious trouble. If you think that as an affiliate you can just put any advertisement up, regardless of what it’s advertising, regardless of the claims, you are seriously wrong. Affiliate Networks already have a history of throwing their affiliates under the bus when it comes to lawsuits and blaming “rogue affiliates.” If you are making money from affiliate marketing, you need to examine whether your network is going to cause you financial harm or send you to jail. Read More »

Marketing War: Affiliate World vs. Brand World, who will win? Affiliate Summit Co-Founder Missy Ward Knows!

If you’ve never heard of Missy Ward, then join the club. Most people in agencies have never heard of her, despite her being one of the most influential people in the world in one of the fastest growing segments of interactive advertising: Affiliate Marketing.  She’s also the owner of Affiliate Summit, which has become the largest conference in the world ... Read More »

Nick Foley and his Crew works the Revenue Street

I wanted to get the skinny on the industry from Nick Foley this week, partially because I’ve known him for a while, but also that despite being around for over a decade, his company isn’t always listed on the top lists of networks. Well, this year that changed with the readers of Performance Marketing Naming him as one of the top 20 performance marketing networks in the world. It’s obvious that he’s quickly making a name for himself, and TheRevenueStreet is a network to examine as a possible major player in the industry. Read More »

CEOs of Ads4Dough, MediaTrust, COPEAC & RevenueStreet take on SPAM, Gurus and Teenage Affiliates

When I look around the affiliate industry, all I see if one fluff interview after another from the Gurus of the industry. Frankly, I am sure how many interviews I can read that start with “CEO of this company is amazing, innovative and he has a great hairdo to boot.” So, I decided to try something new – which was ask some honest questions of four different CEOs of affiliate networks and see what they’d answer independently. What came out was a very interesting comparison between four different companies. I’ll let you do the analysis. Read More »

COPEAC’s Daddy Gets a Make-Over

If you are like me, and been around the block a few times and beat up by at least a dozen affiliates in the industry, you know the name COPEAC and Intermark Media. Today, Intermark Media announced that they were going to change their name to IMM Interactive after 11 years of being Intermark Media. This follows several major branding ... Read More »

Myspace to Layout 50% of WorkForce

The News Corp owned Myspace social networking website could soon lay off as many as half of their employees, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on Monday. WSJ reporters Jessica E. Vascellaro and Russell Adams, citing sources familiar with the matter, say that the California-based website could be cutting between one-third and one-half of their 1,100 employees in what they ... Read More »

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