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Have we confused Affiliate Marketing with Get Rich Scams?

Regardless of what you personally think of all the guys who are trying to sell their newest program about how to make money on the internet, there is something to be said for those people who believe that it has nothing to do with affiliate marketing. Yes, some of their blogs are extremely popular, but then against so is Scientology ... Read More »

Chad French is Peerfly

As part of my mission to educate affiliates and the industry, I’m hoping to introduce other companies in the industry that are keeping it clean. By keeping it clean, I don’t mean wiping down your seat after watching porn in your private office. I mean trying to play by the rules and make a difference in the industry. I have ... Read More »

Getting the Most out of Offervault

For a long time I’ve used OfferVault. For the last year or so, while running, I used it to check on competitors offers, to check and see if any of them were offering higher prices or worse, offering our offers without permission to the general public. Before then, even running a major comscore advertising network, OfferVault was (and is) ... Read More »

Clef two-factor authentication