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Google’s Penguin Update to Experience Continuous Updates

The Google Building

If you are running one of the approximately 1 in 10 websites that enjoys first page search results from Google, you are likely somewhat confused by all the jumping around in the SERPs.  Starting earlier this month, Google started making some changes, though they didn’t initially comment much on what they were doing.  It has […]

Facebook Ad Update Increases Conversion Rates


Facebook has made some changes to the ‘Right-Rail’ ads that they display on their site, and after doing a variety of tests, they seem to be performing quite well.  The changes went in last April, and Facebook has been tracking how well they are performing ever since.  This is one of the first major changes […]

Google: Most Ads Aren’t Seen


Google has recently published a new infographic that provides a lot of valuable information about running ads, and how to get them viewed by as many people as possible.  In the infographic they release a lot of very valuable information, and some that may be quite surprising to some people.
If you are someone who runs […]

Facebook’s Interest Targeting Tool May be Powerful for Marketers

Facebook Privacy

A recent announcement from Facebook has confirmed that there are some new tools being released to help provide more information to media publishers.  While Facebook is pushing these features toward media publishers only, they will also be a gold mine of information for all marketers.  These tools are set up to allow people to more […]

Facebook Rolling Out Newsfeed search

Facebook Hates Upworthy

Facebook is finally moving forward with the long awaited update on their graph search feature.  The update, which will allow users to search for content that was previously on their Newsfeed has been requested for a long time, and was even announced over a year ago.  While they have taken their time to develop it, […]

Twitter VS. Instagram War is Brewing

Target Twitter

It was recently announced that Instagram has passed Twitter in terms of monthly active users.  Twitter has 284 Million, and Instagram now has 300 Million.  While these types of number are always being announced, it seems that this time it has helped fan the flames of animosity between the two companies.
In an interview with Twitter […]

Instagram Beats Twitter


Instagram has been growing extremely quickly this year, with over 100 million new users added since March, 2014 alone.  This incredible growth has now put them up over Twitter in terms of monthly active users (Twitter has 284 million monthly active users).  This is especially important given the fact that Instagram is owned by Facebook, […]

Zuckerberg Confirms Dislike Button is off the Table


For years people have been either asking Facebook to add in a ‘dislike’ button, or spreading rumors that one is going to be coming in the near future.  At Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s second “Q&A With Mark” session, this idea has finally been put to rest.
Zuckerberg said, “Some people have asked for a dislike button […]

Cheap New Graphic Design Solution


Toronto, Ontario – December 10, 2014 – As content marketing becomes the buzz word and increasingly people are turning to the Internet, in particular social networks, for media exposure. Companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs are all in need of good graphics quickly and reliably. Today we are launching to help meet those needs.
After […]

Top 11 Reasons You Should Add Click to Call to Your Paid Search Marketing


One night, I decided to order a pizza. After blankly staring at my PPC analytics for hours, tricking myself into thinking I could somehow get more creative in 130 characters, I searched for delivery and saw something that looked like this…

Now, if I’m being honest, I wanted pizza so badly, I didn’t pay attention to […]

The Dangers of Toolbars and Adware in B2B Affiliate Programs


Toolbar affiliates have become the subject of much debate within the affiliate industry, with many believing that the data in most cases points to toolbars driving largely non-incremental sales for many online retailers. And there is far less debate about the value of adware which is often installed without the knowledge of the end user.
While […]

Sony and Deutsch LA FTC Trouble Settled


Sony hired Deutsch LA’s marketing to help promote the PlayStation Vita back in 2012.  In the campaign, the agency asked people to tweet about the gaming device using the Twitter hash tag “#GameChanger.” To help get the campaign more attention, the marketing company sent out an email to their employees asking them to begin using […]

More Proof of Mobile Marketing Dominance

Mobile Vs. PC Surprised?

The mobile platform has widely been considered the fastest growing platform in the world. Sales of iPhones and Androids are at an all time high, the tablet market is a competitive as ever with major products from Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and others competing for some share of the market.
One of the main questions people often […]

Display that Produces Results


We’ve talked a lot about engage:BDR over the last year or so. It’s because engage:BDR is changing the world of display in a way that is changing the entire online marketing industry. They are listening to their advertisers and publishers, creating a system that actually works harder for everyone to produce the highest ROI for everyone. […]

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