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Amit Mehta and Boost Software Shut Down by FTC


Trying to get more information on this, but it seems that super-affiliate, owner of PPC Classroom and much more Amit Mehta (Facebook profile) has been shut down by the FTC. The FTC has charged basically that they have been selling worthless software under the guise of technical support. Worse, the software didn’t do much, nor did […]

Data Makes Display Have Great ROI


Got data? Heather Vale of Performance Marketing Insider speaks with Ed Lee, VP of Business Development for engage:BDR about their data partners. In this interview at Ad:Tech NY, discover what their relationships with data partners mean for you as an advertiser, how it brings you more insight and better targeting, where the data comes from, […]

Yahoo About to get HUGE Boost in Search

Yahoo Happy Malware

Yahoo has been working on building up the number of searches they are getting through their search engine for years, with little success.  In the coming days, however, they may see a significant boost without really having to do a thing.  This is because the world’s third most used browser, Firefox, has made a change […]

New Data shows Mobile is Key to Cyber Monday Success


By now, everyone knows that mobile is the fastest growing type of web traffic, and that in many areas it is actually overtaking PCs.  For actual transactions, however, PCs have been holding on to the bulk of the sales.  This has caused many marketers to make the mistake of focusing most of their efforts on […]

Two Tap Announces First Ever Automated Product Inventory Solution


Two Tap is a digital marketing solutions company that has a mission to make it simpler for people to buy products online.  According to their website, “Two Tap’s mission is to simplify ordering to just confirming where you want a product delivered and how you want to pay for it.”
With this goal in mind, they […]

You can now Search All Your Tweets


In a move that some people believe should have happened years ago, Twitter has finally indexed their public tweets and made them searchable for their users.  Approximately 500 Billion posts are now searchable.  In the past, Twitter limited the searchable Tweets to about 2 billion ‘top tweets’  that were primarily just the most recent tweets […]

What Are Proven Subject Lines?

subject line

According to, 69% of email recipients report email as ‘spam’ based on the subject line alone. Combine that with the 21% of email recipients that report a message as ‘spam’ even if they know it isn’t and the results don’t look so good.

But, the crew at AdStation by Adknowledge released a new eBook detailing the best […]

Google Launches ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Labels

The Google Building

Everyone knows that having a mobile friendly site is essential for serving customers today.  With a growing percentage of people using their mobile devices for the majority of their browsing, it really just makes good sense to put in the time and effort necessary to optimize your site with these customers in mind.  Google has […]

Facebook Punishing Marketers Again


Facebook has just announced that starting in January, they will be further throttling pages that are made to help promote sales, sweepstakes or even just reuse ad copy.  These posts, which are 100% organic in nature and would only be seen by people who already follow your page, will not show up in their News […]

Google Analytics Announces iOS App Install Tracking


In what many will see as a feature that should have been out some time ago, Google has just announced a new option for tracking iOS app installs.  This feature, which is now a part of Google Analytics, will allow you to track the effectiveness of app install ad campaigns.  You’ll not only be able […]

Pinterest – It’s not just for the ladies anymore


Pinterest has been one of the hottest social networks over the last year or two, and one of the most effective ways to drive quality traffic.  The one potential problem marketers had run into, however, was that the site was primarily used by women.
According to a recent announcement, however, that may not be the case […]

Don’t Talk about Sex – AdSense Cracking Down?

Adsense Sex

If you are running any sites that make money through Google’s AdSense program, you may want to start really being careful about what you post about.  While everyone knows that AdSense does not allow their ads to be posted on porn sites, it seems like they may be expanding that restriction a bit (though with […]

Yahoo! Purchases BrightRoll for $640 Million


It has been a few months since we’ve seen Yahoo! Make any major purchases, which is somewhat surprising given the fact that they got a massive cash infusion from the Alibaba IPO.  It was recently announced, however, that they have made quite a significant purchase, and all in cash.  BrightRoll, which is a programmatic video […]

How to Scale Your Display Campaign


Are you ready to scale up your advertising? Heather Vale of Performance Marketing Insider speaks with Andy Dhanik, VP of Performance Advertising for engage:BDR. In this exclusive interview, the first of two parts, discover why it’s best to start with an RTB platform and when you should scale to managed campaigns. Find out how to […]

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